Overview of Earth's current ET relationships during End Times

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Defense minister leaks

Before you dismiss this account as crazy, note that it is consistent with the public testimony of the former defense ministers of both Canada and Israel:



And many more abductees.

Overview of Earth's current ET relationships

The ruling species of this universe I call the Primeverdants (home planet Verdant). First space travellers, hundreds of thousands of colonized planets. Denied humanity's entry to the space federation after 9/11 proved the evil oligarchy still in control despite warnings to masses.

15+ ET species visiting Earth now, unprecedented in Earth's history, which went millions of years without visitors when Reptilians dwelled here. Why?

Universe's ETs know God exists, don't know why they were created: accident or intentional? God perceived as psychic-physics Prime Creator. "Religion" is factual, not faith-based. Immortal soul and Heaven known facts.

Under 10 primitive planets have religion, Earth is 1 of 3 with best potential to answer the question. Primeverdants studying humans to understand. Poor understanding of us. Humans have unprecedented moral variance among species. Probably due to our evolution being hyper-accelerated by Aldebarans, and nearly-unprecedented decision to disable our psychic abilities.

Thus against all odds, not only do we live in the End Times for our planet, but the moment of Divine revelation to our entire universe. The Elohim (Aldebarans involved in Bible) maintain strict opsec, may not even tell much to fellow Aldebarans from later generations. Apparently Heaven has told even less to the Primeverdants.

Main antagonist for End Times is the Reptilians and Anti-Christ. Three additional invading hostile ET species. Two need Earth for DNA repair of war radiation and botched evolution damage. Want to hybridize, harvest, colonize. All three want Earth mining resources and conduct biological experiments to acclimate bodies to Earth conditions. They appear to be weakly interstellar, relatively young species. Reptilians are probably stronger, being 10mm years old in completed form and having multiple colonized stars.

Strongest invaders are the Phirans (Trantaloids), insectoid killing machines. Best known are the Serpograys (Ebens). Apparently they're united and allied with China, contesting USA's global dominance.

Another faction are the Humagi, humans ascended to full potential by Aldebarans. Probable residence Nibiru. Prior examples include Annunaki, Anakim (degenerate version). All or mostly Nordics. Some from Maria Orsic's refugee group.

Substar Nibiru's orbit unpredicable due to Aldebaran dimensional stellar engineering to make realm more Heavenly. Common tech, even Serpograys can modify planetary orbit. Nibiru's return in Xer/Millennial lifespan, when old and gray. Confirmed by Chris Jenkins and Dan Sherman, with multiple other corroborations.

Nibiru will catastrophically capture Earth into her orbit. Two raptures. Those who wave for Aldebaran ships instead of hiding in fear will go on first rapture. Very few. Second after disasters will be much larger.

USG knows and in response builds secret underground arcologies for elite while keeping masses complacent to avoid crashing markets.

Jesus Christ's soul still active on Earth. Angels assisting. Angels are astral bodies of deceased Aldebarans and humans who reached Heaven. Prayers still answered.

Reptilians are defeated by Aldebarans on Earth, forced by treaty to dwell underground, small numbers. Probably allied with Hell's demons. Backed the so-called Jews after they rejected Jesus. Still same motives as Serpent in Garden of Eden: Tempt humans to fall in order to retake planet from hated Aldebarans. Reptilians evolved on Earth, regard it as theirs. Dinosaurs. Expect them to run Anti-Christ play in End Times.

Chris Jenkins


Contact and support Chris Jenkins to maximize harvest from first Rapture. Psychic info recipients (prophets) often overwhelmed by input. Need help to organize and spread message.

Objection: Rapture should be auto-targeted by salvific status, as in Bible.

Answer: First Rapture occurs before Jesus' return and Nibiru's arrival. Small harvest. Mortal Aldebaran fleet conducts pickups. Easiest to pick up from elevated rocky hills or mountaintops. Antigrav too powerful to land on soft ground. No time for shuttles and ground crews to do individual urban pickups. (Santa Claus isn't real.) Most will flee underground to hide from Aldebaran fleet. Make best effort and have faith. Shouting and waving may boost your psychic volume. Worth trying.

Second Rapture occurs after Nibiru catastrophe. Takes much larger harvest. Earth will then be occupied by hostile ETs capable of shooting down Aldebaran craft. Presumably Heaven's angels will undetectably shift Rapturees to another dimension.


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