Nearlyfreespeech.net cucks desperately beg evil Nazis to stop using their #1A platform

American #1A webhost Nearlyfreespeech.net has posted a nastily anti-Aryan and anti-Trump blog post.

This is their response to the wave of right-wing refugees arriving on their platform and asking questions about whether they'll be welcome.

NFSN are dedicated, principled, skilled left-libertarians who have a long-standing covenant with their clients to defend their #1A rights.

NFSN desperately does not want racist Aryan Americans to take advantage of this covenant. For one thing, it will send the woke mob after NFSN. For another, NFSN can't betray its #1A principles, so it will be forced to help the Aryan nationalist cause.

It amuses me to force them to host my extremely racist truths, that expose NFSN for the stupid cucks they are.

If you're confident you understand the boundaries of #1A law well enough to navigate a hostile legal environment, then NFSN is a good choice. Otherwise, use an overseas host located in a non-globohomo country such as Russia.

This is black-knighting – forcing the Left to eat their own. QTrump is doing that now with the Biden fake presidency, and it is destroying the Democrat party like nobody could have ever imagined.

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