Long term, we need peace with China

As a right-wing American expat living long-term in China, I should address the relentless anti-CCP slant of the US hard Right.

Before COVID19, my goal was to show that Christianity is the best choice for China's state religion.  Obviously that requires demonstrating that the Progressive Churchians agitating for color revolution are fake Christians, and that real ones are loyal to the legitimate government of China.  As an expat, this means ignoring China's internal affairs and criticizing expats who attempt to meddle.

Does that sound too dovish to you?  Are you a proud, toughguy China hawk?  Have you ever mindlessly supported HK democracy and Taiwanese independence?  Well you reap what you sow.  Have you enjoyed the past year?

After the accidental-malicious COVID19 scamdemic and Xi foolishly doubling down with his stealection digital Pearl Harbor, the USA is at war with China and that will continue until QTrump declares peace.  That is when I became a reluctant CCP dissident for the first time since I abandoned the cuckservatism of my young adulthood.

I suspect the best outcome of this war would be replacement of the ailing selfish shortsighted Xi with the CCP faction who wants to play fair with the USA.  But that is for the respective statesmen to decide.

The globohomo insane declining USA has done plenty to provoke China, including threatening the CCP's legitimacy by meddling in its sovereign affairs.  The USA should kick China out of North and South America and ignore what she does in Taiwan and Hong Kong.  That will allow China to refocus on her natural regional rival, Russia.  Which would split the tag team that strategically threatens to end the American people along with the US empire.

If Aryans try to overthrow the CCP and cause another chaotic Warring States period in China, the Chinese people will take that as provocation sufficient to justify genocidal extermination.  I strongly advise against it, for your grandchildren's sake.  Let them focus on the Japanese and Russians instead.

Perhaps the CCP will persecute me for dissidence, or perhaps there are too many expats saying worse things.  The fog of war descends.

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