President-Suspect Biden is ready to die for America's sins... and Kamala the Cruel is ready to crush AmeriKKKan sinners!

With the dethronement of Orange Man Bad, the gods' wrath against us is lifted, and the dread coof plague healed from our lands!

Who knew Biden had the healing touch? Must be why he's so eager to share it.

If only we had trusted our priests and impeached the Orange Ogre, how many lives could've been saved (or at least had their cause of death reclassified)?

Biden's mind is as sharp as ever. Thus there is no reason to have him rush through a series of dramatically unpopular executive orders before his usefulness expires. It is insane to suggest that anyone plans a False Flag 86 so that Biden can fall a martyr before he is prosecuted, to be replaced by a nobly grieving Kamala who shall execute pitiless revenge against the redneck insurrectionists who dared touch a president, a second Reconstruction that will root out racism once and for all!

To avoid further tragedy, we must take firm punitive measures against heresy, to facilitate unity and healing as we move forward together, trampling dissent underfoot.

Disregard the troops encircling DC. The military has no role in safeguarding the civilian government from foreign subversion. It will always do as it's told. Soldiers are not permitted political opinions!

Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy. — Henry Kissinger

Military coups are common in other countries, of course. But those are banana republics. We're better. Our political leaders are wiser than mere animals.

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