Littlebook blog traffic report -- Exponential monthly bandwidth growth

Starting one's brand over from scratch is unwise for those not confident in their intrinsic abilities. I've never lacked confidence, at least in my intelligence. (I've learned by experience that other areas, such as social skills and diligence, can certainly degrade below viability due to ill-health.)

Well, I suppose that isn't quite true. Losing confidence in my intellect's absolute performance was the impetus to develop Cyborganize. However, I was willing to attempt the Cyborganize moonshot because I still had confidence in my intellect's relative performance.

Anyway, since I am relatively confident, I dared to wind down my fundamentally flawed Koanic Soul brand and relaunch under a split Littlebook/Cyberthal brand. The split allows me to address the skeptical moderate and the redpilled racist separately.

Initially my Littlebook websites languished in obscurity under their unknown brand. I didn't mind, since marketing is premature until Cyborganize is in beta. (You'll know I'm marketing when I start blogging on a real publishing platform such as Wordpress. I still need to upgrade the broken Ghost theme I'm using to the good popular one. Etc.)

Recently, however, bandwidth and traffic growth at my Littlebook-ghost blog has been exponential, especially over the last two months. January 2021 saw 656mb bandwidth on a lightweight Ghost blog with almost no images. December was 311mb.

Bandwidth Usage for Site littlebook-ghost:

Date Bytes
September 2020 79,597,732
October 2020 108,258,798
November 2020 175,012,961
December 2020 311,442,905
January 2021 656,179,545

I suspect the main reason for this growth is improving the procedures of my Pubmind publication pipeline, which has resulted in a larger supply of content reaching a readable medium. In other words, my raw thoughtstream has become more visible. Also, the 2020 election was big.

Littlebook-ghost blog comments haven't grown correspondingly, which suggests an encouragingly wise readership that understands the value of silence. Folly will not reinfect my post-Cyborganize sphere of influence.

Littlebook-ghost is a t3 blog, which is why I don't even have real analytics configured. Its only purpose is to dump my longform thoughts. However, it is nice to see that my thoughts are still competitive even in the post-blogosphere WWW Alt-Right. Most early-movers flamed out, unable to sustain their advantage against serious intellectual competition. I won't have that problem.

My big credibility boost will come after Q goes mainstream. The upcoming watershed will be Trump's Senate impeachment trial, where he'll introduce the real evidence of stealection 2020, I expect. That would justify the fact that the USA is under military administration, which would then permit revelation of this hidden fact with minimal collateral damage.

Right now most have dismissed Q, so I appear to be the same lunatic as Koanic Soul – which was actually a throwaway woo-exploration brand while I resolved whether I could speak freely under my patronymic or needed to secede from my patrilineage. Exploration as Koanic Soul also ensured I wasn't missing any further worldview-shattering red pills such as HBD.

OODA loop starts with Observe and Orient. I have observed the Orient, and planned the Occident's competitive path.

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