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  9. hundreds of ZetaGray-human clones created of 1/12 exchangers | serpo.org | MDelicado corroborated
  10. Above Black | Project Preserve Destiny: Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-up | By Dan Sherman | Intuitive Communicator | my notes
  11. BBartholic book cont
  12. VD> | real world is globalists vs nationalists | me> | wrong, ET is real war
  13. why did Aldebarans shoot down Roswell ZetaGray ships?
  14. why ZetaGray name
  15. clot shot | whether to take | worst case
  16. Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 29th, 2021 | gnews
  17. Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control in 2004 | henrymakow.com | deathbed confession of Frater 616 | pedo politicians, etc
  18. AC's lunacy | inspired by ET conspiracy
  19. "Zika" microcephaly actually caused by anti-mosquito pesticide
  20. why Dems thought nuke strike on China plausible? | cuz CCP stealection, COVID19
  21. BBartholic cont
  22. BBartholic cont
  23. BBartholic cont
  24. BBarholic cont
  25. BBartholic cont
  26. BGates' messy hanging | attempted ET intervention? | Cabal poisoned BClinton
  27. BBartholic cont
  28. My China vaxx zombie theory was wrong, I suspect. Revision:
  29. Revelations' "wild beasts" | Reptilian infantry from underground?
  30. Russia | Sputnik vaxx | probably not malicious | still spams spikes, tho | maybe ok with Ivermectin?
  31. shame Biden memes overshadow Fauci's
  32. Pandora Papers | Q leak
  33. NSW premier resigned due to taking bribes from Pfizer and Astra (cairnsnews.org) | ga.w
  34. Bulwer-Lytton | Vril | consciously science fiction
  35. ProtonMail | snitched on Frenchman | deleted "no logs" claim
  36. AC wrong again | making COVID19 complication casualty an organ donor doesn't spread virus
  37. [October 1st, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st) | gnews | CCP infighting threatens Xi

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assortative faith | natural universal law | Bible, ET

The righteous have eyes open to objective truth, but the wicked live by self-serving lies. Thus providing evidence that is conclusive but not overwhelming tends to select for righteous believers. This assortative effect is the meaning of faith.

It is a natural law that good leads to life, but evil leads to death. Therefore the path to life is hidden from the eyes of the wicked. This was true in the Bible, and it is true now, because both have the same ET origin.
[2021-09-28 Tue 18:53]

Chris Jenkins | YT channel | Facebook | my notes

found Chris Jenkins' further works:

C Jenkins | YT channel

about 1.5h of video.
added to my watch later.
[2021-09-28 Tue 20:23]

aliens taught me the bible


1 year ago
Thank you for sharing your story. Have you had an opportunity to watch any videos by Naughty Beaver?



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C Jenkins
C Jenkins
1 year ago
no I have not…but I will check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!


1 year ago
@C Jenkins I think you would like Jeffrey Daugherty, the Christian whistleblower and Fleur Brun as well.

1 year ago
look up tony rodrigues secret space program…he talks about greys, mantis's and mars…and the mantis probed his mind through touch.

C Jenkins
1 year ago
@John Diamond 777 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018147570101

David Willaert
David Willaert
1 year ago
Hi, we were talking on luna..outpo..com. Your thread was moved to the religious subforum. I thought you couldn't find it back. You seem like a nice guy. grts


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David Willaert
David Willaert
1 year ago
Please come back. :)


C Jenkins
C Jenkins
1 year ago
@David Willaert look me up on facebook….Chris Jenkins….its all in the "my story" section.

C Jenkins
C Jenkins
1 year ago
@David Willaert just search "chris jenkins tx"…then look for pic of me holding a cat..lol

met Gray with 3 fingers and thumb on ?Mars in a dream
saw dome with garden
short Gray said one day he would tend a garden just like this.

Grays looked in on him a lot during his childhood at bedtime.

raised as Jehovah's Witness

chose him cuz of preexisting understanding of the Bible

something is coming, all about the return of a planetary body through our solar system
Nbiru again!
it's also inhabited


Was in a tube ship.
Giant hulk crew. Bowl cuts. 70s.
looking at computer screen.
crew of 12, hunkered, kinda afraid
going up at great speed, white light above


Anakim = Annunaki
6 digits, giants.
modified human DNA
read Enumma Elish, Atrahasis. sumerian books. sacred-texts.com
Enumma - precedes Bible. structure of solar system.

Watchers and Holy Ones
Watchers = Short Grays. Big black eyes. Watch people.
Holy Ones = Ethereal Aldebarans.

heaven is space. described as black.


Book of Adam removed from Bible, deemed too controversial. Wrongly.
Eisenhower met the same races already mentioned.

Reptilians. Aldebarans' punishment in Garden of Eden.

my interpretation:
Go on belly = live underground.
Made ugly = humans imprinted with genetic repulsion to
Struck dumb = forbidden to communicate with humans

Snakes actually used to have arms and legs, evolutionarily.

Dinosaurs were probably placed by Draco patron, the dragon. Chris isn't aware of this angle. He's speculating. Wrongly assumes ALdebarans made Reptilians.

Believes in shapeshifting, doesn't know it's psychic mimicry.
[2021-09-28 Tue 20:55]

Saw Reptilian using optical camouflage like Predator in his bedroom.
he tried to ignore it. it intimidated him. he started shouted out to gods, including Jehovah. it shook its fist at him.
Still transparent, could see it had a snout and a tail.

Reptilians don't have tails though. Strange.


brain hack for communicating with them

prayer vs meditation and trance-like states
Bible calls both good.

prayer is talking to
meditate is listening back

go into your closet and pray
ask in Jesus' name
Jesus Christ is king of humans, perfect representative of our species
be very specific about info you want
give thanks. they're really big on honor
ask for forgiveness
they have very strict morals, rigid
they can read our minds. don't think ill of them, will offend them.
meditation is targeted bloodflow, to 3rd eye in forehead

how to quiet thoughts:
lean forward
feet planted
elbows on knees, palms upward, on closed eyes, and gently push
forces blood out of eyes into nearest region, frontal lobe
will see geometric patterns and light. enjoy it.
don't do too long. 30 seconds.
write out your prayer beforehand.

There is a major disconnect between Ashtar, who deemphasizes the Bible, and the Illojim in contact with Chris Jenkins, who emphasizes it. Strange. I suppose it may be a generational difference in the Aldebarans. Perhaps I should use Illojim only to refer to Aldebarans of that generation who continue the Jesus Bible project. I imagine security is need to know.


Nibiru is Akkadian word, after Sumerian
Earth had no form, it was debris from a collision.
Nbiru's two moons hit Tiamat. Two pieces resulted: asteroid belt and proto-Earth.
Life transferred here through collision.

Descriptions of Nibiru in Bible
moves in a circuit, covered in clouds, brings inescapable heat

all stars are born in pairs

three days of darkness = going through the light-reflecting particle bubble. then can see their star.
then the destruction hits, from gravitational forces.

his understanding of why aging is faster on earth is wrong.
it's probably the higher radiation.

so my dyson sphere theory was wrong, nbiru has a nebula
and I guess the Illojim are based on Nbiru


malachi: "the sun of righteousness will arise, with healing in his wings"
many carvings of it, sun with wings! Google it.

exoplanets with eccentric orbits common, larger the longer, and cause giant impacts
multiple giant planets increases odds of eccentricity
that's what ?enuma says: struggle of gravity between jupiter, tiamat and nbiru


Earth will be captured into Nbiru's orbit.
Chris Jenkins will be old and grey when it happened.

C Jenkins
1 year ago
time frame is our lifetimes. However when they showed me…I was old and gray. I saw myself.
They have an outpost on the moon…and in a mothership…I dont know exactly where it is ….I think it is in our asteroid belt. They watch us. They prevent us from permanently damaging ourselves or the earth. (nukes) They are "stationed" here until their planet returns.
Jesus is the son of ENKI….also called "YHWH" in the bible. He was genetically created ….perfect. He is what we all will become in the transition.
He is king of earth and representative of the human species to the rest of the universal population.
Each planet (inhabited) does indeed have a king. Or representative. There is a council of races ….and they in turn have a "God" …or higher species above them…and a representative that they deal with. Much like Jesus and us. So….I believe the cycles just get bigger and bigger. (found in the ENUMA ELISH by the way)
Astral projection is real…and they can do it at will.
We can do it also…but not like they can. They can take you out for an extended amount of time…and instantly return you…as if no time passed at all. Sometimes…the process gets messed up…and people experience "missing time". They mess with our memories…and can control the release of info….almost like a time delay pill…..is odd.

sun never sets, no more night.

They'll come to evac us, and people will hide from the UFO invasion.
We should climb a mountain to reach them. Wave. Yell.
Then comes the flood. So go with the evac!
Few will go.

he's been instructed to teach people this message and get them to the ships. we can ask him questions.

I need to connect with him on Facebook.

[2021-09-28 Tue 21:42]

Barbara Bartholic> | book notes

next chapter
young lass, obsessed piano
watched apparition of man playing after her practice sessions
black velvet suit, huge dark eyes, white face, high cheekbones, long face, chin-length dark hair, most beautiful man she'd ever seen
appeared only once. she fell in love for him and waited for reappearance daily.

one day while playing, beam of light spotlighted her for several minutes. not the sun.
something happened then, doesn't know what.

chpt 5

could make others laugh with her

high school
isolated in evening, consumed by art passion, longing for love, to the stars

few semesters of university, returned father's illness, ready to leave home.

got own apartment. picked up in store by prior art teacher, Mr. Bartholic. Smooth.

they started fucking. she liked his bohemian artist style.

moved to LA. still poor. she got a modeling job in NY. went.
[2021-09-30 Thu 20:38]

serpo.org> | my notes


Fascinating. Just reading for background on first pass.

claims Billy Meier is a fraud.
He claimed to have contacted Pleiadean "Semjase", but she looked like a Humagi, or merely human.

SEPTELOIDS – one infiltrated, living as human. Delta Pavonis. No special abilities!?
visiting for 100 years
can assume human shape and form!? contradicts above.

Ah, ok. I'm reading out of order because the site is bugged on safari. Switched to Chrome.
[2021-09-30 Thu 21:18]



related info

site has lots of resources, but mostly bad quality.
[2021-09-30 Thu 21:43]


Claims Grays not like Ebens.
Grays from Alpha Centauri A. Call them AceGrays. CenGrays?

The "Red Book" lists nine different visitors. We determined recently that some of the visitors were the same type of race but a "mechanical lifeform." They were hybrid beings that were created in a laboratory rather than by natural birth.

The creatures were more like robots, although they were intelligent and could make decisions. They might be the "hostile" visitors that some people report.

To the best of my knowledge, we have NOT had any visitation since 1985 from the Ebens.



Planet Serpo had different physics. Wow.

Eben civ 10kyo
Won a war of extermination 3kya. No wars since.
Space travelers for 2ky

planetary pop only 650k. super-regimented. children mature super-rapidly.
IQ 165
don't age
council of governors
100 villages. most of planet unused.
daily worship services for God
7 month journey

EBE reported that 2,000 years ago, his ancestors planted a human creature on earth to assist the inhabitants of Earth in developing a civilization. This information was only vague and the exact identity or background information on this homo-sapien was not obtained.


The Ebens fought a battle with an enemy for a period of time. Our Team Members estimated the war lasted about 100 years, but, again, that is our time. The war was fought using particle beam weapons, developed by both civilizations. The Ebens eventually were able to destroy the enemy planet, killing the remaining enemy forces.

The Ebens did warn us that several other alien races within our galaxy were hostile. The Ebens stay away from those races.
[2021-09-30 Thu 22:03]

BBartholic cont>

back to book:

all the models take speed to stay thin, then scotch to sleep, at that time. sick.
[2021-09-30 Thu 22:16]

what year?

serpo cont


However, once the Ebens - a very benevolent and caring people - saw our team members crying, the Ebens stepped in and offered to attempt some sort of medical care.

Hm. Conflicting accounts of the ZetaGrays!

super-efficient minimal excretion.

They really sound quite nice. That they are counted as hostile is strange.
[2021-09-30 Thu 22:23]



Killed a snake with human-like eyes and large brain. Strange.
[2021-09-30 Thu 22:42]


reading more


QUESTION: What do you make of what Ebe #1 allegedly said about Mankind being genetically altered throughout time and that they established religions and Christ in particular on our planet? [An idea that was popularized in the 1989 bestseller, "The Gods of Eden" by William Bramley, ISBN# 0380718073]
ANONYMOUS: If one reads the "Yellow Book" [the true and correct history of Mankind as relayed by the ETEs] and reads between the lines, one would come away with the thought and clear impression that the Ebens had something to do with Jesus Christ or, possibly, Jesus was one of them.
Also, if you look at some events that are shown in the "Yellow Book," (remember, there are no dates shown in the "Yellow Book"), you can connect some incidents, such as Fatima, etc., with an Eben landing.


[Addition from Robert Collins: EBE–2 did state that his planet was named "Sieu" – but that was in Eben, not English. He never mentioned "Serpo" as such. He said that according to Earth days, his planet's days were approximately 37-40 hours; that he liked the cool climate of Earth, around LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratories) and northern New Mexico; and that he was a scientist and was providing assistance to Earth scientists in the area of space travel. EBE–1 (initially just known as EBE) was the sole survivor of the Roswell crash, and lived until 1952 (see this posting by Anonymous), EBE–2 arrived in 1964 and stayed till 1984, and EBE–3 (with two aides, one of whom was female) arrived in 1978 and stayed until 1994.]

  1. The ability of some ETs to manipulate and transcend time is referenced in Dan Sherman's book, Above Black.

Dan Sherman wrote a book, Above Black, in which he reveals how he was groomed and trained as a telepathic communicator with a race of ETs from and about whom he received data but never actually met – in preparation for an anticipated catastrophic event. He learned information that appears to corroborate the difficult reports by Anonymous that time is in some way experienced differently by the Ebens and/or in the Ebens' environment, with a corresponding distortion of physical laws as we would understand them.

Sherman states that he learned that "time" – as we humans know it – does not have the same meaning for them. They still age as we do but are not bound by the physics of time as we currently are. Their means of travel across vast distances is heavily dependent on the manipulation of time but not as we perceive it.

Sherman enquired whether they can travel through time, i.e. whether they can go backwards and forwards in time. He was told that it was not possible to witness a reality that occurred in some other time but the present: in order to go back in time, one must assume that there exists a reference point from which to measure backward or forward. This is an impossibility. Essentially, they weren't able to travel through time – rather, around time and from time. Sherman states that he never really understood what this meant. Their mode of propulsion was somehow that they used both time and electromagnetic energy. Sherman was also told that our sun was very unique; and that someday we would understand how it really worked and how we could utilize the same methods that they themselves use but on a smaller scale.

References: www.stealthskater.com/Documents/Sherman1.doc, www.aboveblack.com

[2021-09-30 Thu 23:11]



MJ-12 Staff Document
30 July 1999

  1. Intelligent life does exist on other planets and throughout the Universe.
  2. Craft not of human design or manufacture are operating in and around the land, sea and air of Earth.
  3. Intelligent beings other than Homo Sapiens Sapiens are conducting various missions on this planet. These beings have been coming here for tens of thousands of years.
  4. Alien beings may have human-like bodies or non-human bodies (such as hybrid, insectoid, or reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, non-physical or inter-dimensional in nature.
  5. The variety of life in the universe is diverse, like the life on our own planet is diverse.
  6. Some alien beings have the ability through advanced technology or other means to move forward and backward at will through time and space.
  7. The spiritual evolution of an alien life form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.
  8. The social orientation, motives and agendas of these beings is very diverse. Some alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.
  9. In many cases, the "abduction phenomenon" is a real event. This activity is complex, coordinated and purposeful. It often occurs throughout many generations of a family.
  10. Cross-breeding of humans with more than one alien species has occurred. Hybrid children and hybrid adults do exist. They have characteristics of both the human and alien races.
  11. Although most alien contacts and sightings occurring on modern-day earth have been shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the veil is slowly being lifted by the activities of civilians and specially assigned government personnel. The Public Acclimation to the reality of alien life is proceeding in a way designed not to shock or disrupt society any more than necessary.
  12. A great amount of "UFO" and alien information is now in the public domain. Countless books, videos and internet websites are devoted to these subjects. Thousands of pages of U.S. government documents on unusual sightings and encounters have been made available.

[2021-09-30 Thu 23:30]

ZetaGray appearance

  1. What the Ebens may look like, taken from Wendelle Stevens' book UFO Contact from Reticulum.

These images below are NOT photographs of an Eben, but are taken from a lifelike sculpture of a "Reticulan" created by the artist Alan Levigne, who did work for many of the major movie studios in California. Levigne created the sculpted head in close consultation with Bill Herrmann, an contactee and abductee whose graphic and detailed experience is the subject of Lt Col Wendelle Stevens' excellent book UFO Contact from Reticulum. Readers are left to judge for themselves whether the Reticulans and the Ebens (both from Zeta Reticuli, and apparently not the Grays) are one and the same.

[2021-09-30 Thu 23:33]

hundreds of ZetaGray-human clones created of 1/12 exchangers | serpo.org | MDelicado corroborated

From: "T.G.H." contact@serpo.org
Date: 7 Dec 2005 09:11:23 -0000
To: "Serpo.org" contact@serpo.org
Subject: Contact

There is much, much more to this story. One person, a male, died during the trip to Zeta.
He suffered a pulmonary embolism. In addition, an autopsy was performed at which time
the deceased individal's DNA was extracted and stored. At a later time, the DNA was used
in a cloning type process which actually involved creating a hybrid being, part human, part
alien. Through an advanced aging process and something called rapid-cycling cloning,
several hundred hybrid beings were created. Some remain on Zeta, but others were
returned to Earth. This can be verified in documents contained in the ZR Repro Factor file.

Bingo. This explains the clones that MDelicado saw! Strange skin tone and all.

It also confirms that EBENs are ZetaGrays.
[2021-09-30 Thu 23:36]

Above Black | Project Preserve Destiny: Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-up | By Dan Sherman | Intuitive Communicator | my notes

Above Black
Insider Account of Alien Contact and
Government Cover-up
By Dan Sherman

Looks legit and excellent.
[2021-09-30 Thu 23:41]

found on libgen :)
[2021-09-30 Thu 23:42]

Published in 1997.

mother visited by alien
he was given an ability via genetic management
intuitive communications
requires exercises to awaken
1947 contact was with "grays", colloquially
Project Preserve Destiny
genetic management to produce communicators with Grays
genetically manipulated in the womb
all electromagnetic comms will be disabled in future

pg 40
gray admits they are less emotional than us

they call us "water-containers"
perhaps because we are a water planet relative to their desert
and water is an important resource to them
and we are soul containers

I asked if they had a soul. As was usually the case, his answer was quite curious. Perhaps someone reading this will be able to understand it better than I. He said that any entity that realizes its own existence has intellect and therefore must have a soul. We have been created from the same oneness (my interpretation), and out of that creation came intellect and non-intellect. These are the only forms of life in the universe. We were both (them and us), along with many others, a part of the intellectual aspect of creation

When I asked if there was a God, he answered that it was not his place to answer that question. But he said something like "the question you ask answers itself." It was all kind of obscure to place any concrete meaning to. Based on what he was saying at the time though, I do remember coming to the conclusion that there must be a "God" that we all shared.

Ontological argument.

How long they’ve been visiting
He said they have been visiting us (again, he used the term water-vessels or
some such equivalent) for a very long time. I really didn’t understand the terms
he was using for time when describing to me how long they’ve been here, but
I remember thinking it must have been a long time. He said they had visited
cultures from time to time throughout our history. None of the direct contacts
they’ve initiated turned out well. This is one of the reasons they are not "common" (my interpretation of another unfamiliar term) visitors today. However,
he said that it was much easier to visit our people in the past than it is today.
They revealed themselves on many occasions in the past and even contributed
to certain societies and their technologies. They learned much from the engaging of other people. But since our technology has leap-frogged, the risk of
revealing themselves on a worldwide scale, at this time, is not a worthwhile
My own readings have led me to believe they most likely impacted the
Incan, Mayan and Egyptian societies. I

Bones made me understand that their life spans are similar to ours, perhaps even shorter

When asked about energy and what form of it they use, he didn’t mention their energy source but did speak about our energy sources. He told me that our sun was very unique and that someday we would understand how it really worked and how we could utilize the same methods they use but on a smaller scale. He said our scientists have just begun to understand how the sun can be used as a source of energy for our future needs.

The other question was concerning the future event that I had been told this whole project was about. He said only that "the Earth is in its geological infancy and that we should expect much change."

It was 3 or 4 months after my positional promotion that I received what appeared to be my first abduction related comm. These comms would begin like all other comms; the sending of the normal preamble information containing my identifying code of 118 and the five digit "zipcode" number. But the rest of the comm was completely different. There would be other items in the comm including such things as "potentiality for recall", "residual pain level", "nerve response", "body normalization" and other more obscure things I can’t recall because they made no sense. My first abduction comm included a latitude/longitude coordinate that I later looked up to find that it corresponded to the panhandle of Florida.

I finally came to the conclusion, after reporting over 20 apparent abduction scenarios, that I wanted no part of the program any longer. Although I had no reason to believe anyone was being maliciously harmed, I did get a feeling that the abductions I was reporting were part of some sort of higher calling and the feelings of the people involved took a back seat to that calling. I couldn’t help but think about my mother and what she possibly went through during the genetic management phase of PPD.

find out what kind of dishonorable discharge he got.

Suspects the Grays could read his mind the whole time.

The EMP event is likely Nibiru.

He was fulfilling the reporting treaty requirement for ZetaGray abductions.

Good summary:
[2021-10-01 Fri 01:18]

it was a good book, but he was too compartmentalized to know much.
[2021-10-01 Fri 01:22]

BBartholic book cont

back to BBartholic book

telepathically commanded to reveal alien contact to earth people

Apparently Heaven's Gate cult had real ET backing.
Claimed to be the two prophets from the Bible.
There's a chance their souls were transferred to new bodies after their suicide.
But likely it was some ET deception.

unauthorized interview tape blew up hugely expensive equipment
clear ET backing, from the "miracles" and signs.

piano man had dark brown hair, grey eyes
was Jacques Vallee

apparently abducted by silver and gold discus ship

69 represent conflict of good and evil, significant portents.

cow multilations coincided with arkansas release of CE3
black helicopters
cows drained of blood
ETs wanted to be noticed
left light beams on autopsy photos

terrible things befell her home life every time she investigated with vallee
diabolical traces

mother reported seeing the UFO that abducted her as a child

mutilated cattle extremely uncanny, obvious ET activity
trantaloid harvesting?

read Wikipedia on Heaven's Gate cult. Sick ET soul harvest?
[2021-10-01 Fri 02:33]

abductee said she was a blonde alien woman, he recognized
when they were both kids. strange.

quarter moon silver in pupil is sign of abduction

ETs set up cattle mutilation investigation job for her

ET spy probe: red sphere

17m minutes car teetering a ravine that ETC had forced her foot to reverse over

quit the ranch painting sales job
just in time for hundreds of abduction cases to spring up in her and surrounding states
busy, could work from home.

UFO investigators frequently killed by cancer. suspicious.

she experienced constant zersetzung once started UFO investigations, govt and ETC probably

believes the implant was placed behind her ear
told telepathically to leave it alone

awakened 4 am
USMIL psychic told her she'd been infected with cancer.
fought back by repeating "evergreen"
word is closely associated with USMIL mind control
covered in bruises, fingermarks
puncture mark on neck, handprint under left breast

ex-mil man at conference explained
Black Project Intelligence Operation
she'd been given cancer to shut her up, was dead.

chronic pain ensued
other conference speakers similarly affected
kidney infection and her dog too, same night. poisoned water?
recurrent kidney infection
she suspects beam tech

telepathic warning: one of your children will pay if you go on this trip

child was horribly burned, in a manner that required mind control to execute
room #169

maybe his car had cooled, and they made the radiator boil again when he opened it
son recovered all his looks, better than before

freak car accident by daughter, hit a man on motorcycle, his rectum was cored out like the cows, will never have children, police report #69
could never figure out how it happened
WTF? temporal control? scary.

rapist with knife attacked her daughter, beat her up and stabbed. extremely atypical attack. more government work.
officer on case who spoke to her wearing badge #69

daughter Katha hit by train, no lights or bell, at night at crossing
broken bones in head and neck
no x-rays taken, and film of injuries destroyed by chance

suspected Jacques Vallee was himself an alien.

alien ship hovered over fire that destroyed family car and lifelong project of a concrete yacht
teenager high on crank did it
serious power

gave up partnership with vallee after that. he too was convinced it was retaliation

I’ve learned in the years since that it is really important to the aliens to try to get people hooked on methamphetimine or crank. I believe the crazed young man had been manipulated to set those two fires.

I believe that settles the question of ZetaGray evil. The partnership with the government at that time was ZetaGray.
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:16]

I'm reading Barbara Bartholic's book, and it's one of the darkest books I've ever read. I believe all of it. She worked with Jacques Vallee until the ZetaGrays retaliated against her family so thoroughly she couldn't continue.

I haven't reached the end yet, but I assume they killed her.
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:26]

If they've put a mind-control assist structure into the vaxxes, then they won't need to find someone high on crank to hijack a human anymore.
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:28]

Based on her testimony, I suspect the Heaven's Gate cult was a ZetaGray soul-harvesting operation. Cheap tricks.
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:33]

Grab it on libgen. I've never seen such a hard 180 from hippie artist bohemian to psychic hitmen and black helicopters. WTF.
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:34]

The Aldebaran Grays who chipped her must've been using her to investigate and monitor activity on the ground?
I don't know which Grays chipped and why, but they seem more benevolent.
What happened with Katha's head injuries?
Seems no permanent harm was done to her family, maybe with that exception?
[2021-10-01 Fri 03:40]

VD> | real world is globalists vs nationalists | me> | wrong, ET is real war

VD> There isn’t any conflict between the USA, Russia, and China. The real conflict, the real war that is probably the true cause of the Covid plandemic and the vaccine regimes, is a global one between the One World Prometheans and the nationalists. But whereas the nationalists were successfully suppressed in North America and Europe by 70 years of relentless propaganda and immigration, they have the upper hand in China and Russia. And they have learned from what was done to the American people. Taking economic advice from globalists is about as good an idea as taking candy from a creepy middle-aged man driving a van with no windows in the back.

Wrong. This analysis sees pozz, kikes, banksters and nationalists, but misses ETs. Humans uniting in the face of ET threat is necessary, not sinister. Hostile ETs likely now back China. Things are not so simple.
[2021-10-01 Fri 04:04]

why did Aldebarans shoot down Roswell ZetaGray ships?

Question: It appears the ZetaGray treaty with USG and interference on Earth was only possible due to the crash of two of their ships on Earth and the capture of one of them, opening communications.

Laserta claims this was due to engineering and piloting error by the ZetaGrays. But if they have been visiting Earth for millennia, this claim is unlikely.

Did Ashtar assert that the ships were actually shot down? If so, did the Illojim precipitate this crisis deliberately? Or were the ZetaGrays skirting contact protocols already, provoking the shootdown to force better adherence to protocol?
[2021-10-01 Fri 11:22]


Confirmed, Ashtar does claim that the two ZetaGray ships were shot down!

Also claims Jesus Christ's soul is still active on Earth! Praise God.

I cannot tell what the Aldebaran motive was to shoot down the ZetaGrays. I assume it was them.
[2021-10-01 Fri 11:26]

Roswell Aldebaran Reticuli

[2021-10-01 Fri 11:28]

Answer: These two cities were indeed destroyed by spaceships. These cities were not destroyed by nuclear energy, but by an anti-gravity force we call teletecton, that is to say, the energetic vibration of physical matter the way we evoked the earthquake in Jerusalem on the day of the crucifixion.
[2021-10-01 Fri 11:28]

why ZetaGray name

The Roswell Grays are from Zeta Reticuli. Even though "RetiGrays" is technically more correct than "ZetaGrays", I prefer the latter. "Zeta" carries connotations of lastness, weakness, shortness and low status. Ranked relative to the other alien species visiting Earth, this aptly describes the Zeta Reticuli Grays. I only know of one species that might be weaker: the Iargans have a less sophisticated discuship technology, it appears, but vastly greater numbers.
[2021-10-01 Fri 18:58]

clot shot | whether to take | worst case

Re clot shot:

Your worst case is that the top Dems haven't taken it, and it will kill you in under 10 years, maybe 1-2, deliberately to remove the gullible degenerate portion of the population prior to open alien contact.
[2021-10-01 Fri 19:15]

Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 29th, 2021 | gnews


[2021-10-01 Fri 21:38]

Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control in 2004 | henrymakow.com | deathbed confession of Frater 616 | pedo politicians, etc


[2021-10-01 Fri 22:47]

AC's lunacy | inspired by ET conspiracy

The conspiracy AC's lunacy is partially triggered by is not "surveillance", but USG ET black projects and ET activity.
[2021-10-01 Fri 22:56]

"Zika" microcephaly actually caused by anti-mosquito pesticide

Study Shows Anti-mosquito Pesticide Pyriproxyfen Link with Microcephaly
Five years ago, GMWatch was correct to draw attention to dangers of the chemical.

According to the Argentine doctors’ organisation, Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), in the area where most of the affected people lived, a chemical larvicide aimed at eradicating disease-carrying mosquitoes was introduced into the drinking water supply in 2014, in a state-controlled programme to control the dengue and Zika viruses. This pesticide was known to produce malformations in mosquitoes, and PCST asked if it could do the same in humans.

Zika scare was trumpeted by vaxx crowd. Turns out it was the medical-industrial complex to blame, again.
[2021-10-01 Fri 22:58]

why Dems thought nuke strike on China plausible? | cuz CCP stealection, COVID19

AC> Gen. Milley admitted, Nancy Pelosi tried to undermine the nuclear launch chain of command. Why did all these people think a nuclear launch on China was entirely plausible? What had China done?

Besides COVID19 and stealection? Maybe treason with ET invaders, but the USA was there first.

Unaugmented humans are s.l.o.w.
[2021-10-01 Fri 23:04]

BBartholic cont

reading more Barbara Bartholic:

Jack Black haunting of Native American couple
long black coarse hair
greenish goop
spectral fire
followed the woman, Maria
unrelated Indian Medicine man had grudge, hexed, and it intensified haunting
666 signaled
"accidental" injuries
poltergeist activity usually depends on a female child or teenager
spectral hot black tar dripping wall, corroded speaker wires through
bathroom ruined by diarrhea feces vomit explosion, a fixation of the dead Jack Black nigger
vomit trail, steaming
spectral jello
corrosive molasses wall
she and mother attempted exorcism with crucifixes everywhere. seemed to work.
ETs can feed off fear from poltergeists. connected phenomena.
[2021-10-01 Fri 23:42]

BBartholic cont

Reading Barbara Bartholic

triangle cut in ear of her sick horse
triangle is UFO calling card
late 1987 spike in adbuctions
famous Gulf Breeze abductions in Florida
says she is a reincarnated spirit from Heaven. discovered during hypnosis.
spirit had difficulty adjusting to the human body
end chpt 14
[2021-10-02 Sat 12:50]

Light Graykin probably forced psychic implant on BBarthold because she was reincarnated for her UFO mission.
[2021-10-02 Sat 12:59]

BBartholic cont


hypnotic regression
17yo, terrible kidney pain
repeated regression
wondered why abductees so often have kidney trouble
fog-filled room, 4 ?ZetaGray androids (clones?).
couldn't be reached emotionally cuz machines.
painfully probed left kidney with wand
writhed, couldn't escape
pain lasted a year
awoke left side paralyzed in pain, rushed to hospital 5 days
adrenochrome harvest? sounds like what podesta did.
yep, adrenal glands are atop kidneys.

kidney stone was apparent cause of pain

memory of torture helped her understand her clients.

ZetaGrays cause kidney stones in humans, causing max pain, harvestable as loosh.

abductees claim androids are created from fetuses taken from abductees.
makes sense. have requisite immunities to earthlings and earth atmosphere.
fog in room was from preferred ZetaGray hot environment.

reptilians control the ZetaGrays (on Earth)
makes sense, 10myo vs 10kyo

two teen Tulsa women abducted, returned, memwiped. exhibiting post-rape trauma.

calls 1988 "The Alien Invasion".

women abducted repeatedly.
one had a fetus extracted.

saw woman hanging, strapped to metal telephone pole, long thin humanish face, medusa winged serpent headdress, woman called for help

nude examination by mocking grays. looking for a map. imprinted on right arm.
returned to car, severe allergic reaction. crying fits.

poltergeist activity after.
puncture marks, boils

another abduction
traumatic, drawing liquid from head
"They're trying to match our blood."
synovial fluid withdrawn from her knee

BARBARA: What are they doing with your eyes?
NINA: They’re trying to take my eyes and remake
them. They’re trying to see if my eyes will work with the
alien body fluid. Put us into them and them into us so they
can come out with our feelings and we can come out with
theirs. I don’t know. But that’s what they’re doing. They’re
making us into them and taking my fluids from me. They
always take my eyes.
BARBARA: How do they do that? Give me a
NINA: They have this device… like a vacuum… very
small. They put it right here. (She points to her eyeball and
cries again.) It hurts right there where the eyebrow curves
down. It’s hurting there. They’re scraping right there
behind where my eye usually sits. They put the thing
behind my eye. They take my eye out, put the device in
back of my eyeball and it hurts. Then they put my eyeball
back in.
BARBARA: What are they doing behind the eyes?
NINA: They’re trying to see if they can take our human
chemicals. Fluids. I don’t know what you call it. Put the
fluid into them, they have our feelings. Take our eyes, put
their fluids into us. They’re testing. Experimenting. They
experiment on us like the cattle. They’re testing our blood
for what they have put in it. These punctures. They want to
see if… I want to say… to see if we’re ripe! I don’t how else
to put it.
BARBARA: Can you tell me what you mean, “see if
we’re ripe?”
NINA: To see if we’re ready to be taken. If they think
we’re ready to be taken they will take us. They’re working
on us

Gruesome colonization project. Trying to create hybrids to invade humanity, body and soul.
Authentic. Medical details beyond subject's comprehension.

NINA: They are trying to keep the human feelings that
we have. They are trying to replace our body liquids so we
can do their bidding. They believe what they are doing will
better them. If they make a mistake during the experiments
they have no regrets.
BARBARA: What is their ultimate purpose?
NINA: To try and get to the soul and the mind of every
human. Some people have already been programmed into
doing and saying things that normally they would not do or
say. Now they’re working on our souls and our will power.


Implanting tiny wires between toes of abductees.
(plausible because easily accessed, secure and invisible, and nerves route directly to brain for balance and without cutouts to mitigate pain.)

Evelyn abductee
malicious soul abduction by Mantis in hood
he was attended by short Gray clones

can broadcast negative thoughts
desire to rule us and other ETs
and suppress

end chpt 15
[2021-10-02 Sat 14:58]

BBarholic cont

back to BBartholic>

chpt 16

Dr. James L. Walden, author of The Ultimate Alien Agenda, was one of my clients before he wrote the book. His home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas was invaded by aliens and Walden was able to see, hear and feel their entry into his house. He was perfectly conscious of their presence but he found himself unable to move. He was taken to an underground lab of some sort where the little “grays” did unspeakable, sexually oriented things to him.

He moved to a guest bedroom and one night while he was lying in bed, waiting for sleep, a large, life-like image of George Washington was displayed just in front of his face. He heard a loud, forceful voice say, “George Washington was one of us. So are you. Accept!

abducted hundreds of times.

new abductee: 13yo Bette and ?younger Tom
Bette taken into space by Grays
Tom became druggie, rebellious after
Bette became a slut, grew up overnight
gradually returned to normal after a move

meeting disruptive abductee mentioned earlier, electroshock and fiancee raped:
parked with fiancee in rural spot
memory erased
fiancee raped repeatedly while he paralyzed
drew reptilians
BBartholic recognized them, shocked

couple married. fiancee changed drastically, became drug addict slut
divorced in 10 years. 2 children also having alien experiences.

end chpt 16
[2021-10-02 Sat 16:56]

BBartholic cont

By the way, one of Barbara Bartholic's abductee hypnosis patients credibly reported an evil Mantis temporarily abducted her soul. Until now, I've only known Mantises to be benevolent ancient guardians of the solar system and its souls. In case ya'll weren't already aware.
[2021-10-02 Sat 17:11]

Barbara Bartholic again
patients keep claiming that she was there in the room during abduction, tall blonde alien woman
standing with the aliens
some patients were guided to her afterwards by ETCs
she only appeared during positive moments. maybe a multidimensional aspect of her prior self
sometimes accompanied by hybrid alien children. perhaps it's her ministry.
makes sense she would reincarnate for their sakes
she wears silvery body suit.
sometimes with Jacques Vallee. Couple in past life?
suspects all of her patients were alien-human hybrids

she looks just like Gloria Lee, except red hair
Jupiter aliens channeled a space platform blueprint to her
failed to give to USG
so she went on a hunger strike
police arrested her too late. she died.
blueprints vanished after cops arrived
then US made a major leap in space platforms

so she believes she has clones operating. possible?
Aldebarans can manage that and more, surely.
[2021-10-02 Sat 17:32]

BGates' messy hanging | attempted ET intervention? | Cabal poisoned BClinton

It seems Cabal forestalled any snitching by Bill Clinton by poisoning him.

Maybe Bill Gates' neck didn't snap at his hanging because ETC forces were trying to save him. They were caught off guard by the moveup of the date and the one-hour warning. They hoped USMIL would balk at execution by strangulation, and cut the rope, causing an exploitable delay. Instead USMIL saw it through, and the ETCs weren't willing to force the matter.
[2021-10-02 Sat 21:02]

BBartholic cont

abductee: mother and son
abductors were gray-green graykin with suction cups on fingers. chins more rounded.
female said their skin was merely a shield against the atmosphere
male kept objecting "You're telling too much"
their pain is less intense. don't realize ours is more intense. she had compassion, males less so.
female could read her mind
they didn't understand periods
they took samples
said cure for cancer is in spices and roots. our scientists will discover later.
trying to hybridize humans with them. deformed preserved feti.
hybrid children die young.
didn't know where veins are
paralyzed her
"their seconds are many thousands of times faster than ours. I don't understand that kind of stuff." temporal acceleration.
angered when she rebuked them for abducting without consent, but didn't answer.
showed history of planet, negatives events, implying blame
she decided she would get hypnosis so she could report the event
male alien answered they could control that too, what was remembered under hypnosis
said "We have programmed doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, and we continue to program them for updates.’"
said her son was very intelligent
they couldn't understand why we aren't as advanced as they are, thought it was deliberate
when they returned her, female apologized sincerely
ordeal took 6 hours.

end chpt 18
[2021-10-02 Sat 21:24]

My China vaxx zombie theory was wrong, I suspect. Revision:

The vaxxes in general assist ET mind control, except maybe Russia's.

Revelation's "wild beasts" will be Trantaloid zerg rush.
[2021-10-02 Sat 21:41]

Revelations' "wild beasts" | Reptilian infantry from underground?


Better explanation is that Revelations' "killed by wild beasts" refers to Reptilian soldiers. They have the numbers and the dinosaur savagery to qualify, and come from beneath the earth.
[2021-10-02 Sat 22:58]

Russia | Sputnik vaxx | probably not malicious | still spams spikes, tho | maybe ok with Ivermectin?

Russia's response to COVID19 was effective. Russia was likely forewarned by China. Russia does not appear to be ruled by Cabal or ET forces at this time. Sputnik vaxx appears to be functional nationalism:

[2021-10-02 Sat 23:06]

it spams spikes, tho.
so does harm via that, but not maliciously.
maybe taking with Ivermectin would be safe?
[2021-10-04 Mon 18:05]

shame Biden memes overshadow Fauci's

The Fauci memes, I can't wait. Such a shame that Biden is overshadowing the comedic potential of this monkey-faced midwit manlet.
[2021-10-02 Sat 23:54]

Pandora Papers | Q leak

Panama Papers, Move Over: Soon Everyone Will Be Talking About The #PandoraPapers. Get ready for reporting from 600+ journalists from 150 media outlets in 117 countries. 11.9 million leaked files. (twitter.com)

117 countries; video is 17 seconds long. Q at work.
[2021-10-03 Sun 13:14]

NSW premier resigned due to taking bribes from Pfizer and Astra (cairnsnews.org) | ga.w

NSW premier resigned due to taking bribes from Pfizer and Astra (cairnsnews.org)

Cracks in NWO.
[2021-10-03 Sun 13:15]

Bulwer-Lytton | Vril | consciously science fiction


Bulwer-Lytton appears to have been unconsciously inspired by ET influence to write about Reptilian underground and Vril energy, but consciously he was merely writing science fiction.
[2021-10-03 Sun 13:24]

ProtonMail | snitched on Frenchman | deleted "no logs" claim

AC> ProtonMail deletes ‘we don’t log your IP’ boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested due to Protonmail diming them out.

AC wrong again | making COVID19 complication casualty an organ donor doesn't spread virus

AC> College student dies from COVID complications after resisting vaccine. Big story about a kid whose mother says he resisted the vaccine, and then got COVID and died from complications from it. The article ends by saying, “Gilreath was an organ donor and doctors on Monday harvested his heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas, the report said.” Every so often a Russian biowarfare researcher would get exposed to some virus, the Russians would isolate them, and if they died, the first thing the Russians would do is harvest the liver, because that is where the highest concentrations of viruses would be, and those viruses would tend to be the mutants which reproduced the fastest in the host. And given biowarfare viruses are usually cultured in rats or other lab animals, getting a sample that had grown in, and adapted to, a human host was a valuable coup. So this guy got a deadly biowarfare virus infection which killed him, and they took his liver and implanted it in another person, who presumably was deathly ill themselves due to liver failure? Either these doctors are deathly incompetents, or the story is bogus. I’m not even sure which at this point.

Lots of people die from malpractice COVID19 "treatments". Virus would be already out of his system by the time he died of it. That's how COVID19 kills. AC continues to be incompetent.
[2021-10-03 Sun 13:30]

[October 1st, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st) | gnews | CCP infighting threatens Xi


[2021-10-03 Sun 15:23]

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