How to reconcile Christian nonviolence with the masculine urge to forcibly remove

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  1. Nonviolence is Celestial, not terrestrial
  2. Jagerstatter's suicide
  3. The Constitution or your race, pick one
  4. Rhetorical dilation

tl;dr: Minimize kill-count karma; serve your race as yourself.

Nonviolence is Celestial, not terrestrial

Justified Violence and Soulmates | by Judas via Padgettites | All violence against sapients is punished.

Jesus' pacifism paradoxically conflicts with the cloud lion in his portrait. The resolution is that Celestial morality forbids violence against sapients. Violence against sapients is a corruption of the warrior ethos that descends from the Celestial Heavens, whereas cowardice is its absence. The wise strive to minimize such violence, for its karmic cost. There are other paths, such as the combat medic, that honorably combine courage and nonviolence. Charles Hall's Vietnam experience is illustrative.

This philosophical principle resolves the otherwise inexplicable mystery of the prevalence of pacifistic space hippies.

It is of course hypocrisy to be inconsistently opposed to violence according to personal convenience. A man who will fight to defend himself should fight to defend his family and race.

Best to just go with the flow, and not overthink it. Proddings of conscience have just-in-time delivery. Killer ape is a long way from Celestial.

Would've been useful fatherly advice.

Jagerstatter's suicide

Warning of danger and the choices we face | by Judas via Padgettites | Jesus expected Gethsemane arrest

Jagerstatter's refusal to serve in a hospital was ignoble. If he was willing to serve in a war whose justifications he liked better, then he had no standing to refuse to such a degree. Should he also stop helping anyone in Germany, because it improves her economic warfighting power? Preposterous. Either serve or leave. Don't force your unnecessary martyrdom on your countrymen's conscience.

The Constitution or your race, pick one

Crisis accelerates the anacyclic clock to dictator, but even in the best case, the USA's Constitution remains as mere formality. Thus the patriot junta has honored it for nothing. They should have discarded their failed idol long ago, and realized that there is nothing worthy of reverence and loyalty in America but one's race. Since they will not, they must continue to learn the hard way, and no one can save them from it. Even the wonderfully-unifying external threat for which globalists long only allows the debt of irrationality to grow bigger before default.

Perhaps I should stop wishing death on Yankee Imperial scum. Confederates have a proud tradition of mercy and forgiveness — but remove the boot first.

Jesus would not approve of my calls for violence. Such are the follies of an unbalanced cultivation. One can always aspire to improve.

Rhetorical dilation

Gab is the appropriate venue for rhetorical negotiation with the Left. An opening bid anchors. Something like, "Every man who voted Biden gets helicoptered, every woman auctioned to the Saudis."

"Death to Yankee Imperial scum" accustoms patriotards to the fact that they GAE ZOG Communist Storm Troopers. It baits a reaction which is then punished.

South American aviation history demonstrates that death squads can winnow hearts and minds with casualties an order of magnitude lower than Communist democide. Thus right-wing exterminationist rhetoric during Communist ascendancy is merely surgical widening of the Overton window. Dilate!

I can understand how it sounds to an outsider. However, consider the poor Yankee, who needs to know that 9/11 skydiving is an improvement over his current treasonous existence, in terms of global felicity and aesthetic refinement.

Explaining this ruins the fun, but I'll pin it anyway.

certain brokes

I am sure some Gabbers are budding Azovs in earnest, which is unfortunate. But that is what military discipline is for.

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