Poosy Paradise report: Ukraine is for tough American introverts

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  1. Ukraine, land of threesomes and anal?
  2. Why English PUA coaches disbelieve
  3. Poosy paradise
    1. Geo-arbitrage
    2. Idiosyncratic
  4. We all live in America
    1. American girls are fat
    2. Zoomer alienation
    3. American nice vs Slav tough
  5. Unlikely events

Ukraine, land of threesomes and anal?

Anonymous Conservative posted an incredible 4Chan lay report from the Ukraine. His purpose was to wax paranoid about TIPS-Stasi Cabal surveillance, of course. Krauser rightly dismissed this as nuts. However, he and Jabba also wrongly dismissed the lay report itself.

Why English PUA coaches disbelieve

I'm sure Krauser and Jabba's evaluation of the sexual marketplace is valid, from their perspective as coaches. So I was surprised to see both of them deny the Ukraine lay report's authenticity. But after checking, I found Jabba is also English. Then it made sense. They're both Xer or Millennial English PUA coaches, and thus don't understand the American based-Zoomer high-IQ cynic's experience.

I doubt they even tried to. They're professionally offended by the false industry message of the OP, and that's where it ends. But the OP wasn't writing to the industry; he's not a competing PUA coach. He was writing a message of joy and vindication to his past self, of victory over grim Mommunist oppression. He wrote it in the only way he could without destroying his life: anonymously on 4chan.

Obviously his message isn't scalably true. Obviously his ratings of the girls are inflated by comparison to American fatties and 4chan Zoomer hyperbole and virgin love-hormones. But his report can be subjectively true, and things like that are bound to happen.

Poosy paradise


Nobody here seems aware of the concept I dub "poosy paradise," so I'll explain. There's a time and a place for a man that maximizes his attractiveness to the local women and their attractiveness to him. World travel helps him find it. His experience of the sexual marketplace there may be wildly different than that of his home.

Girl-rich zones are always shifting in response to male thirst. For this reason alone, poosy paradise is an ever-elusive utopia, at macro and micro scale.


Obviously a socioeconomic and cultural advantage assist paradise convergence. So does a man's personal taste.

Beyond gross economics, a man's demeanor and look will be more appreciated in some places than others. He will also appreciate the local women in some locations more than others. There are weird arbitrage opportunities: e.g. Chinese have bizarre female beauty standards that undervalue hot girls for weird alien-looking ones.

We all live in America

Except we don't. Familiarity with the USA's global cultural influence is not the same as actually growing up in America.

American girls are fat

The Anon who said, "Well, you haven’t seen slavic girls yet probably," suggests a 4 point difference between EU and Slav girls. The comparison is worse between American and Slav girls, especially for a man who isn't selecting from the elite thin American girls, who are indeed world-class, but from the chubby herd, who are whale-assed.

Zoomer alienation

Remember that the Zoomers grew up with porn and a mature redpill PUA community to teach them about the poor quality of US women – that they're not worth chasing just to lose your virginity. So this guy isn't necessarily a loser. Judging from his harsh judgments, he may simply have high standards. It's also likely he's a late bloomer, as some high-IQ naturals are.

Caution is the right approach for Zoomers. For a US citizen resident in the USA, sticking your dick into crazy American sluts is dangerous. They can enslave you with child support and leave you a cucked, broken shell, or false rape accuse you and destroy your career.

Guys like the OP don't go to dating coaches, because they learn enough by reading free material and teaching themselves.

American nice vs Slav tough

American social mores discriminate strongly against the stoic Aryan introvert, in a way that simply doesn't exist in Europe.

My natural serious stoic demeanor plays poorly in the smiley USA. When I first started learning about Game in high school, I thought Game meant I had to dancing monkify myself to fit in, rather than just going somewhere that didn't have asinine social mores.

(I'm not talking about lacking a sense of humor or being a killjoy. Those are universal Game handicaps.)

Ask Europeans and they'll tell you how weird Americans are about this. European complaints about "How are you" as a greeting and American business culture are endless. De Tocqueville shows it's a degeneration of past virtue and nothing worth emulating. It certainly isn't Biblical.

I've repeatedly gotten comments asking if I'm German or Russian because of my stoic demeanor. The simple explanation is that the OP, who is clearly cynical, simply had a demeanor unsuited for US Game but suited for Slav Game. Sounds like an American man found his poosy paradise.

Also, maybe Ukrainian lasses have decided they want to be Melania Trump.

Unlikely events

Jabba wrote:

no way on Gods Green earth an American virgin is going over there and having threesomes, foursomes etc. Infact, I’d be very surprised if he got laid at all. You HAVE to approach them, no exceptions – and very, very few men can actually do it well.

Remember that there's such a thing as a personal hot streak. A confidence feedback loop dials a man into the pussy zone when he's on a hot streak. This guy was an early-20's virgin and basically in love with Ukraine girls. He went in confident, expecting to see goddesses. All of those powerful forces can converge to cause interactions of great emotional intensity. It's like drugs. So he may have been making huge eye contact to open, or something similarly illegible with his body language.

Unlikely events happen literally all the time. There are millions of American men, and some of them will have an extremely lucky hot streak overseas. Or, if we reject the concept of luck, then a hot streak that strongly contrasts with his prior drought. Pro poker players know this.

There will always be subjectively-honest "poosy paradise" posts that don't scale to the masses of mediocre men chasing the dream. But often they point to a real opportunity, as well. Tough, introverted American guys should consider trying their luck with Ukraine's Melania-wannabes. Every girl wants to be a princess.

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