Life insurance companies will go under

…due to the massive rise in immune, neurological and circulatory- related deaths, particularly in the young.

Rise in Non-Covid-19 Deaths Hits Life Insurers

They've been hiding clot shot deaths by blaming COVID, but that won't last long, since Omicron is barely lethal and has immunized against all the other variants. (Except for those who took the mRNA vaxx, who can no longer achieve natural immunity.)

Omicron is another lab release by a different faction, intended to end the plandemic. It originated in South Africa. Basically they stole root variant samples from Wuhan and then subjected it to accelerated evolution until it was as harmless as the common cold. Viruses become less dangerous over time, to facilitate their spread without immune response or self-isolation interfering.

The exception is lab-grown viruses. China intended to keep releasing deadlier variants to exploit vaccine escape and vaccine-assisted infection targeting the West's poisonous mRNA vaccines; that plan is now foiled. China is locking down Shanghai and now Beijing fearing Omicron is their own strategy turned against them.

Courts are already ruling insurance companies don't have to pay for clot shot side effects claims, since the shots were "voluntary". Big Pharma will be sued into oblivion when fraud invalidates their immunity to lawsuits. CFOs are stepping down.

Not that it matters; WW3 is underway! Syria, Iran, Israel, Taiwan next. And famine.

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