Overlord critiqued: How I would rule the world from my frozen throne!

1 Lovely Solution

I almost gave up on the Overlord anime, but Solution made me take a second look. Appearances can be deceiving.

What's cleaner than a maid who always swallows? Solution is a reverse wet nurse, which is naughty but neat.

> Solution finally decides to contact Ainz, informing him that Sebas might have gone rogue.

She has a way of dissolving difficulties.

What did Solution REALLY do to Tsuare | Overlord analysed https://youtu.be/CZpgbdkpnzY

Lions take over and kill cubs https://youtu.be/nraZzGD8BmM

Can't eat just one.

2 Manga > Anime

A tolerable anime is often a sign of a great manga…


Some novelists write as if describing manga frames. It's awkward.


Ah, there's the symphony. Delightful.

I guess the anime was juvenilized to broaden the appeal of a grimdark series. Or perhaps it was merely adapted too rigidly from the manga, echoing frames with dead air between.

The smarm settles down as the self-insert herbivore grows into his rule, and the monsters into humanity. That is a property of anime series in general.

Pro-undead anime is difficult to execute, but it can be done!

Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust [AMV] - Sanctus Espiritus (Our Solemn Hour) https://youtu.be/ASpA9s4hCYM

3 Demiurge critique

Demiurge is my favorite flying frog. Pity the spawners in his pond. However, his offscreen atrocities are exaggerated anime ham for the unimaginative, and incompatible with the cognitive empathy that makes his sociopathy formidable and amusing. He would rather motivate resistant villagers by starving them into exchanging one elder per week until collective decision-making improves. Children are useful breeding stock.

Taken literally, Demiurge's atrocious offscreen excesses render him suitable only for the role of a disposable villain to highlight Momonga's mercy. He is not even rationally incentivized by the harvest of negative energy. There is no logic to the concept of skinning civilians alive to make parchment. At most, one would spinal paralyze a high-level beast and repeatedly and painlessly skin it, preferably with a lobotomy first. The fact that such operations are not common indicates that laws of magical thermodynamics apply. The rational way to obtain high-level paper is to grow it with nature magic. His breeding experiments are an existential risk, threatening to unify the world and higher powers against Nazarick. It is simply the Japanese id at play, and incompatible with the cognitive empathy displayed during Demiurge's on-screen interactions. He would not rear his nemesis.

He doesn't make any sense as a frog. The pince nez looks ridiculous between frog eyes. Thus he spends little time transformed onscreen.

4 Nazarick's revised strategy

The Overlord manga is entertaining for its characters, but lacking in isekai strategy. Were Momonga not OP, he could easily be conquered in the first year by some unanticipated threat. Realistically, the Silenus Theocracy would steamroll him with paladins wielding unanticipated martial arts. Then again, clerics can't slaughter villages without losing their alignment. The psychological explanation is Japanese will to conquer European oppressors. Momonga demonstrates his supremacy over the mecha-angel nuclear bomber, liberating Nazarick-Nippon from the hypocritical USAF. Then he goes adventuring as samurai with his loyal Japanese tsundere katana caster maid. We get it buddy, wish fulfillment.

I mean, his first public action is literally to rescue a damsel in distress, then gift her a king's ransom. His followers subsequently wander around screaming "clueless mark" to anyone who will listen, and not on purpose either.

An intelligent Momonga should fear that the magical signature of Nazarick's arrival and presence will attract a raid. Lacking a need for sunshine or farmland, Momonga should've buried his fortress, relocated it to an irradiated wasteland, and spent years scrying timidly while his newborn menagerie fumbled at personhood and researched the new physics engine. Under a polar ice cap would work. He can just Message his old guildmates, so they're obviously not there.

The weakness of undead is Holy vulnerability; the advantage is patience. He has demonic and doppelganger intelligence agents; they can subvert the theocracy, rarely a popular form of government. The lich should probably never leave his throne; certainly not without creating a phylactery first. I think his phylactery is that ball above his pelvis, meaning he's walking around wearing it, defeating the purpose. Just possess a lesser lich or something, and let him risk his bones. Or better yet, never meet a living human, and ensure nobody knows your name.

After building an army out of the remains entombed beneath a polar icepack, Momonga should conquer the infinite graveyard of the seafloor next, at depths where the sun never reaches and Holy is an alien concept. The dead can fight from burrows and harvest the sea indefinitely.

By avoiding confrontation with surface-dwelling Holy classes, Momongo avoids educating his nemesis. To this end, Nazarick proactively eliminates native surface undead, a move which proves popular and profitable. Nazarick warehouses the endless undead legions harvested, freeing the perfectly-loyal NPCs to develop an empire abroad.

  • Flyer Albedo is open envoy to surface kingdoms, due to her succubus charm, flight and tankiness. She can secure alliances and sow chaos. She presents as virgin princess of Nazarick.
  • Aura's portfolio is forests, beasts and skirmishing. Lupusregina assists. Force the wilderness to pay a tithe of bones.
  • Aureole Omega buffs and commands from Nazarick.
  • Cocytus guards the poles and trains the garrison.
  • CZ2128 Delta forges automata at a volcano, using undead miners.
  • Demiurge flies as covert diplomat to surface groups with evil alignment.
  • Entoma conquers the underworld.
  • Gargantua is an irreplaceable ranged siege weapon, best used to defend the poles by throwing ice boulders from cover.
  • Sebas bumbles abroad, but manages Nazarick personnel well. Yuri Alpha assists. Neither is really armed.
  • Shalltear counters leviathans, who pulse with oceans of blood. She avoids terrestrial vampire hunters. Her turned leviathans make effective pirates. As the strongest combatant, she is the tip of the spear of Nazarick's thalassocracy.
  • Mare handles agriculture, tunneling and construction.
  • Pandora's actor is spymaster and mitigates Holy threats. Solution runs whorehouses. Doppelganger Narberal enforces. Chain lightning counters angels.
  • Victim is a secret defensive trump card.

Nazarick can unleash the undead tide at any time and scour the surface. But there is no need. Gradually, imperceptibly, Momongo comes to rule the world. No one even notices.

Unfortunately, one can't have much fun as a skeleton. But I'm sure with the world's resources at his disposal, he can finally figure out how to pop Albedo's cherry and give Shalltear something to suck. It's not loli because she's ancient, right?

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