Pedopist -- the recommended repartee to "racist"

VD popularizes and perhaps coined the term:



An individual who, while not necessarily attracted to children or being a practicing pedophile himself, is nevertheless guilty of systemic and/or unconscious pedophilia by virtue of his support for, or defense of, individuals, organizations, and institutions that advocate, normalize, or engage in activities involving pedophilia, child porn, sex-trafficking minors, or political efforts to lower the legal age-of-consent.

Good counter to racist! Too bad it's purple-pilled at best.

On the other hand, does that matter? In this case, I doubt it. There is great rhetorical truth in the charge.

Of course cuckservatives take their age of consent panic too far, clinging to the fig leaf hiding their absent balls. But that's not intrinsically present in the "pedophist" label.

Biblical patriarchs and brothers understood that girls often become horny long before they're ready, and some must be married early to prevent disaster. But that's a detail. At this point we'll settle for avoiding deracination and Communist democide.

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