Let's count: 4 times I've been right recently and VD wrong about Trump. Eat that, "shill" false accusers.

I've recently been accused a lot of being a shill etc for rudely contradicting conspiratarded MAGAts. Which is amusing, because these are the same foolish sorts who could not pay me to tolerate them back when I was Koanic Soul. One thinly disguised fellow in particular is still quite upset I refused his money. Really, if I were a sellout, what would I be doing talking to people banned from payment processors? Fools.

Anyway, the latest on my chopping block is the aptly named Vox Populi commenter SacrificialLamb, who confidently accuses me here. Let's slit his throat, shall we?

My initial comment answer to SacrificialLamb was deleted by VP moderators. So I rewrote this into a post. Turns out I've been on a roll lately. They should've let the first one through.

SacrificialLamb@176: Shut up yourself, liar.

If you "broke from VD's orbit", then why are you here?

When an object leaves a planet's orbit, does it leave the solar system, stupid? I wouldn't need a metaphor to say I stopped reading him.

I leave a link out of courtesy when my response is longer than is polite for a Blogger comment section. Since you seem interested in scoring my blog, let's see how many times I've correctly called out inaccurate conspiratorial speculation by VD recently:

  1. Vox couldn't spin Trump's border wall speech and quoted a doomer. I saw the reassurance in the "ramble".
  2. Vox cited theories positive and negative, and commended false hope. I found an implied inauguration sting in Trump's last two Tweets.
  3. Trump's supposed deepfake surrender video. I denied it was either in VP comments. It wasn't.
  4. VD posted graphics showing Supreme Court rejection of the Texas suit as a Q proof. I rebutted twice. VD's interpretation has gained no traction, whereas the interpretation I used was orthodox before and after. Lin Wood's recent dirt on the Supreme Court indicates they wouldn't help confirm Q.

If I were a shill, who besides Trump would be paying me? What goal do my posts exhibit, beyond preventing doomers from going off half-cocked? I certainly am being paid: in treasure in heaven for service to truth.

If I wished to disrupt the MAGAts, I would simply flatter and encourage conspiratarded theories such as TIPS-Stasi that demoralize MAGAts into believing there is ubiquitous street surveillance which they must peep at through their window blinds in paranoid paralysis. Wasn't Alex Jones paid by Mossad to do something similar? I know little of shill behavior, and am skeptical of those who claim they do. Recent experience of being called a shill at AC's and now here underlines that those who make the accusation are often liars.

A MAGAt is a MAGA civnat.

AC could've become known as a respected thought leader at http://greatawakening.win and other Qanon sites if he hadn't gone down the TIPS-Stasi bunny trail. Neon Revolt pursued his own conspiratardery that severely limited his appeal. As a result, both were ignored by the dedicated Qanon boards and Q.

While I'm offending, I note that the CCP is more nationalist than Trump, because the former is Han supremacist whereas the latter is not Aryan supremacist. Both the USA and the PRC are empires, not nations. Trump is a competent imperialist, which is much better than his globalist opposition.

Speculation is valuable. I recently posited that Project Bluebeam is a vehicle for ethereal demons to stage a Revelations unification of Earth. However, the broader the speculative horizon, the sharper the rational skepticism necessary.

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