PA's Spiral of Communism is Anacyclosis Scaled: Gigacyclosis

Anacyclosis: monarchy kingship tyranny aristocracy oligarchy democracy mob rule

PA's Spiral of Communism:
1 Revolutionary Terror – destruction – mob rule
2 Strongman Terror – intervention – tyranny
3 National Socialism – recovery – monarchy
4 Usury Capitalism – looting – oligarchy

The portion after the second "–" is my addition, to demonstrate that this is merely anacyclosis with the good parts broken by scale. Anacyclosis is the human tribe striving to cope with a scale one step beyond its sociopolitical processing capacity. Modern population density puts the high IQ races 2+ steps beyond tribal scale. The result is that the good forms of tribal organization cannot even temporarily arise as regular features of the historical cycle. E.g. monarchy cannot progress beyond the "Dear Leader" or "democratically elected" stages to kingship.

Don't be deceived by modernity's republican veneer. It is a necessary addition to cope with scale, but each stage is still dominated by one of the stages of anacyclosis.

PA's post is hopeful, arguing that the cycle is a dysfunction, not the new norm. I disagree. The countries he sees as normal and healthy, I see as stage 3 monarchies. Eventually they will devolve into oligarchies. The more rulers, the less formal accountability, the more misery. That's why PA sees a recovery from mob rule to NatSoc monarchy.

Every economic stage is broken because none are the mixed tribal-capitalist economy that the Old Testament law prescribes. Socialism is a poor substitute for tribalism, because it runs on envy instead of genes. The religious component of the cycle is also deranged due to the absence of stabilizing Old Testament institutions such as hereditary priesthood.

We need a new term for anacyclosis that accounts for the changes it undergoes at modern scale. I propose gigacyclosis, because it manifests in a world populated by billions. World population reached 1 billion around 1800 and 2 billion around 1925, so the timing is right.

It is important to understand that Communism is not purely economic, but rather is the politics of envy and holiness spiral. The USA's Communist holiness spiral since the Civil War and earlier has been Progressivism, with racial and gender equalitarianism its largest consequences. Antebellum disorders such as bloody Kansas were a miniature mob rule culminating in the installation of tyrants over North and South, who oversaw the war. This was followed by a NatSoc recovery, which relaxed into Usury Capitalism with its associated degeneracy. The undeclared war of ethnic cleansing against whites is mob rule again, and Trump runs for the position of tyrant on the strength of the resulting disaffection.

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