Mengele the CIA mangler, or, the Illuminati are livestock

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cutlets of kings

Dr. Mengele was as evil as they say, and he continued practicing in the USA for the CIA, but he wasn't quite human. Certain Aryans of a Merovingian psychic bloodline are compatible hosts for Reptilian possession.

David Icke - Revelations, Arizona Wilder (1/2)

Reptilians are 4th and 5th Density, whereas humans are 3rd and animals are 2nd. This means Reptilians are psychic and interdimensional, with powers that appear magical to our science. Draco Alliance and Orion Group Reptilians are Chaotic Negative. Cut off from God, they sustain their longevity by energy vampirism. This means feeding on the vital energy of sapient beings, that knits body and soul together. As Reptilians are predators, this takes the form of ritual killing and devouring of terrorized psychic humans, usually children.

Open First Contact (OFC) between aliens and this iteration of humanity is still prohibited by government treaties concluded at the end of WW2, in which the USA effectively surrendered to Negatives in order to prevent the panic OFC would cause – such as the collapse of religion, obsoletion of fossil fuels, replacement of the US government by a 4th Reich puppet state, etc. After Eisenhower refused the offer of the Positive Arianni of protection in exchange for giving up nukes, the Negative New Swabian 4th Reich did flyovers of DC in Haunebu vimana until he surrendered. The effectiveness of the Haunebu had already been demonstrated by their effortless defeat of Byrd's Antarctic invasion fleet.

The Nazis turned to the Negative Reptilians when pushed into a corner by Communist Jewry. So with Eisenhower's surrender, Draco/Orion Reptilians now ruled the "free" West. Thus explaining why there is no escape for Arizona Wilder, whose tormenters operate with Gestapo (CIA) sanction.

David Icke interviews the horror-drowned woman without understanding the mechanics of Reptilian possession. True shapeshifting is gruesome and rare. However, ectoplasmic manifestion is a common paranormal phenomenon. 5th Density beings regularly manifest complete bodies for themselves, with great variability of form. 4th Density beings are much more limited. Often paranormals use a living human as a source of vital energy to generate ectoplasmic constructs. This is what occurs in the apparent "shapeshifting" that Wilder witnesses during rituals.

In certain Reptilian deep subterranean bases, many Negative 4th Density Reptilians float in transparent biogel tubes, while their dark spirits go forth to work upon the minds of men. "Possessed" Merovingian Illuminati elites have a Reptilian assigned to them full-time. When a scheduled ritual occurs, a Reptilian shaman sacrifices a human slave before the biogel tanks, in synchronization with the surface ritual. This creates a dark portal, through which the shaman may step to the surface. It also transmits energy, allowing the stasis Reptilian to "shapeshift" the possessed, building an ectoplasmic Reptilian body around the human host in an instant. This body is not biologically logical; such constructions do not need to be. Its only purpose is to facilitate the energy vampirism of the ritual, as the Reptilian rips and devours the blood and organs of the victim.

At this time, the Reptilian can be photographed as a monster, and his teeth and claws are quite real. At other times, the possessed merely shows flashes of Reptilian influence. These are not visible on camera, but only in the mind of the acute perceiver, whose latent psi abilities reveal the Reptilian presence riding a human mind. This is why people often claim to see a flash of Reptilian eyes in an evil elite's face.

Reptilians rarely visit Earth's surface in their own bodies, since the proliferation of cameras rendered doing so impractical. They have excellent psi mimicry, or rather humans are programmed to be easily duped by psi mimicry, into believing an alien is human. But this doesn't affect cameras.

Secrecy and lies are essential to the Negative agenda. The USA, having lost its faith in God, surrendered to a bluff, believing Hell stronger than Heaven.

my raw initial notes

Mind control abuse victim. Lots of missing time.

Illuminati, 13 bloodlines, octagon
are Reptilians, their blood helps compatibility
Reptilians need to drink their blood to stay sane or something. tastes best.
blonde or red heads.
New World Order - Nazis, Mengele

Reptilians feed in ceremonies

Janus group in Brussels Nato building
psychiatrists, into mind control
gave assassination order

Aryans from Mars
Reptilians invaded to rule and mix
Aryans went to moon, then retreated earth 6kya
4kya reptilians invaded earth, took over

claim Merovingian bloodlines

rank: hair down to knees

Illuminati head = Pendar, phallus of the dragon. Also Osiris, Horus
Osiris cut into 15 pieces, throw into the waters. Retrieved 14, phallus missing, replaced with golden phallus. Means superior seed.
high rankers impregnate aryan women with seed pendar

her role was a goddess, starfire, menstrual blood when terrified important, mother goddess
only three at a time, three male equivalents
she's a strong psychic
used her for prophecy and rituals: summoning reptilians "old ones". want out, need to be called, Reptilians aren't able to call them out, lack the power.
old ones ~ demons
circle hexagon pentagram triangle. stand in triangle so not taken. they can't get outside the pentagram. they demand to be released; need power to hold and banish.
they give knowledge. forced to cooperate.

banished to the abyss.

Egyptology and druidic. moon cycles.
bred ritual sacrifices
home births. kidnapped women. terrorized children best sacrifices. organs and blood consumed. every month a ritual, more than one usually.

Christmas druidic holiday
child who hangs last bulb on the tree (phallic symbol)
jon benet ramsey
Jon Bey is a name for Satan
she was the price of her family's involvement

Mengele was a shapeshifter. Makes sense.

Zecheriah Sitchin shapeshifted. Control narrative. Disinformer. Warned Icke off investigating Reptilians.
Gardner called menstrual blood starfire. Insider.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles' firstborn ritually killed. That is the price to marry.
Diana not at rituals, Queen Mother hated her. Discussed union between Dodi and Diana with father Fayed.
maybe both intentionally killed.

wear red robes with fleur de lis, naked beneath for shapeshifting. orgies happen too. royal family of britain.

reptilians live through multiple human bodies, when queen mother is too old, will switch to another shapeshifting-compatible body.

transformation very rapid
long tongue, claws, scales
lumps on head
appendages on back, vestigial wings
tail, curled
queen beige underside, dark brown speckled. protruding eyes, beige to gold to greenish gold. vertical slit.
hooded eyes about to do something
7ft tall

scent of blood causes shapehsifting. feeding frenzy.
around blood, can't hold human form

diana chosen before birth, name means goddess diana, as sacrifice

sometimes shapeshift when asleep, if lose focus.
diana menstruate or another woman could trigger shapeshift
diana numerological sacrifice. everything planned.
baron de rothschild there to take her soul. hypnotic stare and drawing in of breath.
dodi's unborn child. horus, isis and diana. tunnel of diana.

thinks prince william is son of pendar

year 2000 is year of horus reborn

Got more free when Mengele died, cuz programmers instill deep personal loyalty.
Baron de Rothschild couldn't fully regain control.
Still have plans for her.

David Icke - Revelations, Arizona Wilder (2/2)

finished the interview. grim.
and then they got to her again.

So I guess maybe shapeshifting can be real in very limited contexts. Blood rituals, specific bloodlines, focused Reptilian "possessor".

Alternatively, she was seeing the Reptilian possessors and their psi mimicry would come down during bloodlust. Not sure which. Could even be a mix of both.
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