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  2. GDP misleading | petrodollar caused deindustrialization | "free trade" lethal | why Fed super-inflation | VP@SonyAD
  3. Hajnal Aryan altruism | pathological vs multiracial | force cultures
  4. Qtards are still retarded | housewife doxxed as pedophile for cooking a pizza | Gab@lovelymiss
  5. lad actor sodomized longterm by Hollywood producer | Anthony Edwards by Gary Goddard | ga.w
  6. Dr. Li-Ming Yan’s Husband Quietly Entered the United States in March | gnews | sent as assassin?
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  7. 【G Times】 US military plane lands in Taiwan, how does CCP handle this PR crisis? | gnews
  8. 【Video】Five Ways of Ruling the People in Modern China | gnews | Shang Yang's 5 ways, guided Qin Dynasty
  9. 【CCP China Jokes】Yama, vehicle | bleak, funny, translated
  10. 15yo negress who manslaughtered Muslim Uber driver during carjacking gets "maximum" of 6 years juvie, kek
  11. Ivermectin counters mRNA unvax
  12. Trump | petrodollar civnat | bashes Bitcoin | Bitcoin doomed?
  13. The Alpha weakness | VD@ | blames Trump's vanity for not censuring Zuckerberg | I rebut | censored
  14. how to distinguish sigma from gamma | praise him directly | affects happiness? | VD@
  15. Nate | Trump doesn't care about mission or followers. | fool
  16. when are gammas useful? | SME or gamma field | VD@
  17. VP censorship now total?
  18. AC's comments: good engagement with my littlebook news. excellent! | traffic stats
  19. USA won WW2; America lost | Commie NWO takeover | Aryan reconquista how-to
  20. why STEM nerds now effeminate | Discord@Fox@ Fox, 111
  21. Black light shone on AZ ballot manifests what appears to be watermarks. | ga.w
  22. Biden's Twitter pushes unvaxx for kids via variant virus lies | ga.w
  23. COVID19 | New Study CONFIRMS Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Damage Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process | thegatewaypundit.com
  24. India Bar Association serves legal notice on WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan for lying about Ivermectin effectiveness against COVID-19 | ga.w
  25. [Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step-by-Step Tweets Show the Truth About the CCP Virus—35th in Series | gnews | CCP lies to deny Zhoushan COVID19 parent
  26. Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Speech at the First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China | gnews | overview of the info war's phases
  27. Dr.Richard Fleming Section of Canadian Political Life Show No.16 June 7,2021 | gnews | COVID19 treatment advice, 97% success
  28. [June 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st) | gnews | China weak, CCP will collapse?
  29. Michigan audit | hack confirmed | big remote changes | patriots.win
  30. South Carolina Jury Find Black Man Who Confessed to Killing White Man Not Guilty of Murder, Spend Less Than 2 Hrs In Deliberations | nigger juries ok with random murder | leave USA now
  31. Burger King Donating to Pro-Child Sex-Change Group With Every New Chicken Sandwich Sold | kike CEO, nuff said
  32. Woman with HIV carries Covid-19 infection for 216 days, develops 32 virus mutations inside her body. | destroy sodomites and subhumans or else
  33. Heidi Chakos (“The Crypto Girl”) Renounces Her US Citizenship | nomadcapitalist.com | why it's a good idea
  34. Escape from America: 18 Years and Counting, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review | English teacher, South America, China, Taiwan | race realist
  35. Transcript: UFOs & National Security with Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program | washingtonpost.com | likes: nukes and water | maybe earthbound
  36. AC> Biden has chosen to slow-walk the closure of Guantanamo Bay after an initial push to appoint a Special Envoy and move quickly was rebuffed. | kek
  37. AC> Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers, as part of a strategy to force everyone to rent. | Fedbux madness
  38. China suffers BSL leaks regularly
  39. attacks on coalburners rise in UK

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GDP misleading | petrodollar caused deindustrialization | "free trade" lethal | why Fed super-inflation | VP@SonyAD

  1. SonyAD June 06, 2021 12:09 PM

But but but but China is socialist!

Yeah, GDP not normalised to the M3 money supply, at least, is pretty much useless as an economic and prosperity indicator, in my opinion. Of course, the boomers, lolbertarians, liberals, neoliberals, classical liberals, conservacucks and others on the economic right swear by the Holy GDP being the only indicator that matters (or the only thing that matters at all, apart from maybe the stock market, prices on which are also heavily dependent on the money supply but are never actually compared to it), but only when it's not normalised to the money supply. Cause then it might actually be useful and informative and might actually show economic contraction is occurring.

I think there are better indicators than even GDP normalised to the m3 money supply, such as energy production and consumption (even that can be partly misleading due to differences in the energy efficiency of housing, home appliances, cars), rate of car and home ownership, tons of steel manufactured or recycled per year, tons of fuel of various types consumed per year and others.

Very few people know or understand that allowing consumer loans in foreign currencies within your borders weakens them against your own currency within your borders. This is because all bank loans are currency creation and by allowing loans in foreign currencies within your borders, you are allowing endogenous creation of foreign currency reserves which didn't enter your country as payments for your exports. Thereby making foreign currencies cheaper in your country than they ought to be. Thereby driving down the exchange rates for them. Thereby making imports which must be paid in said foreign currencies cheaper than the ought to be, in your country.

Which, of course, is a hidden subsidisation of imports into your country. Which, of course, causes:

  1. your country to become de-industrialised,
  2. the service sector to become the only place people can still find employment
  3. unemployment to rise.
  4. life expectancy and living standards to drop.
  5. population flight.
  6. birth rates to plummet.
  7. abortion rates, infant mortality to skyrocket.
  8. massive inflation, most visible in real-estate prices, which are also a fan favourite for being paid for using bank loans, which are themselves usually awarded in foreign currencies in countries which allow consumer loans in foreign currencies and start this entire train wreck to begin with.

This is the recipe which was applied to my own country, Romania.

It all starts with free trade and free lending (allowing consumer loans in foreign currencies within your borders). Loans in foreign currencies should only ever be allowed for the funding of the import of means of production and manufacturing or design technology. Never consumer goods, real-estate or end products.

The economic right is full of useful idiots and traitors. And there are a lot of them.

  1. SonyAD June 06, 2021 1:44 PM

Also, the reason the US has had a negative trade balance since the 70s, and has been able to sustain it for that long without consumer loans in foreign currencies within its borders (that I know of, maybe I'm just ignorant but I don't think that's a thing in the United States) is the getting other countries to demand dollars for their oil exports and also for conducting international trade between themselves as well, in addition to conducting trade with the US in USD.

What this does is create artificial demand for the USD, demand which does not need to come from demand for US exports combined with the need to pay for said goods and services using USD, but can come from the demand for other countries' exports combined with the need for USD with which to pay for said goods and services.

The US has been sustaining its 50 years old negative trade balance by parasitizing the rest of the world economy. Which it did by 'convincing' or coercing other countries to demand USD as payment for their own exports, as if they were exports of the US economy, instead of demanding payment in their own national currency.

People and countries which threatened to jeopardise this arrangement, or dared consider selling their oil or other exports for euros or gold or anything other than USD quickly found themselves on the wrong end of the US military industrial complex.

No one can be allowed to be seen to have given up the USD for payment for its exports without very dire, very unpleasant, very deleterious consequences, lest a very dangerous precedent be set: that the US now allows countries to throw off the US currency yoke on their exports without utterly destroying them.

It's fear of the US MIC that keeps this system in place. And it's a bad system for everyone, including the US. Because it means deindustrialisation, unemployment, an over bloated service sector and a monstrously over bloated and parasitical financial sector, loss of diversity and robustness in the economy etc.

The longer a negative trade balance is maintained artificially, the harder and more painful it is to finally give up. Because the more de-industrialised and dependent on imports you become.

Which brings us to present day and the massive inflation of the USD money supply by the US banking system. Which I suspect to be an attempt to soften the transition away from a massively subsidised negative trade balance. Inflating the US money supply in the US at massive rates, faster than can be absorbed or compensated for by other countries' positive trade balances, means that imports will gradually start to become more and more prohibitive, even with the USD still being the reserve currency and the currency for most international trade.

Which, theoretically, should start to result in the gradual re-industrialisation of the US. However, having kept Trump's tariffs in place would have been much more helpful than attempting to do this only through debasing the currency as fast as possible.

[2021-06-07 Mon 23:47]

Hajnal Aryan altruism | pathological vs multiracial | force cultures

𝐇𝖎𝖘 𝐑𝖔𝒚𝖆𝖑 𝐌𝖆𝖏𝖊𝖘𝖙𝒚 𝖔𝖋 𝐖𝖍𝖎𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖊𝖘𝖘
May 15

The Achilles' Heel of Western Whites is being too nice to groups that not only have no intention of reciprocating, but are incapable of even understanding the gesture.

Most of the earth is composed of those who only understand conquering or being conquered. In their world the only reason to be nice to someone is because you fear them.

Qtards are still retarded | housewife doxxed as pedophile for cooking a pizza | Gab@lovelymiss


Some rando lady on here posted a pic of her kid & at some other point in time posted a pizza she made in the fuckin food group or whatever & so all these Q fucks decided she was a “satanic pedophile” & doxed the fuck out of the kid & reported the family to the feds for pedophila

[2021-06-08 Tue 13:09]

lad actor sodomized longterm by Hollywood producer | Anthony Edwards by Gary Goddard | ga.w

The star of E.R., and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Anthony Edwards blows the lid on Hollywood! Anthony Edwards explains what happened to him when he was a young actor of only 12 years old… and look what's become of the man who he says molested him… You will be horrified… As Q said in Q Post #41

Dr. Li-Ming Yan’s Husband Quietly Entered the United States in March | gnews | sent as assassin?

Dr. Li-Ming Yan’s Husband Quietly Entered the United States in March
JoJoTorMapleLeafs1 hour ago

A large number of websites went down on Tuesday morning after an outage at the cloud computing services provider Fastly. Everyone from Amazon to the New York Times to the White House was affected.

On Monday, the U.S. Justice Department said that it had recouped about half of the $4.4 million ransom paid last month by U.S. pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline to a group of Russian hackers after tracing and recovering 64 of the 75 Bitcoins used for the transaction.

It’s amazing that US technology is now capable of recapturing bitcoins. Mr. Lu De believes that the digital yuan used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to counteract the U.S. dollar will become like a wastepaper. If the U.S. law considers the currency to be illegal or used for money laundering, the U.S. government will do whatever it can to deal with it, whether it is fiat or digital currency.
Mr. Lu De shared his personal opinion on the show. He believes that bitcoin will definitely fall again as more holders will take notice of the news and sell off. But as long as bitcoin doesn’t become a vehicle for money laundering, it won’t be zeroed out.
WHO adviser and former aide to President Joe Biden Jamie Metzl said on Fox News that the problem the U.S. faced is not WHO or not even Dr. Fauci but the CCP.

In the U.S., when the left and the right disagree and argue in the media, it must lead to a national debate. Then it will achieve the effect of spreading the word. By contrast, in Communist China, there is only one voice for everything, and no one pays attention to it at all.
Col. Lawrence Sellin: “Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s husband has secretly entered the U.S. What is he doing here? Who arranged for him to work in the U.S.? Is he acting as a CCP agent? Does his presence in the U.S. present a danger to Dr. Yan? We should double our efforts to identify his location in the U.S.”

In his previous tweet deleted by Twitter, Col. Sellin stated that Dr. Yan’s husband quietly entered the U.S. this March with an H-1B visa.
Dr. Yan’s husband must have had some U.S. organization help him get his H-1B visa.
And what was the purpose of his coming to America? What has he done in the past three months?
Dr. Yan’s husband, Dr. Ranawaka A.P.M. Perera, is the other central figure in creating the CCP virus in addition to Dr. Malik Peiris.
Col. Sellin is now making this public to warn him that the United States is aware of his every move and to see if he will cooperate with the U.S. government to save humanity.

[2021-06-09 Wed 11:20]

my notes

Her murderous Indian husband. He may be sent as an assassin.
[2021-06-09 Wed 11:20]

【G Times】 US military plane lands in Taiwan, how does CCP handle this PR crisis? | gnews

【G Times】 US military plane lands in Taiwan, how does CCP handle this PR crisis?
GISELLE17 hours ago
Author/Picture Design: Giselle

On June 6, three U.S. senators arrived in Taiwan on a U.S. Airforce C17 cargo plane and were received by President Tsai Ing-wen. They were described as the highest profile Taiwan-U.S. posture since the severance of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States.

This visit to Taiwan has 3 key features:

1.June 6 is the day when Allied forces landed in Normandy in 1944. The American politicians chose this date to visit Taiwan. Does this symbolise the beginning of a turning point in the situation across the Taiwan Strait?
2.Albeit the three congressmen visited Taiwan for just a few hours, but then, since the break in diplomatic ties between Taiwan and the United States in 1979, there were very few U.S. military planes taking off and landing in Taiwan, and there has never been three congressmen flying into Taiwan on the same military plane, on an official visit.
3.The C17 military aircraft has a maximum load of 77.5 tons. Why did the United States deploy such a heavy transport aircraft to send three senators to Taiwan?
Among the members who visited Taiwan this time, Sullivan and Duckworth are both members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, while Coons is a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee.

Military, diplomacy, military aircraft… There is no doubt that the United States has declared its resolve to defend Taiwan.

The CCP’s Crisis Public Relations: Misleading + Lying

The United States sent three high-profile senators to Taiwan this time and brutally hit CCP with a checkmate. Whereas the CCP, whilst pushed and squeezed to the ground, won’t even dare to try the wolf warrior diplomacy stunt, but could only comfort the suckers behind the wall : Don’t panic, the power is still in our hands…

[2021-06-09 Wed 11:26]

【Video】Five Ways of Ruling the People in Modern China | gnews | Shang Yang's 5 ways, guided Qin Dynasty

【Video】Five Ways of Ruling the People in Modern China
旧金山金喜农场 Himalaya San Francisco Golden Farm17 hours ago
Author: Bluebear Video Script: Mas

The five techniques which CCP uses for controlling its 1.4 billion Chinese people: (1) Fooling them; (2) Weakening them; (3) Tiring them; (4) Humiliating them; (5) Impoverishing the People.

Editor’s comment: These five strategies were originally invented by Shang Yang, a politician before Qin Dynasty ( about BC395~BC338) ancient China. In his “Book of Shang Jun”, he put forward the five strategies on how to effectively rule the people. In modern China, the Chinese Communist Party, applies the five strategies with some new formats such as building firewalls to prevent its people from obtaining the truth, years of endless brainwashing education to inject people with Marxism, Maoism, and other communist ideas; using authoritarian violence to control the wealth of the people, to make the people running around for their livelihoods, exhausted, and worry about their own safety and the safety of their families.

The Book of Lord Shang (Shang Jun Shu) is a controversial text that was an ancient Chinese doctrine from the 3rd century B.C. The author, Lord Shang, or Shang Yang, was a thinker of developing strategies to absolutely control over people and designing tyrannical punishments in the Warring States Period. He was also the mastermind behind the rise of state of Qin that he assisted Qin to conquer all feudal states. Finally the emperor Qin united the country for the first time and became the Qin Dynasty in China.

By manipulating the root of human ethics with an ideology on centralized total powers, Lord Shang illustrated a power of coercion by introducing land reforms, standardization, peasant workforce management, and implementing new military’s ranks of merit, taxation and legal system. During the warring period, the ancient Chinese people had instinctual beliefs to look up to a Heavenly Power in pursuing peace and prosperity. Thus Lord Shang’s ways of ruling people became irreversible norms by emphasizing that if any ruler wanted to rule “All-under-Heaven”, he first should rule the people. Using physical coercive enforcement, psychological and emotional manipulation and control, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continuously adopts these dreadfully strategies to control over people and decline individual freedom. The CCP strives to consolidate its ultimate power through the following ways:

Fooling the People (Unification of People)

Finally, the Book of Lord Shang brings the most controversial way at the end that the ruler should kill those who cannot be submissive through the FIVE WAYS. Today, the CCP’s ruling in China is built upon enforcing authoritarian policies and centralizing political powers to control the people in all aspects of life. Under the CCP’s totalitarian threats, people would become defenseless, law-abiding and controllable. The CCP employs oppressive and authoritarian mechanisms to horrifically exploit people. For example, Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang and other ethnic religious minorities are suffering from the CCP’s crimes against humanity and genocide. The lasting influence of “Five Ways of Ruling the People” in the Book of Lord Shang, such as “absolute authority and submissive obedience,” becomes the core value to promote political stability through means of authoritarianism in Communist China. The questions remain: When will the people awaken from the abusive socio-political numbness? To what extent people will challenge the tyrannical monarchic ways of ruling under the CCP?

[2021-06-09 Wed 11:29]

【CCP China Jokes】Yama, vehicle | bleak, funny, translated

【CCP China Jokes】When Yama Met the CCP Virus

Oh that's bleak! You might have to think a bit to understand all the insinuations.
[2021-06-09 Wed 11:30]

【CCP China Jokes】The Abandoned Vehicle

Simple, but I laughed.
[2021-06-10 Thu 02:16]

15yo negress who manslaughtered Muslim Uber driver during carjacking gets "maximum" of 6 years juvie, kek

Judge Gives 15-Year-Old Girl Maximum Sentence for ‘Unthinkable’ Carjacking Murder of Uber Eats Driver Mohammad Anwar

6 years in juvie, what a joke.
[2021-06-09 Wed 11:46]

Ivermectin counters mRNA unvax

AC> Ivermectin appears to bind to both the COVID spike protein docking site, and the ACE2 receptor docking site on the cell, blocking the two from meeting and binding, meaning it shields cells from the virus, and maybe the vaccine as well.
[2021-06-09 Wed 12:16]

Trump | petrodollar civnat | bashes Bitcoin | Bitcoin doomed?

Trump> Bitcoin, it just seems like a scam … I don’t like it because it is another currency competing against the dollar. Essentially, it is a currency competing against the dollar. I want the dollar to be the currency of the world, that’s what I’ve always said.

Ok Boomer.

So he's a kiked civnat and a dollar imperialist. At least he's competent and honorable.

Bitcoin looks too centralized to survive USG+CCP enmity, right?
[2021-06-09 Wed 12:23]

The Alpha weakness | VD@ | blames Trump's vanity for not censuring Zuckerberg | I rebut | censored

The Alpha weakness

Vox has repeatedly berated Trump for not suppressing Big Social, attributing it to Trump's personal failings. In reality, VD's myopia is to blame. He doesn't understand that Trump attempting to do so would have been at best a Pyrrhic victory. Trump's RINO-infested first term was a sting to avoid the otherwise devastating consequences of going off half-cocked, while the bipartisan Cabal+Cathedral had America in a headlock (and brainlock).

There was no reason and no need to fight a Civil War 2 with the lunatic atrocity-Cabal. Exposure of the truth and application of the law is sufficient, along with a SpecOps global shadow war. COVID19 upped the ante, but Trump couldn't control insane ChiCom imperialist overreach, and he deserves credit for making the PLA go off half-cocked, giving the US thalassocracy some much-needed breathing room in the Pacific theater. Nobody realizes it now, but COVID19 has to be the bigliest example of Trump Derangement Syndrome. The man truly is a curse to his enemies.

Anyway, Zuckerberg will likely fall on such epic election-rigging, pandemic-promoting treason charges that it will free the Boomer mind, a thing seemingly impossible in senescence, achievable only by literally muzzling those mouthy morons, and penning them indoors like the compliant cattle they are. Kek.

The role of the alpha is to pace and lead the pack, even while his mind is miles ahead. That's why Trump learned to talk in hypnotic high-schooler. Trump highlights Zuck's flattery to portray him as a disingenuous suckup traitor. That is an alpha move. Meanwhile, Trump has floated the previously unthinkable – banning Facebook nationally. What are the libs gonna do, say Nigeria isn't a serious country? It's because they're niggers, right?

Trump does all this while feigning he's a sentimental old fool who's swayed by friendly flattery over substance, so the rubes feel superior while they consider dumping that sneaky Zuck fuck, instead of remembering that they blindly trusted Facebook for years like sheep, and therefore Facebook must be a trustworthy utility like the NYT. What a simple guy, Trump.
[2021-06-10 Thu 00:12]

update: VP censored my comment, as usual. They're crowing about what a fool Trump was for believing Zuck's flattery. The joke is on them. Trump frequently includes in his denunciations a description of how the traitor fawned on him before betraying. It's highly effective, which is why the Nimble Navigator does it. VP fools have no clue that this is a trademark Trump move. [2021-06-10 Thu 12:13]

how to distinguish sigma from gamma | praise him directly | affects happiness? | VD@

  1. VD

June 09, 2021 9:18 AM

Something the King and the Secret King share.

Bingo. One easy way to distinguish between the Gamma and the Sigma is to praise him to his face. Does he beam and start offering an explanation of how he did whatever it was that was the basis for the praise?

Or does he look at you as if you just farted and change the subject?

Nate | Trump doesn't care about mission or followers. | fool

  1. Nate

June 09, 2021 9:46 AM

There are two things that are important to every great leader… the mission… and the welfare of the people he leads. Trump proved he doesnt actually care about either.

when are gammas useful? | SME or gamma field | VD@

  1. VD

June 09, 2021 11:01 AM

When would a Gamma be good or beneficial?

When you need a subject matter expert. Or when you need something produced by a field that is predominantly made up of Gammas.

You're not going to do much in the field of entertainment if you don't know how to deal with Gammas.

[2021-06-10 Thu 00:28]

VP censorship now total?

I read ?today that Ivermectin stops the spike protein from binding, so that's definitely the drug to take long term after getting the unvaxx.

posted to http://voxday.blogspot.com/2021/06/nemesis.html
[2021-06-10 Thu 00:32]

censored. banned?
[2021-06-10 Thu 16:40]

AC's comments: good engagement with my littlebook news. excellent! | traffic stats

Each news post gets 20-30 visits, mostly from AC's, although I also seem to have regulars now.

By contrast, a blog post might get hundreds, mostly from DuckDuckGo. But those take too much effort. I just want to share my thoughts, this isn't deliberate blogging.

Metrics from AddThis, so grain of salt.
[2021-06-10 Thu 11:31]

USA won WW2; America lost | Commie NWO takeover | Aryan reconquista how-to

The America looks like she lost a war because she did. The war she lost was WW1-2, she lost it to FDR's Commie kikes, and the winner was the US thalassocracy, enforcer of UN NWO. Boomers received the petrodollar postwar riches, in return for which they willingly sold everything left of America to the Commie globalists, leaving Millennials and Zoomers with nothing but WW3: Reconquista del Norteamerica.

The solution is to first execute the Boomer race traitors, then any younger race traitors who remain unrepentant. Then ethnically cleanse any non-Aryans who haven't gotten the hint.

Then hunt down the children of Aryans who received a reproductive benefit from race treason. At minimum they should be expelled from Aryan lands to prevent genetic selection for race traitors; at maximum executed.

This can't be done yet, so get multiple income streams, expatriate, get off the USD, go crypto and prepare to support Aryas during a global race war.

It's pointless to get caught in the preliminary conflict between degenerate Democrat Communists and conservative civnat Republican Communists. Obviously Aryanists won't be fighting degenerate tranny nigger battalions in WW3. The moonbat Left is merely a distraction. The real enemy looks like Trump, 20 years from now, with a 95 IQ half-white low-nigger USMIL.
[2021-06-10 Thu 13:50]

why STEM nerds now effeminate | Discord@Fox@ Fox, 111

Fox — Today at 8:13 AM
Why are so many STEM people total faggots?
I mean literally possessing only the 1% remaining masculinity required for their dicks to not fall off.
111111111111111111111111111111 — Today at 8:23 AM
among the soyboy redditor rick and morty viewer genotype, who in other cultural circumstances would be sycophants to another self righteous and petty ideology, currently and correctly see that STEM is what the 'cool people' go into. they want praise and attention, and STEM is the only domain where they, with stunted genetics, can out perform others through pure concentrated bitch energy.
Fox — Today at 10:09 AM
And since STEM has been dumbed-down and streamlined into programs perfectly edible for midwits, they can succeed without any trace of the traits that were once required for working in that domain.
Fox — Today at 10:18 AM
In the 16th and 17th centuries, you had to basically be a genius to become a mathematician or a scientist. That threshold was lowered to merely highly talented in the course of the 19th century, with education becoming far more widespread. In the 20th century, "big science" arose, universities sprouted everywhere, and the age of the mass-produced scientist began.
Fox — Today at 10:29 AM
People who think it's an improvement are thinking of innovation as if it were a concrete product - 1 scientist produces 2 beakers per turn, as in Civ.
If you want more beakers, you need more scientists, it's as clear as "brawndo's got electrolytes".

[2021-06-10 Thu 14:27]

[2021-06-10 Thu 14:27]

Black light shone on AZ ballot manifests what appears to be watermarks. | ga.w

Black light shone on AZ ballot manifests what appears to be watermarks. How many more conspiracies do we get to prove true this month? WinsAnon is gonna have is work cut out for him with all the winning we're doing.
[2021-06-10 Thu 14:54]

Biden's Twitter pushes unvaxx for kids via variant virus lies | ga.w

And Biden just keeps on lying…Looks like Panic to me…

Pushing the unvaxx hard to kids.
[2021-06-10 Thu 14:55]

COVID19 | New Study CONFIRMS Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Damage Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process | thegatewaypundit.com

COLLATERAL DAMAGE: New Study CONFIRMS Trump Was Right – And Fauci, Democrats, Media, Tech Giants, etc. Lied About HCQ and AZM to Damage Trump and MURDERED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS in Process
[2021-06-10 Thu 14:56]

India Bar Association serves legal notice on WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan for lying about Ivermectin effectiveness against COVID-19 | ga.w

India Bar Association serves legal notice on WHO Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan for lying about Ivermectin effectiveness against COVID-19
[2021-06-10 Thu 14:58]

[Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step-by-Step Tweets Show the Truth About the CCP Virus—35th in Series | gnews | CCP lies to deny Zhoushan COVID19 parent

[Headline News] Dr. Sellin’s Step-by-Step Tweets Show the Truth About the CCP Virus—35th in Series
纽约香草山MOS012 hours ago
Author: MOS Information Group 6zero4

Translator: MOS Translate Group Lizzy

Dr. Sellin’s six consecutive Tweets on June 3rd, 2021:

Dr. Sellin continues to work day in and day out to uncover the truth about the COVID-19 virus, and to move the truth forward under the world spotlight. He was constantly interviewed by various media, and continued to elaborate on the Fauci emails, function acquisition research, the CCP’s biological weapons, Covid-19, the PLA’s full penetration into the U.S. biological laboratory, the Pentagon’s Department of Defense and University’s Virus Research Center, and how Fauci led the American scientific community to cover up the truth about the Covid-19 laboratory origin.

As Dr. Yan said, the massive contents of the Fauci emails disclosed support the view that Dr. Yan has always insisted upon: Covid-19 is a kind of overrun biological weapon, which is the irrefutable proof that Fauci covers up the truth of the virus! As a result of Dr. Yan’s courage in revealing the true lab origin of Covid-19 and the nature of biological weapons, and her immortal contribution to saving human from being destroyed by the CCP virus, Dr. Selling proposed to nominate Dr. Yan as a Nobel Peace Prize candidate.

Researchers at PLA Southern Medical University knew as early as February 2020, right in the beginning of epidemic, that COVID-19 could not have evolved from RaTG13, but that there was a clear pathway of evolution from the Zhoushan bat virus ZC45. However, CCP scientists such as Zhengli Shi, “Batgirl,” insisted that RaTG13 was the origin of COVID-19 from “Yunnan Cave.”

[2021-06-10 Thu 15:03]

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Speech at the First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China | gnews | overview of the info war's phases

Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s Speech at the First Anniversary of the New Federal State of China
纽约香草山MOS023 hours ago
Collated by MOS Translation Group – Wenya621

On 4 June 2021, Dr. Li-Meng Yan gave a very energetic and fascinating speech at the first anniversary of the New Federal State of China. She told us how the Chinese Communist Party covered up and lied to the whole world about COVID-19 and showed us the ins and outs of the virus. She warned the whole world that if the Chinese Communist Party is not eliminated, our entire mankind will lose our future, our next generation, our security, and everything in between. I believe this wonderful speech is not to be missed by every one of you.

Picture from gtv.org
Here is the full speech.

I am so happy tonight we can gather here celebrating the first year anniversary of our New Federal State of China. It is not just an event for an anniversary, actually for our Chinese people. We know how tough, how difficult. We have to overcome numerous difficulties. We face life threats and finally, we can push the Whistleblow Moment and we can make China(CCP) government, the Chinese Communist Party, and even the Chinese Military scared of us because we reveal the truth to the world which they want to block, which they want to suppress, and which they want to cover up and even take over the word.

We, Chinese people, are smart, we Chinese people work hard, we Chinese people are very honest, we are the good people. But China (CCP) government tries to tell the world we are someone who are not honest, we are someone cunning, and we are someone rude and we are someone who can not get along very well with the western civilization.

No. Now we use our actions to tell people they are wrong. And we are going to remove this Chinese Communist Party regime and its Communism etiology. We will tell the world we Chinese people can work very well with the western people, with the western culture, with the western civilization and also combine with our virtues from our Chinese culture.

We won’t tell the world that we are brave people, we use our actions to show the world we dare to stand out. And now we dare to tell the world the truth, especially during a historical pandemic. We tell the world that the virus, COVID-19 virus, comes from the lab in Wuhan. It was created by the Chinese Communist Party regime and also China (CCP) military scientists together with their colleagues overseas and then got alone with scientific misinformation campaign internationally involved Dr, Fauci, CDC in U.S., Lancet, Nature magazine, WHO. Even yesterday, the NIH director Francis Collins was talking on FOX News, said he still thinks bioweapon is a conspiracy, he still thinks that is from some nature virus, maybe somehow the bat flies into the lab and then jump out, so still that is nothing about Chinese (CCP) unrestricted bioweapon. He still called that “conspiracy”. Now even the emails revealed that what I told Mr. Lude and what Mr. Lude delivered to the world, what our Whistleblow Moment people try to tell the world from last January that these are the people who work with the Chinese Communist Party. They are using misinformation, using lies, and denials. They try to cover up the fact that China (CCP) government spend years, spend money, and try to look for good materials. Later they are successful and then they make the novel nontraditional bioweapon and then later they intentionally released it out of the lab in Wuhan to the innocent people, make them become the first victims in the world.

China (CCP) tries to disappear us, not only from physics but also to silent us. Once you are treated as nuts, you are treated as liars, once they ruin your reputations, your words can not be heard, that is also another type of silence. So, we need to fight and stand out bravely, and tell people: You (CCP) cannot win! We are winning.

One more word: No vaccine passport! We need safe vaccines, and vaccines cannot overcome biowarfare.


First Anniversary of New Federal State of China (9:35:00-9:54:00)


Great speech, and an informative overview of the info war's phases.
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:14]

Dr.Richard Fleming Section of Canadian Political Life Show No.16 June 7,2021 | gnews | COVID19 treatment advice, 97% success

Dr.Richard Fleming Section of Canadian Political Life Show No.16 June 7,2021
加拿大多倫多楓葉農場 Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf3 hours ago
Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 平民正道

Dr. Richard Fleming has made available on the internet the documentation of over 30 years of medical practice, which includes results and clinical trial data on the CCP virus. This is a very good scientific and simple teaching material. It is touching that he has taken his research and selflessly given it to the world. The important point is that all his data are from real clinical data. He derived experimental data from the whole 1800 patients infected with the CCP virus, gave many treatments and saved many patients. He had a 97% success rate in saving lives, the most important drug being hydroxychloroquine. This doctor revealed the truth about the New Coronavirus like an angel. He made a huge contribution to mankind by bravely speaking out with a lot of data.

The chart shows that his patients are located in 7 countries and that he used various drugs to treat his patients with the CCP virus. We can find out the drugs for the CCP virus. Dr. Fleming said that the CCP virus is not a terrible disease and that once we know how to prevent it and treat it at an early stage, death can be avoided. Another picture shows that the CCP virus is most likely to cause blood clots in patients, which can occur in the legs, the heart and the brain. The black clot is a blood clot.

The doctor also contributed a table of medications for the treatment of the CCP virus. Almost 100% of the symptoms were treated with his method for 3-4 days. Almost all of his protocols use hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin. The main mechanism of his control is to keep the thrombus from forming. Inflammation can form clots, and if you can control the inflammation in all organs you can control the CCP virus.

In his presentation, he also provided various aspects of prevention of the CCP virus in 5 ways.

The first one is the application of prescription drugs. There are hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and azithromycin, interferon and extensive use of hormonal therapies, etc. Another one he emphasized must improve the autoimmune system. He said don’t just use these drugs, we have our own immunity against viruses. Usually children with fever can heal themselves by drinking chicken soup, sleeping and taking a hot bath. Fever may produce immune virus in the child. Self-generated antibodies can fight against the production of thrombosis, avoid inflammation and allow itself to go to produce immune antibodies to the CCP virus. He strongly denied what many people say that there is no cure for the CCP virus. He said that you don’t have to die if you get the virus, we have a cure. We have the medicine and the actual clinical data to show you. He gave us ways to immune antibodies, such as eating more fruits with folic acid, supplementing with magnesium, calcium, zinc and anti-thrombotic vitamin C.

He also mentioned the respiratory system. He used nebulizer therapy to prevent respiratory infections and asthma medication in the clinical setting. He used intubation to replace the patient’s breathing in severe cases where he could not breathe. To replace breathing with a machine is to allow the machine to apply pressure to the cells and blood vessels of the body and to oxygenate the nerve endings. Usually intubation is done for about 2 weeks. Once the patient regains oxygenation, there is no need for further intubation.

Dr. Fleming has put the most profound truths into the simplest language and words. His medical approach is shared around the world. Other ways to boost your immune system are exercise and dietary supplements. It is often said that you are what you eat. Eating a healthy diet coupled with adequate sleep can boost the immune system.

Link of video


Good COVID19 treatment advice. 97% success rate, and that's with serious cases.
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:16]

[June 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st) | gnews | China weak, CCP will collapse?

[June 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)
喜联盟七哥盖特组 Miles Guo’s Getter10 hours ago
Translator: Himalaya Connecticut Pangu (USA) (DD)

Proofreader: Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf (Canada) (Liberte)
Getter Video link: [June 8, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (1st)

[June 8, 2021] Video translation

It is June 8th. Greetings, Dear fellow fighters. Oh, the lapel part of my suite has a little bit of dirt here.

I finished testifying in front of an Asian country last night and didn’t go to bed until after 5 am. I slept for an hour before testifying and lay down to sleep for more than two hours after testifying. Now I am getting ready for the next hearing. Fellow fighters, I have got many feelings and deep thoughts.

Now the CCP is being asked a lot of questions by countries and governments all over the world. They wondered: “did the CCP release the virus on purpose? Why did the CCP do that? How many people did the CCP want to kill? Why did it buy out PPE masks, medical supplies? How many people died in Wuhan? Why are there so many deaths in the US, India, Argentina, UK, Italy, and Taiwan? Why did the CCP sell vaccines so aggressively? What is the purpose of selling vaccines?”

We all understand these questions. Behind these questions are doubts. Is it still possible for the CCP to go back to three years ago, two years ago, or even one year ago? Is it still possible for the CCP to have confidence in the path, theory, system, and culture of socialism with Chinese characteristics? It’s impossible. Can the CCP still carry out its “buy, buy, buy” strategy, like a big spender using money to bribe everywhere? Impossible now, right?

As the intelligence chief of an Asian country said yesterday, a year ago he could not even imagine that the CCP’s economic, social, and political situation could become like this. He said that a year ago, he dared not imagine that the pandemic outbreak originated from the CCP, and that the CCP could manipulate the WHO. Why would you control the WHO if there is nothing to hide? The WHO might have become a Wu Han Organization. This is common sense. The documents provided by our general in Europe are the strongest evidence, the most powerful proof. Everybody is shocked.

That’s why there are complaints everywhere, only we know the real numbers. The banks are about to collapse. People have no way to make a living. We can see that Hong Kong is hopeless. Can mainland China become Hong Kong? It is impossible! All the young people know they have no hope, no future. The country is rapidly aging, going from extreme disappointment towards extreme despair. There is no future to look forward to except the NFSC.

Now a US military aircraft has arrived in Taiwan, who said that? Brother-7 said in 2018 that US forces would enter Taiwan. Next, the US military will quickly establish itself around Taiwan. Not only is the army entering Taiwan, but aircraft carriers will dock in Taiwan. Brother-7 said that first.

The US military will enter Taiwan and eventually declare Taiwan as a de facto sovereign and independent country. There is no need for the CCP to announce, no need to fight or bluff. The US military will declare it directly. The United States is accumulating great merit. If the United States declares Taiwan’s de facto independent and sends heavy military protection, the United States would be so great. The people of Taiwan will be saved. Otherwise, the people of Taiwan could enter battle and become victims of war. I hope that day will come, and we will work for it. Protect Taiwan, love Taiwan.

I must go now. I will see you later. I must post a Getter today with the bit of time I have. Otherwise, our fellow fighters will worry. Thank you all. Brother-7 is making money for you and fighting for you.


Enthusiastically predicting CCP's demise and China's weakness. Dubious, but interesting.
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:27]

Michigan audit | hack confirmed | big remote changes | patriots.win

🚨 WHEELS COMING OFF IN MICHIGAN 🚨 Election Hacking Confirmed. 🤨 "The changes to the results on Nov. 5 and Nov. 17 (and then published and certified on Nov. 21) were made REMOTELY by an ANONYMOUS user." 🧐 Unauthorized access … "We discovered 82% reversal rate of ballots." 🤯 Trump won by a lot. (media.patriots.win)
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:37]

South Carolina Jury Find Black Man Who Confessed to Killing White Man Not Guilty of Murder, Spend Less Than 2 Hrs In Deliberations | nigger juries ok with random murder | leave USA now

South Carolina Jury Find Black Man Who Confessed to Killing White Man Not Guilty of Murder, Spend Less Than 2 Hrs In Deliberations

Nigger jury acquits nigger murderer.

Get whitey.
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:43]

Burger King Donating to Pro-Child Sex-Change Group With Every New Chicken Sandwich Sold | kike CEO, nuff said

Burger King Donating to Pro-Child Sex-Change Group With Every New Chicken Sandwich Sold

Kike CEO.
[2021-06-10 Thu 15:44]

Woman with HIV carries Covid-19 infection for 216 days, develops 32 virus mutations inside her body. | destroy sodomites and subhumans or else

Woman with HIV carries Covid-19 infection for 216 days, develops 32 virus mutations inside her body.

Why sodomites should be exterminated: They're plague incubators.

Likewise, international competition should eliminate weakling races such as the sub-Saharans.
[2021-06-10 Thu 16:09]

Heidi Chakos (“The Crypto Girl”) Renounces Her US Citizenship | nomadcapitalist.com | why it's a good idea

Heidi Chakos (“The Crypto Girl”) Renounces Her US Citizenship
Andrew Henderson
Dateline: Belgrade, Serbia

Heidi Chakos is one of the top educators and influencers in the crypto space. She has helped thousands of people get started in Bitcoin with her company, Learning Crypto.

She also recently gave up her US citizenship and left the United States for good in search of a freer life with fewer regulations.

She describes life as a non-US citizen as “better than ever” and feels that the farther she is from US happenings, the better. This was made particularly obvious with the most recent presidential election, she felt “delightfully uninformed” about the chaos and heated debates and quite happy to be detached from it all.

Specifically, with her involvement in cryptocurrency, she could see early on that the US policies and attitudes – no matter which party was in control – were becoming more restrictive and less conducive to the growth of this new disruptive fintech.

So she got out.

The Process of Renouncing for Heidi Chakos

Heidi Chakos renounced her US citizenship in February of 2019.

In the end, renunciation is a personal decision and it’s hard to recommend because it has serious repercussions, especially if you have family in the US. But Heidi has found greater freedom elsewhere and renunciation was the best route to facilitate taking advantage of that.

It’s something to definitely pursue if you have been considering a life outside of the US, especially as a crypto investor.

[2021-06-10 Thu 16:11]

Escape from America: 18 Years and Counting, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review | English teacher, South America, China, Taiwan | race realist

Escape from America: 18 Years and Counting, by Linh Dinh - The Unz Review

I just interviewed an American who’d traveled for five years straight, but you have been outside the US for 18 years altogether. Why, first off, and how have you been able to sustain yourself? Was there no place you wanted to settle? Will you ever return to the US to live?

I had always wanted to travel and see the world. I liked the idea of learning new languages, meeting different people and experiencing life in other countries. So, with a degree in literature I decided to go to Latin America and teach English. I worked in several small Latin American countries. The contrast between life in the USA and Latin America was striking. I was in Caracas soon after the banking crisis there. Students at the school where I taught had come to class crying after losing their life savings; the whole country became impoverished. I recall one morning a teacher showing up late for work because the police had literally kidnapped him off the street, taken him downtown, put a bag of cocaine on the table and said, “If you don’t pay us $200, this belongs to you.” That happened to a couple different people I knew in different countries. It almost happened to me, once. The trick is to be polite but firm, not to give in. “Officer, you say my papers are not in order? Let me show you again the visa stamp.” They don’t want a scene. I also worked in Ecuador, when, after just months in power, President Abdalá Bucharam embezzled millions of US dollars, held a party celebrating his young nephew’s own first million working as customs officer, then put out a CD of himself singing his favorite songs, which looked like an incredibly stupid distraction tactic. To the Ecuadorian people’s credit, Bucaram’s antics sparked a mass popular uprising. My boss told me not to go outside during the protests, because they might turn violent, but I couldn’t resist. There were marches and chants, tires burning in the streets, Bucaram hung in effigy. The Ecuadorian Congress voted him out of power on the basis of mental instability, and he fled to Panama with tens of millions of dollars. I saw how in Ecuador and many other Latin American countries, people didn’t trust each other, there was a higher tolerance for dishonesty, the public services were dysfunctional, there was endemic corruption, bad medical care, public littering, not much in the way of intellectual culture, but a good dollop of crime, and no shortage of people blaming America for their countries’ screw-ups. I didn’t want the United States to become like that.

When I went back to the USA in the mid-90’s, I tried talking to people about the problem of mass illegal immigration from Latin America. Back then, immigration was still a taboo topic. Pat Buchanan hadn’t been able to get the Republican nomination in ’96. Republicans let themselves be convinced he couldn’t get elected. I mean the guy actually wanted to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, for Christ’s sakes! I still tried to persuade people that our immigration policies, especially mass illegal immigration from Latin America, were going to cause real problems. I remember having a conversation with a young woman who had just graduated from Duke University. She was smart, well-adjusted, and good-looking. After explaining to me that the USA was a white supremacist country, I thought: another one off the deep end. But later, I remember watching a TV news segment on “whiteness”. It featured a traumatized teenage white girl emerging from some struggle session, whimpering through her tears and snot, “I’ll never take advantage of my whiteness again!” I remember the moment. I was stunned. The virus was spreading. I didn’t understand why so few people appreciated the risk posed by this rising tide of anti-white sentiment mixed with poorly controlled mass immigration of people of color.

[2021-06-10 Thu 16:16]

Transcript: UFOs & National Security with Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program | washingtonpost.com | likes: nukes and water | maybe earthbound

AC> UFOs repeatedly ‘took offline’ US nuclear capabilities, ex-chief of Pentagon secret unit says. And yet when people in the Pentagon tried to investigate what they were, other strange cliques of Pentagon Officers desperately tried to stop them and shut down all investigation. Also, worth noting, in other countries they apparently activated the nukes, and prepared them for launch, presumably at us. That would seem important, and worthy of more media coverage, given it coming from Elizondo.
[2021-06-10 Thu 16:28]

AC's summary is unreliable. Source article:

Transcript: UFOs & National Security with Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program

Transcript: UFOs & National Security with Luis Elizondo, Former Director, Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program
Washington Post Live
MR. ELIZONDO: Jackie, it is my sincere pleasure to be with you and your audience today. Thank you very much for having me.

MS. ALEMANY: So, I want to take us back for a second and set the table for this conversation. How exactly did you get signed in the first place to investigate UFOs for the intelligence community?

MR. ELIZONDO: Well, Jackie, quite frankly, I was voluntold. In essence I had some–I guess some prerequisite experience that they were looking for. At the time, the organization was fairly new, and they were looking for someone to create a counterintelligence and security portfolio. And I guess because of some of my background running investigations, counterintelligence investigations, and some of my background in technology protection, specifically with aerospace systems, that probably, I suspect, was a fairly lucrative skillset that they were looking for to create this sub portfolio under AATIP. And that’s how I got into the program. I entered the program in 2008. I was asked by its director to come on board and establish this program, and then in 2010 was when I was asked to take over the effort.

MS. ALEMANY: And I’m sure many of you are well aware of this. If you are tuning in, you’ve probably watched the documentary that came out this year, "The Phenomenon." Senator Harry Reid, which this doc outlines, got the program funded. Did you brief him in Congress on these unexplained pilot sightings when you were running the program?

MR. ELIZONDO: Jackie, we provide many briefings, mostly through DOD and intelligence community leadership. That information was also provided to times to the staffers and of course our elected officials. It’s very important that when you’re working in a national security construct that you try to follow the chain of command as much as possible. So, a lot of my briefings were really to more senior level folks in the Department of Defense and within our intelligence architecture. But there were times, yes, that we were–we would be asked to brief other officials, particularly in the legislative branch and in the executive branch as well.

MS. ALEMANY: And right now, everyone in Washington and really a lot of people around this country are hotly anticipating this unclassified government report on aerial phenomena witnessed by Navy pilots. It’s expected to be delivered to the Senate Intelligence community by the director of national intelligence, hopefully by June 25th. The New York Times reported that senior administration officials who were briefed on the findings said that the unusual movements witnessed by pilots did not originate from American military or advanced U.S. government technology, but that’s really about the only conclusive finding that has been so far teased from the report. What do you think the likelihood that aerial phenomena are actually extraterrestrial spacecraft?

MR. ELIZONDO: Well, Jackie, that’s really the question, isn’t it? The bottom line is, up until very recently there were really only three possibilities of what this could be. And the first possibility is that it is some sort of secret U.S. tech that somehow, we have managed to keep secret even from ourselves for a long period of time. The second option is that it is some sort of foreign adversarial technology that has somehow managed to technology leapfrog ahead of our country despite having a fairly robust and comprehensive intelligence apparatus. And of course, the third option is something quite entirely different. It’s a different paradigm completely.

Now as of this week we now know through some of the discussions at senior-level leadership that this report has definitively stated once and for all that it’s not our technology. And that’s hugely important. For 30 years there has always been this undercurrent, if you will, these conspiracies that there was some sort of TR-3B program and some sort of a super special technology that has been implemented and we’ve been–just been very careless about it. And I think that argument was finally put to bed this week. So that really only leaves two other options, and that’s–again, it’s foreign adversarial or it’s something quite different. And I think we’re now beginning to learn, as we’ve heard from the director of national intelligence–and I can certainly tell you from my experience–that we’re pretty confident that it’s not Russian or Chinese technology, and there’s several reason for that that, if you like, I’m more than happy to go into.

MS. ALEMANY: Yeah, actually, could you go into that. I know you’ve explained it in previous interviews, but these sightings have happened for the past 70 years, and I know you’ve said before that you didn’t think it was possible for one of our foreign adversaries who have been helpful actually in providing information on this issue, would be capable of keeping something a secret for so long. Is that accurate?

MR. ELIZONDO: That’s precisely one of the counterarguments. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, as of today, we had an announcement by former Director of National Intelligence Ratcliffe who said this isn’t Russian technology. And as we know during Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall, there was this five-year romance period, if you will, between the United States and Russia where we began really sharing a lot of information. And a lot of their–ironically enough, a lot of their UFO information wound up in our hands, and it turns out that they were experiencing the exact same issues from a UFO or a UAP perspective that we were. So, if you look at really the timelines here, you know, it’s looking increasingly less likely that this is some sort of Russian technology.

So that really leaves China. And some of these reports, you’re absolutely correct, Jackie, they go back into the early 1950s, and even earlier. And so, what that says is that you have pilots, whether we’re describing what we call a white flying tic-tac or a white flying butane tank in the 1950s or a white flying lozenge, if you will–they’re all describing the exact same vehicle, craft, if you will, doing exactly the same thing, performing in ways well beyond our current capabilities.

And if you look at that from a–from a temporal perspective, from a time perspective, it simply doesn’t make sense that China back in 1950 would have this beyond next generation technology, mastered it, is able to fly at will anywhere it wants on the face of the planet, and the last 70 years, despite the billions of dollars we’ve put into our intelligence community infrastructure and architecture, it has–it has managed to evade us. In fact, China is a country that has stolen quite a bit–spends a lot of time stealing technology from us. And so, one has to ask the question that if really a country had this technology, would it be necessary to steal, you know, much more basic technology from another country. Furthermore, if you had this type of technology, you probably wouldn’t need to invest so much in military because you had this, if you will, checkmate type technology or capability where everything else now becomes obsolete.

And so, this goes to your last part of your question. So, I feel or do I believe this is, quote, “extraterrestrial”? Let me be very careful before I answer that by saying at the end of the day, Jackie, it doesn’t matter what I think or what I believe. What matters is what the data and the facts tell us. And from that perspective, it’s very important that–I’ve always–I had a very simple job, and that is to collect the truth and speak the truth. That’s it. Very much as an investigator, which I used to be. We applied the same level of rigor and methodologies we did at hunting terrorists and spies as we did in hunting UFOs. So, we really didn’t care what these were. We were just trying to get to the bottom of what they were. And so therein lies, if you will, a little bit of our approach. We were–we were very agnostic, if you will, or objective about this topic and tried to allow the facts to lead us down a certain path. And that is really what we’re doing today. What we’re realizing is that the facts are painting a far more compelling picture than what we thought. In this case, you, your audience, they’re the jury. So what matters is really what you think about this. And so, the hope here is that the U.S. government can provide the data and the evidence and information and then allow the American people to decide what we think this is about.

I think, if I may just digress for a moment here, you mentioned something very interesting that a lot of people want to talk about and say is this extraterrestrial. And I want to just if I can for just briefly delve into where we are with modern day science. We are human beings that a lot of now people in psychology refer to as cardio-social animals. It means we look at things in extremes because for the first nine months of our existence we were in our mother’s womb and we heard that binary heartbeat of our mother. And so, we tend to look at the life, if you will, in our universe in that binary way. It’s either good or it’s bad. It’s hot or cold, black or white, up and down, and that’s how we tend to judge things. But in reality, the universe and physics isn’t binary. It’s not binary at all. In fact, there’s all sorts of options and opportunities of what this could be.

So again, back to your question. Is it from here, or is it from out there? We don’t really know. In fact, there’s lots of other options on the table. It could be from–as I’ve said before, it could be from outer space, inner space, or the space in between. As we begin to learn what quantum physics is and we begin to understand our place here on this little planet, we begin to realize that there’s a lot of other options. We judge the universe in five fundamental senses, the ways that we perceive the universe, and that’s touch, taste, hear, smell, et cetera. And if you can’t–if you can’t use those senses to look at something or measure it, then we really can’t interact with it.

And yet we know the majority of the universe around us–99 percent of it, in fact–is not perceivable. There are right now Wi-Fi signals coursing through your body. There’s cosmic radiation coming in from the cosmos. There’s neutrinos coming in from the sun. There’s radar hitting you from the local airport. And yet these are all realities and you can’t interact with it because we just don’t have the tools to do so. Take a beautiful night sky, look at the stars, and you might say, wow, that’s really a pretty sky. But if you now take a radio telescope and look at that same spot in the sky, all of a sudden you begin to see things that you couldn’t see before. You see the ultraviolet, you see the infrared spectrum, you see nebula.

So, I guess my longwinded point to all this is that we must keep all options open. If we already know that 99 percent of the universe we cannot perceive or interact with, then there may be other options here. This may not necessarily be something from outer space. In fact, this could be something as natural to our very own planet as us, we’re just now at a point we’re beginning to technologically be able to interact and collect data. This could be something from under the oceans. This could be something from, yes, from outer space. We really don’t know. And this is why I think we really need to take a whole of government approach and look at this, because it is–day by day, it is seeming like more and more this conversation is shifting from a human technology–quite possibly, we don’t know for sure yet–but to something far more profound.

MS. ALEMANY: But as someone who is more steeped and in the know on the data and the facts, do you have any more narrow idea in that 99 percent of things that we are unaware of what this could be exactly?

MR. ELIZONDO: You know, through observations we are–we are quite convinced that we’re dealing with a technology that is multigenerational, several generations ahead of what we consider next generation technology, so what we would consider beyond next generation technology. Something that could be anywhere between 50 to 1,000 years ahead of us. And for us, I think it’s when you’re looking at the observations and these things, how they can outperform frankly anything that we have in our inventory and we’re pretty certain anything that our foreign adversaries have in their inventory, then, yes, obviously as human beings we tend to go down that rabbit hole of speculation.

I want to be very careful that I don’t offer my opinion in an unqualified manner. I’ve always stated this is exactly why we need a UAP taskforce. In fact, this is why we need a much bigger, whole of government enduring capability, because at the end of the day we don’t know what we’re dealing with. And frankly, all options have to be on the table until they’re no longer on the table.

I could offer you my opinion right now, but, Jackie, in all honesty it would probably be a bit of disservice because we frankly don’t have enough information yet. We’re just now getting to the point as a government, as a society that we are accepting the reality that this is real, whatever it is. I think–I think we need to do a little bit more. And so out of respect to you and your journalistic integrity and to your audience, I’m probably going to refrain from offering more of my opinion on that particular aspect only because the one thing I’ve learned in intelligence is you can be absolutely sure of something and still be absolutely wrong, and I don’t want to mislead anybody.

MS. ALEMANY: I’m going to be a little bit of a pest here, and I apologize for my desire for a more black and white answer.

MS. ALEMANY: But in common parlance, I guess, is that something that you would refer to as an alien or a time traveler. Is there any sort of way you could, you know, more specifically [audio distortion]?

MR. ELIZONDO: Sure, so, yeah, I’ve said before this is something–and I guess I may have just said it again–but that this could be something from outer space, inner space, or frankly the space in between. There’s a lot of options out there. This could be something that is extra hyper dimensional. Now I don’t mean extradimensional in a woo-woo sense. I mean, extradimensional in a quantum physics sense. We know that the universe is full of shortcuts and loopholes.

We know–so let me if I may backtrack for just a moment, it took the Renaissance to come to the point where we understand Newtonian physics. We understand what gravity looks like. We still don’t quite understand what it is yet, but we understand what it looks like, and we understand force equal mass times acceleration, and whatnot. So, we had these really elegant solutions for our observations of the–of the natural world. And then it took a couple hundred years, but along comes some cat with crazy hair we call Einstein who now introduces the notion of relativity. It kind of upends really science and turns it 180 degrees and says, well, actually there’s a thing called spacetime, and space and time are actually connected, and they’re also stretchable and compressible. And as bizarre as that may be, that is precisely what we’re seeing. And so, spacetime can be warped based upon mass or a lot of energy.

And then of course 40-some years ago we really start getting into this whole other paradigm of science, and it's quantum physics. And someone once described it as you have this box sitting on the ground, and in walks a dog, and all of a sudden two cats walk out. And as crazy as that may seem, that’s precisely what we’re seeing in these observations with quantum physics, proverbially speaking of course. So, it doesn’t make sense, and yet there’s this weird duality. Maybe the universe, the speed of light although may be the universal speed limit, there may be some shortcuts and offramps in our–in our–in this understanding of our universe.

So, we are–we are just now scratching the surface of understanding what type of science it may take to do what we are seeing with these vehicles. There’s five specific observables associated with these–with these UAPs, unidentified aerial phenomena, that really separate them from the rest of anything that we would consider terrestrial aircraft or manned aircraft or some type of human-based technology. And again, I want to be careful not to go too far out on the limb because that’s where the speculation starts, and that’s also where the danger starts, because we simply don’t know yet.

MS. ALEMANY: Well, and I guess the other key question here is what do you think the likelihood is that the U.S. government is actually going to confirm anything?

MR. ELIZONDO: Jackie, I think I lost you, but I’m going to go ahead and try to answer the best I can. I think you were asking me what the likelihood is of the U.S. government going ahead and confirming anything in this 180-day report. So let me see if I can go ahead and answer that. Hopefully that was your question because I seem to have lost signal.

So, the 180-day report is, first of all, not substantial enough time to do a comprehensive report. In fact, I’ve told people it takes longer to remodel a household kitchen sometimes than it does to conduct one of these 180-day reports.

Secondly, there’s the other issue here that we had COVID and this pandemic that kept a lot of people home for most of that time.

And then thirdly, I think if this turns out to be some sort of adversarial technology that has happened to leapfrog ahead of us for the last seven years, Jackie, we’re talking about one of the greatest intelligence failures this country has ever seen, probably eclipsing 9/11 by an order of magnitude. It took us nearly three years to come up with a 9/11 Commission report. If this turns out to be some sort of adversarial technology that did happen to technologically leapfrog us, 180 days I don’t think is going to be sufficient.

I think what we can expect the report to say is something like this. There are about 100 and some odd cases out there that are compelling enough that they are definitely displaying some sort of capability, technology that we don’t have. Secondly, we don’t know what these things are. We have no evidence to suggest that they are from outer space, but at the same time we have no evidence to suggest that they’re not. And so, this report will probably be a bit of a placeholder. The one thing we know for sure at this point is that it’s not U.S. secret technology. So that takes part of the 30-year argument that this is some sort of secret Air Force, if you will, weapon platform being tested. That’s now off the table. And so now we can focus more, I think, on the foreign adversarial perspective, or hopefully maybe something quite frankly sufficiently different than anything that we had–we had possibly considered before.

MS. ALEMANY: And when we’re actually talking about this as a national security threat or as a foreign adversarial threat as you just mentioned, you know, I think we need to talk about China here, which the United States government also views as a national security threat. And China is making big investments at the moment to identify extraterrestrial life as a part of their military mission. There’s discussion within the community about whether it’s better for us to lead the way with confirmation versus China doing so and possibly being dishonest about what they’ve found–essentially a new modern-day space race. Do you think, in your opinion, does it matter which national takes the lead on confirming the presence of extraterrestrial life and who gets to the bottom of this answer first?

MR. ELIZONDO: I think–well, you’re right, Jackie. And not only that, they’ve just announced they’ve established a new UAP taskforce similar to ours and they’re using artificial intelligence to do this. We also know that there’s a play by them to try to lead this conversation at the United Nations. That–for me, it’s a multifaceted question you’re asking me. There’s two parts of me, and I’m a little bit I guess you’d say schizophrenic about the response. There is the national security side of me that has said always we have these adversaries, these traditional adversaries, and they’re going to steal everything they can from us. We should–don’t trust them. Try to cooperate, but don’t trust them.

But then there’s the other side, which is the non-governmental side of me that tends to be a little bit more optimistic. And perhaps this is an opportunity for our countries, rather than to find disagreement, maybe to find some sort of common ground. Maybe this may be a new renaissance. Maybe this is an opportunity for our countries to work together on a common good that involves all of humanity. Maybe this is like we did in the Cold War where we started working with the Russians to, you know, this era of cooperation where we start meeting each other in space. I would certainly hope the latter is what happens, but I don’t know. You know, that’s a great question, because what I hope for may be different than what I expect. And that still needs to be reconciled. So, I don’t know if I answered your question appropriately, but that’s how I feel.

I would love nothing more than an opportunity to work with our adversaries, our conventional adversaries–Russia, China, let’s get everybody to the table. I believe this is a topic that involves all of humanity. I think it affects all of us equally and yet differently, depending on our philosophical, sociological and theological belief systems. So, I–you know, I guess maybe–maybe guess the kid in me wants this to be an opportunity for us to work together. But I also have a very realistic side, because I’ve seen what those countries are capable of doing, and you know, I–it would have to take a lot of trust for us to do that.

MS. ALEMANY: And several of these UFO sightings have been above secret nuclear weapons facilities. Almost every major nuclear power across the globe really has reported and declassified these sightings. You have talked extensively about the connection here, which might be helpful I think for some people to hear in advance of my next question, which is whether or not the U.S. government has considered utilizing nuclear-powered naval fleets to lure these kinds of things to further study them.

MR. ELIZONDO: Wow. So first of all, Jackie, thank you for asking such a thoughtful question. Obviously, you’ve done some homework. And I also want to, by the way, thank you as a journalist for following this topic, because I know there’s a lot of risk involved, and I also know there’s been traditionally a lot of stigma and taboo associated with it. So, I want to congratulate you for your courage and thank you and your audience for at least having this conversation.

But secondly, yes, that is–that is one of the concerns we have from a national security perspective, that there does seem to be some sort of congruency or some sort of intersection between these UAP or UFO sightings and our nuclear technology with nuclear propulsion, nuclear power generation, or nuclear weapons systems. Furthermore, those same observations have been seen overseas in other countries. They too have had the same incidents. So that tells us this is a global issue.

Now in this country we’ve had incidents where these UAPs have interfered and actually brought offline our nuclear capabilities. And I think to some they would probably say, well, that’s a sign that whatever this is, is something that is peaceful. But in the same context, we also have data suggesting that in other countries these things have interfered with their nuclear technology and actually turned them on, put them online. So that is equally, for me, just as concerning. I think that there is certainly at this point enough data to demonstrate there is an interest in our nuclear technology, a potential to even interfere with that nuclear technology. And when you look at all these naval ships out there–let’s take the Nimitz battle carrier fleet for example–in some cases you’re talking about a nuclear footprint probably bigger than most cities. You have a nuclear-powered carrier with aircraft on board that–and then you have nuclear-powered destroyers. You have nuclear-powered submarines, some of those with nuclear weapons on board, or nuclear–certainly nuclear capabilities. I’ll just say that. So, I think–I think, yeah, it shouldn’t be a surprise that maybe there is an increased interest in our capabilities as it relates to our nuclear technology. And the Navy is certainly not immune to that.

MR. ELIZONDO: Yeah, absolutely. And so, you know, I think the–there’s two–there’s two congruencies that we see. We see a–we see an interest in our nuclear capabilities, and then we have this really bizarre what–I don’t know if you call it an interest, but there seems to be a connection with water, and these things have a tendency to be seen in and around water, which kind of leads to one of the observables that we’ve had. There’s five distinct observables that set this technology, as I mentioned earlier, aside from everything we have in our inventory.

The first is hypersonic velocity. The ability to change directions instantly. And when I say instantly, I mean human beings can withstand about 9 g forces or some of our best aircraft can withstand about 16 Gs. These things are doing 3-, 4-, 600 Gs in midflight.

Then there’s hypersonic velocity. That is speeds that by definition are Mach 5 or above, very, very fast. We do have some technology. You mentioned Russian hypersonic and things like that. You know, there are technologies that can go that fast, but then again, you don’t expect a hypersonic aircraft to do a 90-degree turn. To put that into context, our SR-71 Blackbird when at 3,200 miles an hour wants to take a right-hand turn, it takes roughly half the state of Ohio to do it. You don’t expect it to just kind of do this. And that’s precisely what we’re seeing.

And then the third observable is a bit like cloaking. We call it low observability.

But the fourth observable is what we were talking about, and that is trans medium travel and water. The ability for an object to fly not only in our atmosphere, low and high altitudes, but also potentially in a vacuum environment like space and even underwater. Now we do have vehicles that can do that. We have, for example, a seaplane. A seaplane is a plane that can fly, and it can float on the water. But when you look at it, it’s neither really a very good aircraft or a boat because it’s a design compromise. And yet what we are seeing are objects that can operate in all these domains or all these environments, seemingly without any type of performance compromise.

And so why are we seeing these things around–in and around water is something that we’re really–we’re really kind of scratching our heads with, because we’ve seen these things. They’ve been recorded not only in our atmosphere but there’s data to suggest that they’ve also been tracked by some of our capabilities underwater as well and being able to perform in ways that frankly exceed anything that we know on the planet right now.

MS. ALEMANY: And, Lue, unfortunately we only have time for one more question. But I should make it clear to our viewers that you actually signed an NDA when you were working on this at the Pentagon. Is there any scenario that would cause you to break that NDA if you feel like, for example, this report obfuscates or peddles disinformation about what the findings actually are here?

MR. ELIZONDO: No, ma’am. I will now violate my non-disclosure agreement with the government. I still maintain a security clearance. And the reason is that not because it’s my loyalty to the government, because it’s my loyalty to the American people. That contract I signed those many years ago was a promise to the American people that I would never violate their trust, period. And I can’t violate their trust in order to gain their trust. It doesn’t work that way. So, what I’s going to continue to do is doing what I’m doing now and pushing for this disclosure, pushing for the information that I know to be true because I saw it and so did my colleagues, continue to have this conversation the way I can.

And I’ll tell you, if it looks like the Pentagon continues to obfuscate, I have made it clear before that there’s a possibility I would consider running for some sort of congressional office. I don’t want to do that. I’m not a politician. I don’t have the political savvy. But if I have to put my boots back on in order to make sure this conversation is had and ultimately allow the American people to have this conversation amongst themselves, then I will do what’s necessary short of violating my non-disclosure agreement and violating my trust with the American people.

MS. ALEMANY: Well, we hope you’ll come to us if and when you make that decision to run for office. Thank you so much for joining us today, Lue, and thanks for your work on all this.

MR. ELIZONDO: Jackie, thank you sincerely to you and your audience. You’ve been wonderful. Any time.

MS. ALEMANY: And everyone, I’m going to be back at 4:30 for a special program, Life After Vaccines: The Future of Travel and Live Events, with WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert and Kayak CEO Steve Hafner. Thanks for joining us.

[2021-06-10 Thu 19:38]

Excellent, fascinating. 100 solid incidents. Attraction to nuclear systems and water. No evidence of spacefaring.
[2021-06-10 Thu 19:38]

AC> Biden has chosen to slow-walk the closure of Guantanamo Bay after an initial push to appoint a Special Envoy and move quickly was rebuffed. | kek

AC> Biden has chosen to slow-walk the closure of Guantanamo Bay after an initial push to appoint a Special Envoy and move quickly was rebuffed.

[2021-06-10 Thu 16:30]

AC> Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers, as part of a strategy to force everyone to rent. | Fedbux madness

AC> Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers, as part of a strategy to force everyone to rent.

Fedbux madness.
[2021-06-10 Thu 16:31]

China suffers BSL leaks regularly

AC> China Covered Up A Separate Virus Leak From Different Chinese Lab At Same Time As COVID-19. Lets have the land of LiveLeak workplace surveillance videos of horrible deaths of employees due to shoddy safety practices open up a level four bioweapons lab. What is the worst that could happen?

Bombshell Report: China Covered Up A Separate Virus Leak From Different Chinese Lab At Same Time As COVID-19
a day ago 700 Views
in ,

A bombshell Reuters report has revealed evidence of an outbreak of a completely different virus from another Chinese bio-facility around the same time as COVID-19.

According to a 2020 Reuters reports, “Brucellosis, a bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms, infected more than 6,000 people in a single outbreak in northwestern China.”

The report noted that “Usually caused by contact with animals, the outbreak in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province, was due to a leak at a vaccine plant, according to Lanzhou’s health commission. People are still being treated at hospitals even though the outbreak happened a year ago.”

The outbreak was originally discovered in November 2019 when some students at the Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute tested positive for brucellosis, according to the article. According to the provincial health authorities, at least 181 persons at the institute had been sick by the end of December.”

“In July to August 2019, the bio-facility used expired disinfectants to make brucellosis vaccines, leaving the bacteria in its waste gas,” according to the report. Aerosols from the toxic gas floated downwind to the veterinary institute.”

While brucellosis has a low fatality rate, it can cause long-term symptoms such as chronic joint discomfort.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and intelligence reports indicating that personnel at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized with COVID symptoms in November 2019, with some of their family members also dying, this story is quite noteworthy.

While the two incidents are clearly unrelated, they demonstrate how lab leaks of potentially lethal diseases are prevalent in China due to inadequate safety regulations. It also reveals a trend of China’s apparent cover-ups.

Lab leaks have happened multiple times from such facilities in China, with SARS escaping twice from the Chinese Institute of Virology in Beijing in 2004, one year after its spread was brought under control.

Former FDA head Scott Gottlieb has also urged that “These kinds of lab leaks happen all the time.”

Gottlieb recently warned that “In China, the last six known outbreaks of SARS-1 have been out of labs, including the last known outbreak, which was a pretty extensive outbreak that China initially wouldn’t disclose that it came out of lab.”

Plagues are part of the plan.
[2021-06-10 Thu 19:43]

attacks on coalburners rise in UK

AC> The Sun does an investigation and finds a massive increase in people attacking others for interracial dating, from both sides. As K increases, all groups will begin to exhibit a drive to maintain in-grouping racially, and maintain more limited, traditional, K-selected heterosexual sexual preferences. I think it is hardwired in.
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AC's summary misleads again, it's specifically about coalburners.

UK nigger fatigue.

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