More suckers fall for Trump's fake-concession aggression

In answer to Vox's latest post, and moreso the comments:


Hope is overrated, as is CS Lewis.  The Bible is not a fairy tale.  Would that I had learned to read what it really said sooner.  Its culture is not English.  Its ethos is not decency.

Shadrach did not invoke hope before the furnace, nor did Jesus at Gethsemane.  When suffering knocks, acceptance is strength and hope a fragile escape before the scream.

Faith grants the strength to accept suffering.  One's individual desolation is acceptable in light of the fact that I AM THAT I AM.

Trump's latest two tweets promise he will not attend the Inauguration and his followers will not be disrespected.  The obvious implication is that the stealection sting will conclude at the Inauguration, with the perps arrested holding a fake presidency.  Just thinking about it makes my neck itch.

Now the question is faith, not hope:  Will Trump keep his word to his base, or not?

Knowing how the RINOs forced this cuck cabinet upon him with Rule 9, knowing how hard he fought for us anyway while holding back enough to run Q's grand stealection sting, knowing the confidence of stalwarts such as Giuliani and Flynn, my faith is firm.

As for my hope:  I hope for queer fruits on DC trees, and countless Commie corpses fouling the breeze.  I hope the Satanic pedophiles are piled into a pit and immolated alive.

Also, I hope I'm not stupid enough to believe that Trump would legalize execution by firing squad only to allow Cocksucker Kamala and Ilhan Omar to line his allies and family up against the wall.  How did "can't stump the Trump" become "Trump the chump"?  The RINO incumbent advantage allowed them to force a Rule 9 cuck cabinet on Trump.  But now Trump has 4 years of incumbency.

They've played the last-minute surprise on him repeatedly.  What do you think he's going to do back?

Poor old Trump, about to get the short end of the stick yet again... always the loser in every handshake, eh?  It's on account of his low IQ.  You can tell by his misspelled tweets.  He's like a giant flailing orange baby, LOL!

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