My advice to women persecuted for large bust size

This is my response to the Reddit post:

Women with large boobs are treated poorly by society and whenever someone speaks about it they are silenced and told to stop complaining and that they should “be happy” about it.
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I can empathize with being an outlier on a positive dimension that alienates. High IQ people often self-medicate to reduce their intelligence in social situations, e.g. via alcohol. I'm also married to a woman with large breasts and back pain.

Try this back brace, or whatever an expert recommends:


Before getting a surgery that might have complications, try embracing a specialized social role. The ubiquitous envy is in response to an innate advantage. Try exploiting that advantage to determine whether the envy is worthwhile. The people who respond in the manner you dislike aren't going to magically become worthwhile humans once you get the reduction. They will just become less immediately obvious to you.

Alienation privileges you with the knowledge that the majority are scum. This is not always the case, but it is at this phase of the historical cycle in the Anglosphere West. You will likely have a completely different experience outside of it. By becoming entirely foreign, your bust size will cease to be your defining trait. It may even be accepted as a normal racial feature.

Or just move somewhere with larger average bust size:

I'm not suggesting to become a stripper. Attractiveness opens many doors, and some men have a type. It's a social ladder shortcut.

There's also YouTube.

Also, take a look at Tim Ferriss' books, 4 Hour Body to start. A gymnast body will help with strength and injury prevention for back issues, and Tim introduces to the relevant experts. Obviously fitness will synergize with your looks.

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