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  2. New tree, new woe. | The tree of woe is back! Cut down in its prime, it has regrown. | treeofwoe.substack.com | personal financial deplatforming of rightist thoughtcrime is automated
  3. Biden nominates Waco butcher to head ATF | Gab@Ghallagher297
  4. FEMA BUYS ASSAULT RIFLES FROM CHINA | December 29, 2020 | enemies of America
  5. Trump Indicts Dr. Fauci; Charged as Enemy Combatant | December 29, 2020 | sabotaged COVID19 response on Obama's orders
  6. Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism” | December 30, 2020 | pedestrian journalist suckered by clever, obvious disinfo
  7. Trump to Release “KRAKEN” on 6 January | January 1, 2021 | Kraken = Epstein | baiting the Jan 6 Trump trap
  8. Epstein is the “KRAKEN” | January 2, 2021 | testifying for full pardon | body double died in prison | signals Epstein will be at Jan 6 riots
  9. Pence Prepares to Flee Country | January 3, 2021 | Trump forewarned, expected Pence's Jan 6 betrayal
  10. Covid-19 FEMA CAMPS READY TO ROLL | January 3, 2021 | Similar style of detention actually deployed for Jan 6 arrestees in DC
  11. Trump Orders Military Tribunal for Brad Raffensperger | January 4, 2021 | patriot AG Rosen replaced traitor Barr
  12. It’s Prison for Pence! | January 6, 2021 | Trump gave Pence dire warning before betrayal
  13. Trump to Indict Zuckerberg, Dorsey | January 7, 2021 | Trump wants them executed; AG Rosen unsure how
  14. Pence Calls for Trump’s Arrest | January 8, 2021 | attempted coup | state secrets: ET life, 9/11 truth, COVID19 coverup
  15. Pelosi Nearly Sparks NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA | January 9, 2021 | closest miss ever? | Pelosi = Hillary lite
  16. Don't host in Germany: Court rules encrypted email provider Tutanota must monitor messages in blackmail case
  17. The self-licking napalm ice cream cone | "Is science having a stroke?" | CYarvin@ | why corrupt US scientific auto-conspiracy helped CCP make bioweapons
  18. vaxx deaths eugenic | biowarfare kill maskphobes too
  19. CDC Quietly Admits The Death Toll From COVID Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In The Last 20 Years COMBINED | en-volve.com
  20. CCP | brazen contempt for USA | easy suckers, ripped off for years | can't count own votes, much less trace a virus
  21. Moderna vaxx magnetized arm is real
  22. The Lost Generation 1966 to 1976 | gnews | Red Guards | uneducated | regret, troublemakers | jingoism returns
  23. Dr. Malik Peiris and Dr. Fauci Talk Regularly About the CCP Virus | gnews | Malik = father of COVID19
  24. Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology | Jan 15 2021 | from Trump's Presidential Office | lab culpability obvious
  25. [Headline News] CDC Changes Testing Thresholds to Support “Vaccine Effectiveness” | gnews | obvious fraud
  26. Evidence That Virus Is Man-Made “Piling Up Like a Mountain”, US Lawmakers Call for Investigation to Confirm | gnews | world agrees.
  27. Voice of an Ant on the Report «Ants in a Web» by Graphika Report | gnews | Prog target-acquisition "report" on Guo Wengui's network | defiant Chinese dissident answers | fighting CCP astroturf, influence, stasi
  28. What do WHO get from China to help promote pandemic across the world? | gnews | Dr. Limeng Yan video | shock and awe again
  29. Man in Pelosi’s Office Discusses Jail Conditions for January 6 Detainees | May 25, 2021 | amgreatness.com | Richard Barnett, 60, shepherds fellow abused MAGA prisoners
  30. He went down fast from a single stab with a knife | gunfreezone.net | nigger nails nigger in aorta
  31. If ET UFOs, why shy? | cuz demons fear God | Gab@CorneliusRye vs me

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New tree, new woe. | The tree of woe is back! Cut down in its prime, it has regrown. | treeofwoe.substack.com | personal financial deplatforming of rightist thoughtcrime is automated

New tree, new woe.
The tree of woe is back! Cut down in its prime, it has regrown.

To my surprise, my musings on the presidential election proved more popular than I ever expected. A lot more popular. They garnered me a lot of attention, to the point where virtually every Google search result for my name had to do with presidential election law. I was being re-tweeted by the president’s lawyer, invited to advise state senators, and asked to share my thoughts on talk radio. (I declined.)

It was so easy, actually, that a lot of algorithms started to take notice. On one e-commerce website where I was doing business, I suddenly was notified that my account was being shut down for violations of the terms of service. On another major e-commerce site, I was flagged by their “Trust and Safety Council” and blocked from being a user. Then I was denied a credit card from a major financial company - the first time ever in my life that’s happened, and at a time when my credit rating was at an all-time high. Nothing in my life had changed except that I was blogging.

Once is happenstance, and twice is coincidence, but three times is enemy action. I took the blog down and allowed my search results to fumigate. Voila, all was well again. The Trust and Safety Council smiled with approval, the credit card company sent me a letter inviting me to apply again, and my new account was approved.

The lesson here: In 2021, you publish controversial thoughts under your own name at your own peril. You will be noticed, and even if you’re not outright cancelled, our crypto-social-credit system will punish you.

[2021-05-27 Thu 12:35]

Biden nominates Waco butcher to head ATF | Gab@Ghallagher297


Nothing makes me fedpost harder than the fact that Biden is putting a war criminal and mass murderer in charge of the ATF. Tell that to every single one of your normie friends, send them this article.

This nomination is a warning to every state who dares to defy any of Bidens gun control orders "obey or watch helplessly as we massacre your citizens with automatic weapons and suffocate them with CS gas"


[2021-05-28 Fri 00:55]

FEMA BUYS ASSAULT RIFLES FROM CHINA | December 29, 2020 | enemies of America

December 29, 2020

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has signed a purchase agreement with Beijing-based weapon manufacturer Norinco that will deliver into the agency’s rapacious hands 5,000 CQ-A rifles, a clone of the M4A1 carbine used by U.S. military and various law enforcement agencies.

A FEMA source speaking under promise of anonymity said Acting Director Pete Gaynorbrokered the deal shortly after his predecessor, Brock Long, resigned amid allegations of financial misconduct. He asserts that Gaynor contacted Norinco manager Kum Hai, asking how long the nefarious arms company would take to produce and deliver 5,000 assault rifles. In addition to the carbines, Gaynor ordered for FEMA 250 NDM-86 sniper rifles, Chinese knockoffs of the legendary Russian Dragonuv. Norinco has promised delivery by March 31, 2020, our source said. China’s government approved an export license, and the U.S. State Department as well as Customs and Immigration Enforcement guaranteed the shipment will arrive unhindered at FEMA’s port of choice.

He admits he does not know why Gaynor circumvented normal firearms procurement channels to illicitly buy the Chinese-made weapons, especially since FEMA already has an enormous arsenal tucked away beneath Mount Weather, the agency’s primary base of operations since 1979.

But Gaynor’s bizarre and convoluted delivery instructions clearly show that FEMA wants nopublic mention or record of the arms sale. The agreement calls for the weapons to be placed in wooden shipping crates labeled as produce. The crates will be stacked aboard a Liberian-flagged freighter travelling from the Port of Shanghai to Miami. From there, FEMA intends to transport the firearms by rail to Mount Weather, where they will be stored until FEMA feels the time is right to mobilize against the citizenry.

Only recently has FEMA started buying munitions from sources abroad. In 2017, the agency bought guillotine blades from a Mexican metal fabrication plant and hundreds of liters of hydrogen cyanide gas from a Brazilian chemical manufacturer. Its last significant domestic purchase of guns or ammunition was in 2013—1.6 billion rounds of 5.56 and 9mm ammunition from Federal American Eagle and PMC, enough ammunition to sustain a hot war for 20+ years.

In recent years, the agency began clandestinely reaching out to overseas suppliers forweapons, ammo, and tactical gear, ostensibly to avoid paper trails; many overseas purchases, our source said, go unreported and are paid for with cash or gold, an unabashed departure from FEMA’s historical stance on the domestic purchase of firearms. The agency, our source said, continually makes purchases to upgrade and improve its armory, but the most recent, surreptitious acquisition marks a detestable epoch in its dark history—it is (to our knowledge) the first time FEMA brokered a weapons sale with a communist-controlled firearms conglomerate.

[2021-05-28 Fri 04:46]

Trump Indicts Dr. Fauci; Charged as Enemy Combatant | December 29, 2020 | sabotaged COVID19 response on Obama's orders

Trump Indicts Dr. Fauci; Charged as Enemy Combatant
December 29, 2020

The United States Justice Department, on behalf of President Donald J. Trump, has finalized a sealed indictment naming Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and member of the coronavirus taskforce, a traitor to America, according to a Washington sources familiar with the issue.

The indictment, which currently sits on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, charges Fauci with numerous high crimes and misdemeanors, many of which could see Fauci stripped of his medical license and deported to GITMO for the rest of his natural life. Those charges reportedly include treason, conspiring with the enemy, and fraud. Article 2 of Section 4 of the United States Constitution states: “The president, vice president and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

While Fauci is neither a politician nor a government official, he is a career civil servant and therefore can be charged with criminal malfeasance as is outlined in Article 2, Section 4.

Sources close to the Fauci probe said Trump became suspicious of Fauci’s intentions after reading Tweets linking the doctor to a “Deep State” coup designed to cripple his reelection campaign. These Tweets alleged Fauci and none other than Barack Hussein Obama had orchestrated a “hoax” to tank the economy, spelling doom for a president whose main presidential achievement was fostering an economic resurgence. The Tweets surmise the Coronavirus is a pretext for stripping Americans of the rights and freedoms they hold dear, and that Fauci wants to usher in a New World Order that would abolish the Constitution and replace U.S. leaders with United Nations personnel.

Fauci’s fishy behavior at coronavirus press briefings further fueled Trump’s suspicion. On March 20, Trump called the State Department the “Deep State Department.” Standing behind him, Fauci made a dismissive hand gesture, dropped his head, and rubbed his forehead.

“Trump took it as a personal slight. Trump doesn’t forgive or forget. He had his eye on Fauci, and Fauci’s actions helped confirm the president’s suspicions,” our source said.

Moreover, Fauci has been a frequent guest of CNN and MSNBC, networks that often criticize Trump’s pandemic response endeavors. He has used his status as one of America’s most notable physicians to directly contradict Trump’s messages.

The Tweets, combined with Fauci’s radical conduct, prompted Trump to direct the Justice Department to investigate the Fauci-Obama connection. Investigators learned—and apparently leaked—data proving that in 2015 Obama instructed Fauci to authorize a $3.5 million “donation” to a Wuhan virology lab. Fox News and the Washington Post have run articles questioning whether Covid-19 originated at the Wuhan facility. Additionally, a wiretap on Fauci’s phone and electronic devices revealed the good doctor and the disgraced former president have kept a close friendship; intercepted phone calls and emails showed that Obama and Fauci had conspired to undermine Trump’s authority by having Fauci give the president unsound medical advice in matters involving the pandemic. First, Fauci told Trump the virus was “nothing to worry about.” Then he reversed course and warned Trump Covid-19 would utterly ravage the country unless martial law-like steps were at once taken to curb the spread. Fauci misrepresented facts and figures, and he artificially inflated the case fatality rate (CFR) by instructing the CDC to label all respiratory distress related deaths as Covid-19 fatalities, even if the person never received a Covid-19 test.

Some examples transcend absurdity. For example: In Queens, NY, a 23-year old black malehad been walking home from a convenience store when a car pulled up alongside him and its driver emptied a pistol magazine in his chest. Two rounds struck his chest, collapsing both lungs. Because he had breathing difficulty and was put on a ventilator prior to death two hours later, hospital staff said the coronavirus killed him. They did not perform a Covid-19 test.

n Brooklyn, a 96-year old diabetic woman with high blood pressure dropped dead when her heart stopped beating. The New York City medical examiner’s office listed the cause of death—coronavirus.

The next day New York added over 3,000 “presumptive positives” to the state’s growing sum of Covid-19 fatalities. Trump’s investigative team unearthed a trove of evidence that proves Dr. Fauci compelled the state to blame all inexact deaths since January on the coronavirus.

“In doing so, they’ve amplified the death count. The more coronavirus deaths, the worse Trump looks. And the tighter restrictions get as more states adopt martial law. Trump had enough, and decided he’d put the screws to Fauci,” our source said.

If all information is correct, Trump’s special prosecutor secretly indicted Fauci, charging the “Deep State” doctor with crimes under the Patriot Act and the 1917 Espionage Act.

[2021-05-28 Fri 04:48]

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism” | December 30, 2020 | pedestrian journalist suckered by clever, obvious disinfo

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Causes “Monsterism”
December 30, 2020

Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccination, which the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved on 18 December, may cause recipients to experience an extremely rare but potentially lethal side effect—Monsterism, a degenerative disease that ravages a victim with physical and mental deformities.

A Moderna whistleblower speaking under condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation said3 of the 30,000 trial candidates began showing symptoms of the horrible disease shortly after receiving the second dose of the two-part vaccination. Since half of all volunteers were given a placebo, the true number of afflicted was 3 in 15,000, or 0.02%, and while that figure might seem statistically insignificant, it is critical because, our source said, Moderna concealed the unintended side effect from both the FDA and the volunteers who had not yet received the second inoculation. The US government sponsored Moderna’s vaccine to the tune of one billion dollars.

The first symptomatic victim telephoned Moderna two days following the vaccination. He complained of headaches, nausea, unusual body hair growth, and upper abdominal post-prandial extensions; a Moderna representative assured him the symptoms were “normal and nothing to worry about,” but instructed him to seek medical attention at a local emergency room if symptoms persisted into the next morning.

“The patient—I’ll call him James—rushed to the ER the next morning. He was fucked. His head had grown three times its normal size, and his face was covered in warts that oozed a gelatinous, green puss. On top of that, every tooth in his mouth literally exploded. He was rushed to a COVID-19 isolation ward, where over the next several hours he grew fur from head to toe. He looked like Chewbacca,” our source said.


Ridiculous but sophisticated fake news. Sounds like Michael Baxter got pranked, yet this is too high effort for a mere prank.

Possibly a discredit attempt by hostile intel, on an overworked journalist. A copy editor should have caught "homousian" for "homo sapien", for example. That suggests nonnative English-speaker involvement.

Anyway, I've seen that Michael Baxter's own speculations easily veer conspiratarded and unimaginative. He's just an honest right-wing reporter who works hard to report the story he's told. That's ideal for a reporter, who would be bored if he were too intelligent for his job.

I like knowing this about Michael Baxter, since it means I can trust he isn't smart enough to manipulate the message his Q-level source on Team Trump is leaking him. I suspect Baxter landed that source by reporting honestly from other whistleblower(s) about FEMA, which caused Team Trump to notice him, since FEMA was an important part of the Cabal's coup plan to intern and execute patriot dissidents.

Q has been working very hard to get that kind of information out via parallel construction, without breaching investigative secrecy or disclosing classified info. So it's not surprising an obscure reporter such as Baxter would get noticed, by both Fed Cabal and Q. The USG's true oligarchs detest daylight.
[2021-05-28 Fri 04:53]

Trump to Release “KRAKEN” on 6 January | January 1, 2021 | Kraken = Epstein | baiting the Jan 6 Trump trap

Trump to Release “KRAKEN” on 6 January
January 1, 2021

President Donald J. Trump returned to Washington on Thursday, cutting short a holiday vacation as he prepared to mount a final effort to not only overturn election results but also provide conclusive and damning evidence proving that Joe Biden and the Democrats manufactured the Covid-19 pandemic as a McGuffin to steal the election.

Trump was expected to remain at Mar-a-Lago through Wednesday, but decided to return to Washington early after receiving a 3am phone call on Tuesday from none other than Rudy Giuliani, the campaign’s lawyers who has ben fighting tooth and nail to invalidate allegedly fraudulent election results. A source familiar with the incident said Giuliano’s cryptic message contained only eight words: “We need you back. We have the Kraken.”

The catchphrase “release the kraken” is taken from the 1981 movie Clash of the Titans, but in contemporary vernacular alludes to voluminous and incontrovertible evidence that the Biden campaign committed election fraud. The phrase was first spoken by Sidney Powell, an attorney for former national security advisor Michael Flynn. In an interview with Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs, Powell said she had indisputable proof of election fraud and that she intended to “release the Kraken.” However, with each lost battle in court, it seemed less and less likely the mythical Kraken would ever surface to rescue Trump’s campaign.

But now the Kraken seems revitalized, infused with new life, compelling enough lure Trump away from the Mar-a-Lago greens and back to the White House. While the exact nature of Giuliani’s Kraken is open to speculation, people in Trump’s orbit believe his team is preparing to unleash a bombshell of epic biblical proportion when Congress meets on 6 January to certify Biden’s electoral victory.

“There’s been a lot of false Krakens, but this is the genuine article, the real Kraken Trump’s been holding in reserve. He’s going to expose massive corruption and illustrate how the legislative bodies of this country and the Supreme Court have been compromised by deep state actors that want to sell the country to China,” our source said.

If Giuliani’s Kraken call holds water, Congress will be compelled to overturn the election, and Trump’s vindication will expose the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obamas for who and what they truly are—agents of evil hell bent on turning the United States into an Autocracy and stripping Americans of the rights and freedoms they hold dear, our source added.

“It’s possible this was Trump’s plan all along—he’s played the long game. Now Trump and the 140 House Republicans who have sworn fealty to him will descent on the capitol like a storm. They will take the Deep State by surprise, and Congress will have only two choices: Overturn the election results or prepare for war,” our source said.

If all information is accurate, Trump’s gambit may once and for all eradicate the Deep State and its allies; otherwise, it’s martial law.


Ok, so "Kraken" was a name retroactively applied to Epstein after Trump gained control of him, not necessarily the same thing Sydney Powell referenced originally.

And apparently Trump lacked direct control of Epstein until Dec 2021.

So the Cabal was forewarned that they must flood Capitol Hill with Antifa rioters to prevent Trump from making his case, by this article if not surveillance of Giuliani etc.

The forewarning would enhance Pelosi's desperation and make the Cabal desperate enough to play cards like setting up Ashley Babbitt to be shot dead by Pelosi's security. All organized on open monitored comms. Very sloppy.

How does this square with the RRN story about the Secret Service losing Epstein in the press of the Jan 6 riot?

That story is obvious bullshit. It would be utter foolishness to try to walk Epstein through an ongoing riot with nothing but two SS agents for protection. Instead we have Epstein changing custodies via violence for a second time.

Once again, Jan 6 was a legitimate attempt by Team QTrump to bring the truth before the American people, and once again, the Cabal thwarted it with blatantly illegal measures. The deep cover traitor Mike Pence was blown in the process. That's how the stealection sting works. It's like allowing a desperate enemy to ruinously assault a series of prepared nonessential defensive ambushes, until finally Trump gets his optimal outcome: A totally impartial total elimination of his enemies by military tribunal, while Biden sharpens the contrast between America's greatest and worst presidents of all time.
[2021-05-29 Sat 11:46]

Epstein is the “KRAKEN” | January 2, 2021 | testifying for full pardon | body double died in prison | signals Epstein will be at Jan 6 riots

Epstein is the “KRAKEN”
January 2, 2021

When Michal Flynn’s former lawyer, Sydney Powell, announced on 23 November that she would soon release the “Kraken,” Trump supporters hoped the mythical beast would transform into a trove of evidence proving Joe Biden and his friends from the Deep State’s dirty tricks division had stollen the election. Since then, Trumps’ election campaign has suffered a string of colossal loses, disappointing supporters awaiting their president’s imminent vindication.

At first Trumpists suspected that the “Kraken” was a cache of secret documents or a computer server hidden in Venezuela; however, recently unearthed information, along with a cryptic tweet, now reveals that the Kraken is a person, and that person is none other than convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the child molester who allegedly committed suicide while incarcerated at New York City’s Metropolitan Correction Center. The bizarre circumstances surrounding his death led many to believe he was murdered by the Deep State, to stop him from naming high-ranking Democrats who often visited Epstein’s orgy island.

But on New Year’s Eve, attorney Lin Wood dropped a MOAB, disclosing that Epstein is alive and well, and, it turns out, in the government’s Witness Protection Program.

I am fully aware of the onslaught of attacks being made against me based on my revelations about Chief Justice John Roberts. Before attacking me, maybe fair-minded people would first ask Roberts to tell the truth.

Or ask Jeffrey Epstein. He is alive.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) December 31, 2020

Mr. Wood, whose credentials are unimpeachable, has long championed the president’s cause. His revelation substantiates the sworn testimony of a Washington source speaking under condition of anonymity.

Shortly after Epstein’s imprisonment, Trump’s people told Trump that the notorious sexoffender had documents and computer records that could cripple the Deep State and Democratic establishment. Trump’s strike force also learned of a Deep State plot to assassinate Epstein in prison. Before the villains had a chance to enact their foul agenda, Trump’s team rescued Epstein from prison and placed him in witness protection in a non-extradition country, where the Deep State couldn’t touch him. The person killed in prison was a body double, our source said.

“The real Epstein is alive right now, and he’s blabbing away to Trump. He’s spilling the beans on every one of them. He’s implicated the Clintons, the Obamas, and the whole Biden family. He has records and picture and video of Joe and Hunter Biden visiting Epstein Island seventeen times in the last five years. There’s video of Joe and Hunter double-teaming a…never mind, I can’t even say it. Trump is getting all the info he needs to show Congress who Joe Biden really is. Even if the election was legitimate, these revelations prove that a person like Joe Biden can never be president,” our source said.

Asked why Epstein cooperated, our source said Trump promised the infamous sex offender a full pardon in exchange for dirt on every Democrat who had ever set foot on Epstein’s isle of debauchery. Trump will issue the pardon on 19 January to forestall political backlash from persons who might object to the sexual predator released back to the streets. The administration also promised to return Epstein’s assets and properties, except for Lolita Island, the government had seized at the time of his arrest.

Before that happens, Epstein’s evidence must be compelling enough for congress to invalidate the 2020 election and for a military tribunal to either execute Biden or ship him off to GITMO for the rest of his natural life.

“There’s a reason Trump brought back death by firing squad,” our source said.


The Cabal had to stop Epstein's Jan 6 appearance, at all costs. Hence the blatant Capitol Hill riot.
[2021-05-30 Sun 21:11]

Pence Prepares to Flee Country | January 3, 2021 | Trump forewarned, expected Pence's Jan 6 betrayal

Pence Prepares to Flee Country
January 3, 2021

Vice President Michael Pence is preparing to flee the United States to a non-extradition country in response to credible evidence that his boss, President Donald J. Trump, intends to charge him with treasonous crimes against America and its people.

On 1 January Lin Wood, a conservative attorney and Trump Ally who has fought many failed battles to overturn the result of the 2020 election, told Trump that he had found information linking the VP to the Deep State. Wood said Pence was a “trojan horse” in the White House who had been aiding and abetting “agents of evil” for almost four years. The controversial attorney, whom the mainstream media has called a conspiratorial retard, accused Pence of clandestinely meeting with Biden and Adam Schiff several times during the last two weeks of September.

The evening after giving Trump evidence of Pence’s betrayal, Wood went on a tweetstorm calling on the president to label Pence an insurrectionist and have him executed via a firing squad.

If Pence is arrested, @SecPompeo will save the election. Pence will be in jail awaiting trial for treason. He will face execution by firing squad. He is a coward & will sing like a bird & confess ALL.

— Lin Wood (@LLinWood) January 1, 2021

On Wednesday, Pence will preside over the certifying of the results of the Electoral College, as is the role of the vice president. Trump supporters are optimistic that Pence will refuse to introduce electors for President-elect Joe Biden in key swing states, thereby blocking his ascension to office. But an act of such defiance is unprecedented, and Pence is expected to abide in the decisions of the Electoral College, which said Joe Biden unambiguously won the election.

If Pence sides with the Electoral College, Trump intends to handcuff pence on the spot and hand him over to the military to face a military tribunal.

“Trump is furious at Pence. No one knows exactly what the evidence is that Wood gave him, but it was damning enough to send Trump in a rage. He’s pissed he placed is faith in Pence. He’s furious at this act of sedition. The president was so mad he photoshopped pence out of a picture of him, Pence, and Pompeo standing in the White House foyer. The implication is that Pence is out of the picture and no longer holds power.

But Pence insisted he is innocent, and said he will adhere to the Constitution of the United States rather than tow the Trump party line. Expecting trouble, Pence began making plans to flee the United States shortly after Lin Wood, with Trump’s support, began attacking him on Twitter and other social media.

“Pence takes this threat seriously. He’s concerned his own Secret Service detail may turn on him if Trump decides to act. But Pence is ready to move, and he’s keeping his escape plan secret. Pretty sure only a few people know it. But if all info is correct, there will be a diversion and Pence will slip away in the chaos, never to be seen again,” our source said.


Solid intel.
[2021-05-28 Fri 05:03]

Covid-19 FEMA CAMPS READY TO ROLL | January 3, 2021 | Similar style of detention actually deployed for Jan 6 arrestees in DC

January 3, 2021

An obscure New York State lawmaker has authored a bill that will allow the US government to indefinitely imprison people considered a health risk. N. Nick Perry, a Democrat, is the mastermind behind bill A416, which, if made law, would grant law enforcement and government officials the power to kidnap and relocate law-abiding American citizens to a “medical facility or other appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor or his or here delegee.” The indiscriminatory bill would allow the government to incarcerate persons who have either tested positive for Covid-19 or who are considered “presumptively positive.”

The bill is loaded with ambiguities. One section stipulates no person shall be subjected to adetention longer than five days; the following section states that the governor or other body of governance can override the five-day restriction as deemed necessary to “protect the population from significant spread of the virulent disease.” Another provision gives law enforcement permission to use “necessary force” to ensure orderly conduct and to prevent detainees from leaving a facility without an official discharge.

In short, bill A416 seeks to reestablish confinement centers like those used in Nazi Germany and by the United States against Japanese Americans between 1942-1945.

That New York is championing this initiative should come as no surprise. Since the Pandemic (plandemic) began, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has delighted in enforcing draconian lockdowns that have imperiled millions and forced countless business owners into bankruptcy. Early on, many New Yorkers saw the writing on the wall and fled New York instead of enduring restrictive orders made under the pretense of protecting people from the disease.

Despite lockdowns, mask enforcement and social distancing, cases continued to bloom, proving one of two theories: either masks and social distancing don’t work, or the pandemic is an elaborate hoax. Whatever the case, Cuomo has touted Perry’s nefarious legislation as “needed to protect not only New York but also the entire country from infection.” Cuomo has asked the New York State Assembly to fast track bill A416 when they reconvene on 12 January.

More disturbing, a source within the state assembly speaking under promise of anonymity told RealRawNews that Cuomo has already picked out several locations, all abandoned or closed military bases, to house Covid-19 detainees.

“Fort Niagara, in Youngstown New York; Halloran Army Hospital, in Staten Island; Montauk Air Station, in Long Island; Sampson Airforce Base, in Seneca County—these spots, and possibly others, are first on the list. Cuomo hopes other states will follow suit. He expects that Biden will authorize FEMA to renovate these facilities into state-of-the-art detention camps,” our source said.

Ten months ago, talk of COVID-19 camps was considered a conspiracy. If history has taught us anything, it’s that conspiracy often becomes reality.

Text of Bill:


[2021-05-28 Fri 05:05]

Trump Orders Military Tribunal for Brad Raffensperger | January 4, 2021 | patriot AG Rosen replaced traitor Barr

Trump Orders Military Tribunal for Brad Raffensperger
January 4, 2021

President Donald J. Trump on Saturday declared his intent to let a military tribunal decide the fate of “traitor” Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, according to a White House source speaking on deep background. Trump’s decision to indict and charge Raffensperger as an “enemy combatant” came minutes after the two—and an army of litigators—concluded a terse, hour-long telephone call, during which the president instructed Raffensperger to “find me 11,780 votes,” the precise number he’d need to overturn Biden’s Georgia victory.

The phone conversation, first obtained by the Washington Post, captured Trump encouraging Raffensperger to reconsider the election result. He insinuated that Raffensperger and his attorney, Ryan Germany, would be held to account unless they altered the outcome.

But Raffensperger wouldn’t yield, insisting Georgia’s election had been by the book. He refuted Trump’s assertion that Republican votes got shredded, that dead people had cast ballots for Biden, and that Dominion Voting Systems was removing machines from Fulton County to obfuscate ballot tallies.

The conversation ended with Trump saying, “this is going nowhere,” and disconnecting the call.

Shortly after, an enraged Trump summoned Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to theOval Office. Understanding the threat of Republicans acting against the interest of their party, Trump asked Rosen whether presidential privilege allowed him to arrest Raffensperger for “refusing to correct election fraud the likes of which no one has ever seen.”

“I got rid of Barr because he is a traitor, and weak,” Trump purportedly said to Rosen. “I brought you in. They say you’re a good man, a great man, a man who will tell me what I need to know. Something’s gotta be done about that guy [Raffensperger], can I do what I need to do?”

“You’re the president. You can do whatever you want,” Rosen said without missing a beat.

“Good answer. That’s what I need to hear,” Trump allegedly replied. “You’re much better than that Barr character.”

Trump then ordered Rosen to draft a formal accusation charging Raffensperger with severalhigh crimes and misdemeanors, including seditious behavior, treason, fraud, and malingering in times of national peril. Trump said he was reluctant to indict fellow Republicans, but he had no choice because subversive Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) had infiltrated the party’s core. Trump sees himself as the savior of the Republican party, our source said.

“From what I’ve heard, Trump will act on the indictment only if the certification process favors Biden, which he’ll take as meaning nearly everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, are complicit. If that’s the case, I don’t expect it’ll stop at Raffensperger. A lot of names might be dropping, and a lot of people might be going down between now and January 19,” our source said.

Charged officials, he added, will be tried as enemy combatants, which means the rights and provisions of the Geneva Convention do not apply to them, nor does the Constitution of the United States. They will not be prosecuted in open court; rather, they will be detained at GITMO to await a military tribunal.

[2021-05-28 Fri 05:07]

It’s Prison for Pence! | January 6, 2021 | Trump gave Pence dire warning before betrayal

It’s Prison for Pence!
January 6, 2021

An enraged Donald J. Trump on Tuesday warned Vice President Pence to reject Democrat electors in key swing states he claimed to have won despite suffering 60 lost court battles. Trump has maintained that Democrats employed dirty tricks—stuffed ballot boxes, 3am ballot dumps, and compromised voting machines—to ensure a Biden victory. Democrats, on the other hand, insist the nation had a free and fair election, with the American populace signaling a poignant shift in the political landscape, and with the nation’s first officer—Pence—now caught between further enraging his boss and facing potential prison time or adhering to, in his words, the articles of the Constitution.

During a brief, tense lunch with the Commander-in-Chief, Pence reportedly said he wouldargue on the president’s behalf, but emphatically noted he lacked the unilateral authority to overturn the election and keep Trump in the White House for another four years. Trump replied he was appreciative of Pence’s four years of undeniable loyalty but admonished him for kowtowing to political pressure and plainly threatened him with excommunication, a military tribunal, prison time, and even death by firing squad.

A White House source in Trump’s orbit made the following observation: “Fact is Trump believes Pence is compromised, that they got to him. For four years Pence has been Trump’s right-hand man, never questioning his boss. Now the dynamic has changed. In Trump’s eyes, Pence, even if he argues for the president, is committing treason by affirming Biden’s victory. If that’s the case, past friendships and associations mean nothing to Trump. He will do he what feels is right to protect the Republic against Deep State infiltration. In this case, Pence is the likely victim.”

“I’m counting on you to do what’s right, Mike. If you don’t, the next two weeks might be the most miserable of your life,” Trump purportedly told Pence.

Trump gave Pence a chilling ultimatum: Either invalidate the election or don’t return from your overseas trip.

Pence is scheduled to travel to Bahrain, Israel, and Poland, according to a government document obtained by Real Raw News, and remain abroad through Jan. 11.

“If Pence nullifies the election, Trump will welcome him back with open arms. If he does not—well, Trump forewarned him to not return to the United States while he still occupies the Oval Office and has command of the nation’s military,” our source said.

If he does, our source said, Trump will have Pence arrested and charged with treason andsend him to GITMO to face a military tribunal, at which, charged as an enemy combatant, he will be denied the rights and freedoms of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States. He will either spend life in prison or, worse, face a firing squad. In the unlikely event Biden grants him clemency, Trump intends to sick every MAGA man and woman in the nation on him, so that Pence will always be looking over his shoulder.

[2021-05-28 Fri 05:09]

Trump to Indict Zuckerberg, Dorsey | January 7, 2021 | Trump wants them executed; AG Rosen unsure how

Trump to Indict Zuckerberg, Dorsey
January 7, 2021

Donald J. Trump will spend the last days of his presidency mulling whether his Dept. of Justice can charge Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Steve Zuckerberg with sedition and a host of other crimes. Trump’s hatred toward the social media giants soared to new heights Wednesday night after both platforms removed several of his posts and suspended his accounts for twelve hours.

The move came shortly after Trump gently encouraged a mob of alleged pro-Trump insurrectionists to abort their siege on the Capitol. Along with the message, Trump posted a video of supporters—all adorned in Trump regalia—marching on Capitol Hill.

Twitter and Facebook claimed Trump’s video, and his refusal to sternly condemn supporters, would incite rather than prevent future violence.

An administration source speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal told Real Raw News that Trump made a 3:00am phone call to none other than acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen, demanding the AG, who was at home, asleep in bed with his wife, come to the White House immediately. When Rosen arrived twenty minutes later, Trump accused him of malingering, then let loose a verbal tirade, first against the Deep State, then against social media.

“What took you so long, Jeff? Why are you always so slow? You know who did this to me? The Deep State. This is my chair, my desk, and they’re taking it from me,” Trump said, drumming his sausage-like fingers on the polished oak top of the Resolute desk. “I won this bigtime, the likes of which no one has ever seen. But that’s not why I called you. Did you hear what Twitter and Facebook did? They suspended me, Donald J. Trump, president of the United States. I want to indict them for sedition,” Trump finished.

Rosen explained that sedition meant an overt attempt to subvert the constitution or leading a rebellion in hopes of overthrowing an established government, and said he wasn’t sure how exactly he could indict Dorsey and Zuckerberg for those crimes.

In censoring his First Amendment right to free speech, Trump argued, Twitter and Facebookwere hindering his ability to communicate effectively with millions of followers whose every action hinged on his latest tweet. Such action, Trump opined, was tantamount to treason, a crime worthy of a lifelong stay at Guantanamo Bay.

“What would you have me do? Rosen reportedly asked.

“If it were up to me, Jeff, I’d have these guys executed, but I don’t know if we can do that. They’re bad actors. You’re the AG, you figure it out. That’s your job, not mine. I want these guys indicted, and you got twelve days to do it,” Trump replied.

If all information is accurate, the president is using his final days to do precisely what he promised: to drain the swamp. He is not only acting on nearly 250,000 sealed indictments, but also waging a final war against media that, in his opinion, have betrayed America and its people.

Correction: Facebook has suspended Trump’s account until “transition of power has been completed,” according to a Facebook representative.

[2021-05-28 Fri 05:11]

Pence Calls for Trump’s Arrest | January 8, 2021 | attempted coup | state secrets: ET life, 9/11 truth, COVID19 coverup

Pence Calls for Trump’s Arrest
January 8, 2021

As shots rang out in the Capitol building and an unfortunate air force veteran took a round to the neck, killing her, Vice President Pence’s Secret Service detail quickly whisked him away from the Senate floor and into an underground bunker where, amid the chaos, other members of Congress had gathered to wait for an all-clear signal.

There, an enraged and exhausted Pence thundered and swore, saying he’d had enough andwould no longer pledge undying fealty to a “criminal president” trying to mold America in his image. He blamed Trump, exclusively, for the anarchy overhead, as alleged pro-Trump supporters ransacked and burglarized the Senate and House floors.

A White House source familiar with the situation said Pence confronted Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer about the possibility of either using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office or impeaching him for criminal malfeasance. Pence reportedly broke down in tears and apologized to Senate Democrats and Republicans alike for having allowed Trump to manipulate, cajole, browbeat and bully him for four miserable years. He said he had felt honor bound to obey Trump, but now sought to repent by joining a coalition eager to speed Trump out of D.C.

“Pence was in a state. He’s normally cool, calm, and collected, but he was furious, furious at Trump. No one had ever seen Pence like that before. They really want to get Trump out of the Oval Office before the 20th, but they know how difficult that’ll be. Pence wants more, he wants Trump arrested and locked away, and the key thrown away,” our source said.

Technically the president is immune to prosecution while he holds office; however, he loses that protection on January 20, at which time, Pence said, the incoming justice department will have a buffet of options for criminal charges. On the federal level, Biden’s expected AG, Merrick Garland, can charge Trump with inciting a riot and many hate crimes, both of which could land Trump in prison for a minimum of five years.

“That’s not enough for Pence,” our source said. “While mayhem was going on overhead, Pence said Trump needs to spend life at GITMO. He gave several reasons, but one stood out from the others.”

That reason is a palpable fear that Trump, in an act of malevolent reciprocity, might data dump the motherload, meaning disseminate national secrets on everything from the government’s knowledge of extraterrestrial life to the truth behind 9/11. He might also blow the lid off the Covid-19 coverup. Like all presidents, Trump signed a litany of non-disclosure agreements forbidding him from discussing classified material after he leaves office. But Pence expressed doubt that Trump will honor the agreement, saying Trump’s promises were disingenuous.

“Trump may become the greatest threat to national security this nation has ever had,” Pence purportedly said. “If we don’t collectively work to keep him quiet, the damage to this country will be catastrophic in irreparable.”

[2021-05-28 Fri 05:13]

Crying sodomite Pence, caught between two hard masters, scrambling like a rat.

Pelosi Nearly Sparks NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA | January 9, 2021 | closest miss ever? | Pelosi = Hillary lite

Pelosi Nearly Sparks NUCLEAR WAR with RUSSIA
January 9, 2021

In the aftermath of a failed coup that stunned the nation, a jittery House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, brought the United States closer to nuclear war than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

As Americans split over whether to condone or condemn the siege of the Capitol, overseas governments watched in bewilderment as hordes of angry protesters stormed the House and Senate floors, leaving hundreds wounded and at least five dead.

Less than twenty-four hours later, as Trump went dark, Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike, led by none other than Nancy Pelosi, petitioned the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, to dispossess Donald Trump of the launch codes with which he controls the country’s nuclear arsenal. Senators Jack Reed, Kirsten Gillibrand, Elizabeth Warren, and Tim Kaine, all members of the Senate Armed Services Committee, followed in Pelosi’s footsteps, telling their military liaisons that an “unhinged” and “unstable” Trump could at any moment launch an unprovoked first strike anywhere on the planet.

“Chairman, no one and no place is safe. He could launch against our own cities, or abroad. He’s completely lost whatever mind he had left. If I were Putin or Xi, I’d be very concerned right now, Pelosi told Gen. Milley, according to a witness to her telephone call.

But Gen. Milley wasn’t the only person listening to Pelosi’s frantic plea. The unencrypted conversation was intercepted by the FSB, Russia’s federal security agency, and forwarded to Russian Defense Secretary Sergei Shoygu, a hardliner known for condemning Western expansionism. So alarmed was Shoygu that he at once ordered strategic nuclear forces to “sostoyaniye siniy,” or “condition blue,” the equivalent of Defense Condition (DEFCON) 2, as he and Vladimir Putin left the Kremlin for a secure bunker at an undisclosed location.

According to FSB agent Isaak Igorovich, Russia’s nuclear deterrent policy is to “launch on warning of impending or imminent attack. Strike first, ask questions later.

“The objective is launch before an enemies’ missiles have left their silos,” Igorovich said.“President Putin had good enough reason to believe that Trump had gone completely crazy and might want to take someone out in a blaze of patriotic glory before leaving office. Thirty-Seven United States Senators and officials said Trump’s lunacy might make him launch. At that moment, Putin had nothing to disprove. If he delay [sic] too long, 300 nuclear missiles might suddenly appear over Kremlin. Putin was desperate to speak to Trump, but he could not reach him.

Putin tried to contact trump via conventional and unconventional conduits, Igorovich added.

“Putin had to do something. I mean—we received a report that Trump had locked himself in a broom closet and was sitting in a corner cuddling the, uh, how you Americans call it, the nuclear football, muttering to himself “No one can take this from me.” Putin has special line to Oval Office. It’s like, how you say, the bat phone that Commissioner Gordon had to batman. White house switchboard wasn’t responding, either. Putin even resorted to trying the Kremlin teletype, which hasn’t been used since 1973. Putin didn’t know what to think. But he knows there is 400 ICBMs and many SLBMs pointed at Russia,” Igorovich said.

An hour passed, then two. At 2100 hours (EST) the FSB captured a second telephone call between Pelosi and Gen. Milley. “General, we need those codes now,” she said, emphasizing the word “now.”

Putin ordered the equivalent of DEFCON 1. Over 600 ICBMs stood ready to rain fiery death on the United States with countless multiple impact reentry vehicles. Secretary Shoygu ordered four Typhoon ballistic missile submarines to spin up all missiles, input targeting data, and prepare to launch. Twelve Tu-160 “Blackjack” nuclear bombers took flight and entered a holding pattern above the Bearing Sea.

Putin began issuing launch authority, but halfway through the order his telephone rang. It was Donald Trump, whom NORAD had alerted to the presence of Russian bombers staging near the Alaskan Air Identification Zone. Trump urged Putin to stand down his nuclear forces, promising that tales of his insanity and compromised launch codes were greatly exaggerated and not to be taken seriously.

“They spoke for about twenty minutes, and Putin, convinced Trump was of a sane and reasonable mind, deescalated the situation and recalled all strategic forces. Had that call not arrived, we may not have been alive for me to relay this story,” Igorovich said.

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[2021-05-28 Fri 05:18]

The premise is plausible. The Russians like their hair trigger, and I've read a story about a Cold War officer who refused unreasonable launch orders over a radar false positive, preventing nuclear war.

RRN's story sounds dramatized, and apparently relies on a single dubious source.

I can certainly accept that Pelosi's attempt to contest possession of the launch codes was irresponsibly perilous. The rest requires corroboration.
[2021-05-28 Fri 05:20]

The RRN byline is lower quality than Michael Baxter's, I conclude.
Probably same author, maybe with some assistance. But lower production quality and weaker sources?

Anyway, he's not brilliant. He's merely an honest fearless right-wing journalist who reports what he's told.
[2021-05-28 Fri 05:23]

Reread it. Horrifying. If true, wasn't that closer than the Cold War near-miss?

This needs corroboration. The sourcing is unclear and suspect, even if the story is plausible.

This would be Jan 7. Nuclear tensions with Russia at that time?

January 7 2021 nuclear football Russia Tu-160
January 7 2021 nuclear football Russia Tu-160 Pelosi
January 7 2021 nuclear football Russia Trump Pelosi Putin

Found a Dov Zakheim article chastising Pelosi's recklessness. Nothing corroborative.

The US has some procedures for ensuring a nuclear launch is a lawful order, but the Russians don't bother with that bullshit and wouldn't trust it to stop a mad Trump. That's just not Russian.

Knowing Russian ruthlessness and prior history of giving launch authority on a false positive, and without contradictory evidence, I must take this plausible report seriously. The Cabal, led by stupid drunk bitch Pelosi, nearly got the USA nuked by the USSR. That's not really surprising, considering that stupid drunk bitch Hillary Clinton definitely would've succeeded in starting nuclear WW3 had she succeeded in stealing the presidency.

Amusingly, I would've had decent odds of initial survival, since I live in China.

Don't poke the Bear.

Don't host in Germany: Court rules encrypted email provider Tutanota must monitor messages in blackmail case

Tutanota is still the best provider of secure email, AFAIK.
[2021-05-28 Fri 11:15]

The self-licking napalm ice cream cone | "Is science having a stroke?" | CYarvin@ | why corrupt US scientific auto-conspiracy helped CCP make bioweapons

The self-licking napalm ice cream cone
"Is science having a stroke?"

When you’re debugging a broken system, the most interesting thing is when it works.

You are not trying to prove that it’s broken. You know it’s broken. The question is why it’s broken. This involves knowing how it’s supposed to work. When every once in a while the machine does work, reality flashes a light on why it much more often doesn’t.

In this case, our giant planetary brain is correcting an error. It is realizing that, despite its earlier statements, covid maybe probably did escape from a lab. Since the brain, like any brain, is supposed to be automatically self-correcting—this is the brain working.

This brain of course works very well in in many ways. But one thing it does not do well is proving itself wrong—especially if the error would cast it in a harsh light. Therefore, the mind of power tends to cling to its mistakes—especially its worst, most glaring, and most revealing mistakes. It is better just to adopt them, as comic-book canon.

[2021-05-28 Fri 12:44]

Yarvin identifies three dark patterns contributing to the USA's scientific auto-conspiracy to produce a plague such as COVID19. He doesn't cover the CCP's motives, obviously.

The patterns:
stamp collecting
self-licking ice-cream cone
playing with fire

He also covers the obvious reasons lab leak hypothesis was suppressed until Trump was deposed.
[2021-05-28 Fri 12:46]

vaxx deaths eugenic | biowarfare kill maskphobes too

AC@?> When tens, or hundreds of millions, die this coming winter, due to the vaccines literally altering their blood,

Executing everyone foolish, cowardly and conformist enough to trust the government to experimentally alter their mRNA sounds like a much-needed eugenic cull. Might slow down the dysgenic trend dramatized in Idiocracy. If we could simultaneously kill everyone who believes cloth masks are ineffective at reducing r0 of viral respiratory contagion, we'd probably experience another high-IQ renaissance like the 1800s. Biowarfare: It's the new ice age. The CCP is building hundreds of new biosafety labs. Thanks for helping me see the bright side, and be sure to lick public surfaces!

CDC Quietly Admits The Death Toll From COVID Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In The Last 20 Years COMBINED | en-volve.com

CDC Quietly Admits The Death Toll From COVID Vaccines Is Greater Than Every Vaccine In The Last 20 Years COMBINED
14 days ago 86k Views

Are you one of those people hesitant to receive a COVID-19 vaccine? You know, one of those “dangerous” and “selfish” people, as the Democrats would call you, who is foolish for not getting the jab because, after all, it’s completely safe?

Well, the CDC has quietly released data that might prove you’re not that foolish after all.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) posted data which shows that more people have died after receiving a COVID vaccine than for all other vaccines of the last 20 years combined.

According to the CDC website: “Over 245 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from Dec. 14, 2020, through May 3, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 4,178 reports of death (0.0017%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. CDC and FDA physicians review each case report of death as soon as notified and CDC requests medical records to further assess reports.”

[2021-05-28 Fri 13:03]

CCP | brazen contempt for USA | easy suckers, ripped off for years | can't count own votes, much less trace a virus

Of course the CCP didn't fear that the USA would discover COVID19 was deliberate biowarfare. The CCP didn't think the USA could figure out who won its own landslide presidential election. Why would the CCP worry about the USA figuring out what happened deep in secure Chinese military facilities, when the USA can't even count its own ballots? Does Enron fear an auditor who can't balance his own checkbook?!

COVID19 is an unrestricted bioweapon, intended to hit both China and the West. Thus it is meant to be manageable if handled correctly, but cripplingly disruptive if ignored or mishandled.

Those who deny that COVID19 can overwhelm a country's medical system if ignored, are not only ignoring recent world events, but also bizarrely arguing that the CCP is not good at killing large numbers of civilians. Wow, just wow: Mao, just Mao.

It's wise to distrust your owner government, but foolish to use that as a reason to trust another government, especially one that holds the democide historical high score. What's next, believing North Korea's biography of Dear Leader? "Trust us, gweilo, COVID19 doesn't exist, is not human-transmissible, and definitely didn't come from our only BSL-4 lab, which coincidentally is next door. Now shut up, or we'll pay Reddit to ban you."
[2021-05-28 Fri 14:31]

Moderna vaxx magnetized arm is real

Moderna vaxx magnetized arm is real:
[2021-05-28 Fri 14:38]

The Lost Generation 1966 to 1976 | gnews | Red Guards | uneducated | regret, troublemakers | jingoism returns

The Lost Generation 1966 to 1976
温哥华扬帆农场3 hours ago
Vancouver Sailing Farm : Li Liming

Feng Daxing: a tragic example

Deng Xiaoping’s analysis at the end of this tragic episode was as follows: the greatest fault, committed over the course of those ten years, concerned education.

What did he mean by “education”? He may have meant moral education. The poison that the Cultural Revolution injected into China’s body politic consisted of the destruction of basic moral values in interpersonal relationships. It was the existence of such an environment, cut off from any moral compass, that allowed the creation of a Feng Daxing. Lan Yan

Feng Daxing was a promising student who robbed and killed. Although he said the killing was an accident, he was executed by firing squad. Was he a victim, one among many others in a lost generation?

During that time young people were told to love Mao and the party and to denounce and criticize their parents, teachers, friends, and any family members, even party members who were considered as being on the “wrong side”. The children were not allowed to show any affection for their parents or friends in public or to show sadness or tears in being sent to the countryside. They were told to wipe out all pests and vermin and to rebel is justified. There could be no construction without destruction. There was the destruction of works of art, books and people’s lives. Reminds me of Lu Xun’s quote, “Save the Children”.

[2021-05-28 Fri 14:45]

Dr. Malik Peiris and Dr. Fauci Talk Regularly About the CCP Virus | gnews | Malik = father of COVID19

Dr. Malik Peiris and Dr. Fauci Talk Regularly About the CCP Virus
JoJoTorMapleLeafs5 hours ago

President Joe Biden said Wednesday he had directed the US intelligence community (IC) to redouble their efforts in investigating the origins of the Covid-19 pandemic and report back to him in 90 days. and he added that this effort includes work by the US National Labs and other agencies of our government to augment the IC’s efforts. Finally, he stressed that the United States would keep working with like-minded partners around the world to press China to participate in a full, transparent, evidence-based international investigation and provide access to all relevant data and evidence.

With the support of 17 IC members, major U.S. laboratories, defense contractors and other agencies around the world, Mr. Lu De believes that there was no intelligence they couldn’t get. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is really out of its luck this time.
As the CCP has been infiltrating US intelligence organizations for years, their people also get in the way of collecting information for their reports. But thanks to Dr. Yan’s four reports, the CCP now really can’t deny that SARS-CoV 2 used a Zhoushan bat virus template, which can only be found in China.

Facebook has lifted a ban on posts claiming Covid-19 was man-made.

On Wednesday, during a Senate hearing, Dr. Fauci kept denying that the funding was specifically used for the gain of function research.

Fauci could not have been unaware of what these CCP labs he funded had been doing.
Mr. Lu De revealed that the father of coronavirus Dr. Malik “Frankenstein” Peiris from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and Fauci were extremely close to each other and spoke on the phone frequently.
In 2004, when Malik visited Washington, Fauci had Science magazine host a welcome dinner party for Malik in his name. It shows how high Malik’s status in the world scientific community is.

[2021-05-28 Fri 14:48]

Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology | Jan 15 2021 | from Trump's Presidential Office | lab culpability obvious

Fact Sheet: Activity at the Wuhan Institute of Virology


JANUARY 15, 2021

For more than a year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has systematically prevented a transparent and thorough investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s origin, choosing instead to devote enormous resources to deceit and disinformation. Nearly two million people have died. Their families deserve to know the truth. Only through transparency can we learn what caused this pandemic and how to prevent the next one.

The U.S. government does not know exactly where, when, or how the COVID-19 virus—known as SARS-CoV-2—was transmitted initially to humans. We have not determined whether the outbreak began through contact with infected animals or was the result of an accident at a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

The virus could have emerged naturally from human contact with infected animals, spreading in a pattern consistent with a natural epidemic. Alternatively, a laboratory accident could resemble a natural outbreak if the initial exposure included only a few individuals and was compounded by asymptomatic infection. Scientists in China have researched animal-derived coronaviruses under conditions that increased the risk for accidental and potentially unwitting exposure.

The CCP’s deadly obsession with secrecy and control comes at the expense of public health in China and around the world. The previously undisclosed information in this fact sheet, combined with open-source reporting, highlights three elements about COVID-19’s origin that deserve greater scrutiny:

  1. Illnesses inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV):

[2021-05-28 Fri 14:59]

[Headline News] CDC Changes Testing Thresholds to Support “Vaccine Effectiveness” | gnews | obvious fraud

[Headline News] CDC Changes Testing Thresholds to Support “Vaccine Effectiveness”
纽约香草山MOS0114 hours ago
Author: Siji. Translator: AJ2020

On May 21st, Zero Hedge reported that the CDC is changing their approach for data recording and COVID-19 testing in order to make experimental gene therapy “vaccines” look effective in preventing so-called diseases. The policy changes were announced on its website from late April to early May. Under the new policy, breakthrough infections after vaccination will be artificially driven down, while the old rules continue to inflate the number of unvaccinated cases. Through this manipulation, new cases of COVID in vaccinated individuals would be virtually eliminated.

Photo source: Zero Hedge
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the large number of cases that have been confirmed was based on two key pieces of data: 1) the cycle threshold (CT) value of the PCR test, which can be manipulated by setting its cut-off value, and making it possible to cause many false positive test results and 2) the incredibly broad definition of “COVID-19 cases” adopted worldwide, which listed any person who tested positive as a “COVID-19 case,” even if they never showed any symptoms, thus leaving room for inflated case numbers. Now the CDC has issued changes regarding these two policies, which mean they no longer apply to people who have been vaccinated.

First, the CT value was artificially set lower when testing samples of suspected “breakthrough infections,” as evidenced by the CDC’s instructions to state health departments in late April to address “possible breakthrough infections. ” For cases with known RT-PCR cycle thresholds, it is only the specimens with CT values ≤28 that were submitted to the CDC for sequencing, while the ones with higher CT values were no longer sequenced. However, the fact is that setting CT values above 35 was the normal practice throughout the virus pandemic, with the laboratories around the world testing CT values in the 40s. But now, the CDC only accepts the samples ≤28 CT for sequencing, and only for fully vaccinated individuals. This is clearly a subjective and deliberate decision in order to bring down the number of “breakthrough infections” officially documented. Secondly, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “COVID cases.”

[2021-05-28 Fri 15:00]

Evidence That Virus Is Man-Made “Piling Up Like a Mountain”, US Lawmakers Call for Investigation to Confirm | gnews | world agrees.

Evidence That Virus Is Man-Made “Piling Up Like a Mountain”, US Lawmakers Call for Investigation to Confirm
加拿大多倫多楓葉農場 Himalaya Toronto Maple Leaf17 hours ago
Author: The Mount Royal Montreal Group 夏星湖

U.S. Representative Mike Gallagher told Fox News on Friday that almost all current research evidence and scientific findings around the world indicate that the CCP virus originated in a laboratory rather than a natural evolution, and that members of the Congress, like key members of the highest authority in the United States, “should know” where the virus is coming from, Breitbart News reported on May 8.

Mike further said that the evidence for the virus from the lab “is piling up like mountains,” so why are we delaying our deeper research and have a definitive, definitive conclusion? From Mike’s words, one can sense that the truth about the virus from the CCP’s Wuhan lab is already in the air.

Fauci, the current director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases and chief medical adviser to the president, and Dazak, the WHO adviser, have long used U.S. tax dollars to fund the Institute for Research on Diseases. Wuhan virus, along with Dazak’s EcoHealth Alliance, whose funding program for the Wuhan Virus Research Institute will not end for four years. Mike, who has heard about this for a long time, pointed out that we also need to investigate whether there is any US funding involved in research (CCP) on the virus enhancement changes in the lab that have hurt the US.

Russian State Duma (Lower House of Parliament) Speaker Leonid Volodin claimed on February 27 that the CCP virus was able to escape from an American biological laboratory located in the CCP in China and that states -United should be held accountable for the consequences of the epidemic. The lab Volodin refers to is the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, and Fauci and Dazak funded the Wuhan Virus Research Institute with grants from the U.S. government. It is not easy for the US government to completely dissipate its ties with the CCP and the Wuhan Institute of Virus Research. Therefore, it would be wise for the United States to actively pursue the responsibility of Datsyuk and others, and to issue a white paper as soon as possible to determine that the CCP is waging biological warfare.

Reference link: GOP Rep. Gallagher: Evidence ‘Stacking Up’ Supporting Lab Leak Theory on COVID


[2021-05-28 Fri 15:02]

Voice of an Ant on the Report «Ants in a Web» by Graphika Report | gnews | Prog target-acquisition "report" on Guo Wengui's network | defiant Chinese dissident answers | fighting CCP astroturf, influence, stasi

Voice of an Ant on the Report «Ants in a Web» by Graphika Report
倫敦英喜莊園 Himalaya UK18 hours ago
Author: Jade Roth | PR: Wanrenwang | Audit:SilverSpurs7 | Page: Rain

On May 17th Graphika published the report «Ants in a Web», which has been quoted and reported extensively by The Washington Post at the same day with the title “Chinese businessman with links to Steve Bannon is driving force for a sprawling disinformation network, researchers say”. On May 18th the Daily Mail published the same story with the title “Chinese billionaire whose yacht Steve Bannon was arrested on is behind fake news network”.

As an ant in this network, I feel the need to speak out and have your report linked to the real world.

A network of authentic accounts

In the executive summary it is written “Chinese businessman Guo Wengui is at the center of a vast network of interrelated media entities which have disseminated online disinformation and promoted real-world harassment campaigns. Graphika has identified thousands of mostly-authentic social media accounts associated with this network which are active across platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Gab, Telegram, Parler and Discord.”

First of all, thank you for the findings of the “ants in web”, thousands of authentic accounts. Behind these thousands of social media accounts, you will find ordinary real inhabitants of this planets, most of them of Chinese origin, usually with pseudonyms not showing any private photos or location of living, so that they can’t be identified by the members of state security service (as Stasi in former East Germany) inside and outside of China.

[2021-05-28 Fri 15:05]

What do WHO get from China to help promote pandemic across the world? | gnews | Dr. Limeng Yan video | shock and awe again

What do WHO get from China to help promote pandemic across the world?
喜马拉雅德国慕尼黑感恩农场19 hours ago
Video Subtitle Translation:年糕

Dr. Li-Meng Yan questions the WHO during an interview with Republic TV on May 21st: We should ask many things to WHO. What do they get from China to do these things to help China to promote this kind of pandemic all over the world? All these things we have to ask.


Dr. Yan with the shock and awe again. Her "questions" for the WHO are worthy of Judgment Day. One cute inquisitor chick flabbergasting four frumpy dudes. I swear her memes qualify as WMDs. Imagine being her kid and having to explain why you decided to draw on the walls with peanut butter. I bet that's how Einar Tangan feels right now. The three Indian dudes are probably calculating whether they can afford how many goats she'd cost. She married an Indian guy once; they reckon they've got a chance!
[2021-05-28 Fri 15:23]

Man in Pelosi’s Office Discusses Jail Conditions for January 6 Detainees | May 25, 2021 | amgreatness.com | Richard Barnett, 60, shepherds fellow abused MAGA prisoners

Man in Pelosi’s Office Discusses Jail Conditions for January 6 Detainees
May 25, 2021
Julie Kelly

Unfortunately for dozens of political prisoners held hostage by their own government, freedom appears to be a long way off.

In one of the most iconic images of January 6, a man is pictured with his feet up on a desk inside House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) office.

Richard Barnett, 60, traveled from his home in Arkansas to hear Donald Trump’s speech then made his way to the Capitol complex. He entered Pelosi’s office, where a few photojournalists just happened to be stationed; Barnett put his feet on the desk, posed for the cameras, and left Pelosi a note. (He is quite a character, I can safely say after a lengthy phone interview.)

Two hours later, the photos went viral. Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, posted the picture of Barnett at 3:21 p.m. that afternoon. “The Trump rioter did vandalize her office,” she tweeted. “The trash will be removed and the seditionists will be prosecuted.”

That incident started a legal and personal nightmare for Barnett, who spent nearly four months behind bars before a federal judge finally released him in April.

[2021-05-28 Fri 16:31]

These MAGA fools should have read Machiavelli, or at least George RR Martin. He who stages a coup must make sure to kill his enemies before they return the favor. That is why Trump is in a heavily-secured compound while the USMIL executes his enemies at Gitmo. Swaggering unarmed into Pelosi's spiderweb only gets you an expensive and painful education in realpolitik, something no Russian would need.

The article's author is no better. "…held hostage by their own government" – ridiculous! The correct spelling is "held hostage by their owner government." The American people do not and have never owned their government; it has always been the other way around. And who else is a government supposed to oppress, than its subjects? They are its objects.

If you don't want a government that considers you its property, then you'd better adopt the Biblical institutes. God punished David for conducting a census; Weimericans get a "Social Security" number from birth. Cattle have numbers. "Free range" does not equal free. Letting you wander merely means they don't have to pay your room and board.
[2021-05-28 Fri 16:36]

He went down fast from a single stab with a knife | gunfreezone.net | nigger nails nigger in aorta

He went down fast from a single stab with a knife
May 27, 2021 by J. Kb

Stab to the upper chest at a downward angle, probably hit the aorta. Guy was down in 10 seconds.

Two lessons.

One: don’t get close enough to people in an aggressive situation where you can’t see their hands and have no time to react.

Two: a knife is a lethal weapon and you should have the right to defend yourself from a man with a knife with lethal force.

It’s not wrong or unfair to shoot a man with a knife when a man with a knife can put you in the grave in 10 seconds.

[2021-05-28 Fri 16:39]

Nigger knifer did some things right: from concealment, zero range, rear hand, critical hit, vs unarmed.

It was just a lucky hit by a stupid coward. Even fools get lucky.

Best to stab only once, to reduce legal exposure. Hence rip-cuts.
[2021-05-28 Fri 17:00]

If ET UFOs, why shy? | cuz demons fear God | Gab@CorneliusRye vs me


UFOs “evolve” for billions of years in solar systems millions of light years away, develop technology to traverse space and time, show up to Erf to visit, then b like “tee hee, don’t look, silly Navy bois”

not buying it

They're demons rebranding themselves as spacefarers for the Revelations push. The Great Game between God and Satan involves Lucifer accusing and negotiating for leeway to act. The UFOs act shy because they're afraid of God, not us.
[2021-05-28 Fri 17:19]

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