Mocking maskphobes again

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  1. When will they learn?
  2. Masks are rightist, not leftist
  3. Neck gaiter good
    1. A pleasant winter walk with neck gaiter, and how to dress
    2. Welcome winter humidity
    3. Dirty mask?
    4. Aryan privilege
  4. VP folly
    1. VD's stupid suggestion to photo-shame mask-wearers

When will they learn?

It's that time again: Time to punish degenerate US conservatards for their maskphobia.

Trust me, I think this topic is stupid and dislike wasting time on it. I detest stating the obvious, let alone repeating myself. But my mission is to document the right's incompetence, which means fools choose what I cover.

Masks are rightist, not leftist

If masks are permanently normalized as a result of COVID19, that will be a humanitarian benefit and a right-wing shift. Disgust and hygiene are rightist principles, not leftist ones. That's why COVID19's border closures and disease salience have devastated leftist causes such as immivasion and sodomite plague tolerance.

The leftist push for the Great Reset is an opportunistic attempt to exploit COVID19. It is unsustainable and already backfiring disastrously. Rejecting the ridiculous superstitious cowardice and ignorance surrounding the leftist COVID19 mask mandates is resonant with rightist machismo.

However, this leftist hysteria will end as they move on to the next scam. And after it ends, masks will still work. Which will leave the fools currently claiming masks don't work looking permanently stupid.

If humans stop coughing on strangers quite so much, we will live closer to our low-population-density ancestral environment, and will be healthier for it. Contagions will evolve less rapidly against our immune systems. The eradication of the flu this season is a sign of what's possible.

Anti-vaxxers always claim that hygiene not vaccines are responsible for eradicating diseases. Yet now the same people opposing the evil COVID19 vaccine are also opposing the masks that destroy the left's argument for imposing that vaccine. It's so retarded, only the same conservatards who proudly let the (((Communists))) give half their country to immigrants could fall for it.

By opposing long-term human health in the name of vanity and scientific ignorance, degenerate US conservatards have adopted a leftist cause, driving responsible mask-wearers into the arms of the mostly-leftist US establishment. Therefore I will continue mocking them for their retarded peasant rebellion.

Neck gaiter good

A major cause of this stupidity is that maskphobes wrongly equate "mask" with "disposable surgical mask," which of course are uncomfortable. So now I'll narrate how nice and comfortable my neck gaiter is. I never owned one before COVID19, but now I regard it as basic cool-weather gear.

A pleasant winter walk with neck gaiter, and how to dress

I took a nice windy sunny February walk today. It was perfect weather for a wool cap, neck gaiter, long sleeve shirt and vest. The wind dried my armpit sweat through the vest armholes, while my breath kept my neck warm in the neck gaiter.

A scarf wouldn't have kept my neck nearly so warm, and would've irritated my skin by rubbing against it. The neck gaiter barely touches my skin, and is so light and soft I hardly feel it. Scarves are also bulky and awkward compared to the small part of the body they cover. By contrast, an unused nylon neck gaiter falls unobtrusively into one's collar and is quickly forgotten.

A jacket always makes my armpits sweat on walks like that, assuming it does its job of keeping me warm. The vest and gaiter combo kept warm air flowing to my core while cold air ventilated my armpits. It made me appreciate the beautiful spring day all the more.

I kept my neck gaiter up for the whole walk, not due to COVID19, but simply because it was more comfortable. My only regret was that I didn't get more sun on my face, but February is not ideal for tanning, even in Shenzhen.

I usually have seasonal allergies in spring and fall. Sure enough, after returning from my walk, I felt some rhinitis. It had been windy the whole time, which makes allergies worse. Fortunately, the gaiter blocked most of the wind from reaching my nose.

Before going out again, I applied some Vicks Vaporub to my neck. This is my standard counter to rhinitis. The gaiter allowed me to keep smelling the Vaporub even after I went outside again, surprisingly. I had no further trouble with rhinitis.

I conclude that I've been doing cool weather clothing wrong my whole life. The sequence goes:

  1. long sleeve shirt
  2. warm hat
  3. neck gaiter
  4. vest
  5. jacket or coat over the vest

The goal is to keep the center warm, from the head to the torso, while minimizing armpit and groin sweat.

Welcome winter humidity

Winter air is dry, because warmer air can carry more water than cold air. Neck gaiter air doesn't taste stale, but it does keep some warmth and humidity around the core, which is a welcome improvement in the air quality you inhale. This reduces respiratory irritation and thus susceptibility to disease.

That's assuming it's cold and you're wearing enough torso clothing to trap air. You probably wouldn't notice it in summer wearing a t-shirt.

Dirty mask?

Maskphobes love to tell horror stories about maskmouth and dirty masks reinfecting inhaled air. Such problems don't apply to neck gaiters.

Obviously masks need washing, just like underwear. Heavy use might even require a midday change, like sweaty workout clothes.

However, a neck gaiter is pretty resistant to getting foul. It's further from the nose and mouth, and air tends to flow more around it than through it.

One doesn't get that gross feeling of humidity-condensation stickyness buildup that makes disposable surgical masks feel like mouth diapers. Instead, I feel the neck gaiter makes my respiration more hygienic by reducing irritation from dry cold air.

Aryan privilege

Lastly, wearing a neck gaiter is Aryan privilege, one of the perks of having a big straight nose.

Many East Asians noses simply can't provide enough structural support. I find this hilarious. (Don't feel bad, Asians are super racist.)


Low Bridge/"Asian" Fit Glasses

These vids are very chipper and PC about it, but I've seen a meme of a very put-out Asian chick demonstrating her glasses slipping off her face. The nose envy is real, ya'll.

East Asians willingly wear disposable surgical masks because their short noses and flat faces can't support anything better, and because the flat mask is less uncomfortable for their flat faces. The mask bows out enough to give them breathing space. But Aryan prognathic faces project too much, making the disposable masks uncomfortable.

So wear a neck gaiter instead, Aryan.

VP folly

This post wouldn't be complete without a recent example of maskphobic stupidity:

VD's stupid suggestion to photo-shame mask-wearers

VD writes:

This might point towards effective rhetoric. When faced with a mask cultist, take a picture of them. When they ask what you're doing, point out that you just want a record of how stupid they were for the future.

I replied:

I doubt that will work, because the mask makes identification plausibly deniable. Masks embolden against shame, which is why whores went veiled in the Bible.

An Ilk defended his Dark Lord's inanity aggressively:

  1. Damelon Brinn February 17, 2021 10:03 AM

I doubt that will work, because the mask makes identification plausibly deniable.

Your retardation continues. It's not about identifying them in court; it's about the embarrassment they will feel at facing someone who knows they're a fraud. Pointing and laughing is also effective.

I replied:

Your retardation continues.

Retards have a childlike mentality. However, even children grasp the relationship between bank robbers, masks and cameras. Whipping out a camera invites the same response, initiating a conflict in which you are asymmetrically vulnerable.

Since you're feeling frisky, allow me to remind you that Ilk are still basic conservatards when it comes to maskphobia.


The VP mods censored this answer. However, another commenter supported my point:

  1. Jeroth February 17, 2021 10:13 AM

Most of these morons are proudly taking pictures of themselves in masks.

Because there's no downside, obviously.

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