"Peaceful transition TO military power." | VD buys Bitchute clickbait, then doubles down

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"A peaceful transition…."

It looks like the cat is out of the bag now, thanks to the Major General who commands the District of Columbia National Guard:

Happy Holiday to Dr. Martin Luther King, and please allow me to say how proud I am of the almost 25,000 National Guardsman who have come in from all 50 States and Territories to help support the Secret Service and the police departments with a peaceful transition to military power.

That sure didn't sound like "to the Biden Adminstration" to me.


Two-error comment

  1. VD January 18, 2021 6:46 PM

I thought he said “of military power” but I could be wrong

What he actually says phonetically is "transition-a military power". So it could be "to" or could be "of". But either way, it's not the way anyone would conventionally describe a "transition to the Biden administration."

There are two errors here. Firstly, "a" is "to" in Italian, but not in English. Since Vox lives in Italy, he confused the two.

Second, "smooth transition of military power" is in fact how leftists phrase their desire for the nuclear football to pass from Biden to Trump. It is presumably standard military jargon.

Ebonics speakers banned

Not having gotten the memo that "a" is now Italian-English slang for "to", several VP commenters ran afoul of their host's wrath:

  1. VD January 18, 2021 7:27 PM

mxpwrs, JWM in SD, and Beloved are all permanently banned for lying. He did not "clearly say of". We can all quite clearly hear what he actually said.

All liars and shills are to be banned on sight.

More amusingly, at least two out of three apologized! There are five lights.

Inconveniently, the Bitchute video is now deleted, probably because it was misinformation. I found another copy:


I trusted VD enough to believe his interpretation of the video, until I watched it for myself. It's clearly a quadroon stumbling over his words, finishing the rote phrase in a rush, "…peaceful transition a/uh military power."

The only viable interpretation is "of". Other experts on ebonics in the thread agree:

  1. 1683Bear January 19, 2021 4:12 AM

Lock up your bikes. Having spent over ten years overseas the majority with the UN, and having spent most of my life in the DC area. I know something about this particular dialect. The noise was an "a" sound, which I would translate as "of". Now you you can debate why an equal opportunity O-8 chose to say transfer of military power versus transfer of power, but I think that debate will be quickly OBE.

Neither NG officer nor interviewer indicate awareness of an accidental disclosure of a profound state secret.

A pro-Biden phrase

Pro-Biden journalists are keen to ensure a smooth transition of military power:

The officer who has been following the president around with the so-called “football” that contains the nuclear codes leaves his side. And simultaneously, another officer holding a backup football joins Biden at the inauguration ceremony.

The football represents the transition of military power from one president to the next, and “the entire US military establishment will pivot away from ex-president Trump and salute President Biden”, says Slate.


Obviously, Trump fired the former Secretary of Defense Esper at lightning speed not long ago and will be loyal to his former National Security Director Miller was sent to the position of chief of defense in order to prepare for today’s obstruction of the transition of military power with the new government.


YouNeedVPN 18 points 15 hours ago +18 / -0

Transitioning power of the military from one pres to the next is normal. Transitioning power from the president TO the military is significantly different.


Nitpick or not?

It's now becoming common knowledge that Biden's presidency is fake, and there actually WAS a transition from the Trump administration to military rule. This is why Trump always referred to a transition to a "new administration," without specifying Biden.

So why object to false evidence supporting a correct conclusion?

Well, how many right-wingers abandoned and mocked Q after Biden's inauguration? Nearly all of them. Why did they do that? Because they'd seen specious reasoning from Qanons.

Q has enough credibility problems due to his need to preserve forward operational secrecy. He doesn't need us adding thereto. This isn't the first time VD has fumbled a Qanon post.

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