Koan breath count system update

With these latest modifications, feels like my koan search is done. Granted, honeymoon period caveat.

The mnemonic:

1-5 (6)

Inhale is still zero, with the usual associations of death, void, failure, powerlessness, empty mind. At higher energy it evokes Earth orbiting the sun while rotating, to signify time's passage, and the urgent and weighty significance thereof, the scale of hurtling billions, an antidote to boredom and apathy.

Sometimes inhale is long and at high energy reaches to 1. Sometimes I'm too tired or pained to meditate, and only manage a zero on both inhale and exhale.

Count proceeds on exhale, ascending and descending on alternate breaths. The quantity of counts varies with energy level, from 1 to 5. E.g.:

inhale: 0
exhale: 1 2 3
inhale: 0
exhale: 3 2 1

The (6) is there for very high energy, as a faint bleedoff that occurs only when counting in ascending order.

The count occupies the linguistic inner monologue, but leaves plenty of mental bandwidth unoccupied.

Faint tongues/glossolalia fills some of that bandwidth, mostly without becoming linguistic.

Doing multiple things at once mentally sounds complicated, but it's not. Just practice it in a way that allows you to work, socialize and feel right, and it won't be wrong.

I find that tongues is good at expressing one's unconscious soul, which in turn reflects one's environment. However, that by itself is unsatisfactory - a mere description of what is. Tongues must be directed, given some willful intent.

I've tried directing tongues at Jesus or Jehovah, my conceptions thereof, but that doesn't feel satisfying and right. My imagination of them is so limited that it's rather depressing.

Also, tongues is not like a normal prayer, which is linguistic speech one addresses to a person, like an email. Tongues bandwidth is much fatter than linguistic speech. It's more like the full telemetry the Mars Rover sends to NASA. Tongues transmits the situation to a higher source.

Fallen Man cannot directly access Jehovah without immolating, and Jesus left so that the Helper could remain. The Helper's function is to remind us of scripture. When we examine Jesus' relationship with the Father, the most granular psychological tactic we can observe is his cognitive immersion in scripture, so that his speech becomes an allusive pastiche thereof.

So I believe the Bible is the correct "port" to which to direct one's tongues telemetry. That is the IP address of the Holy Spirit, the medium through which God communicates with fallen Man. The minimally invasive non-miraculous medium, anyhow. The principal of minimal divine invasiveness is an important one in the public contest between Satan and God on arena Earth. Our Earthly trial is exactly that.

In order for this to work, one must have a true intuition of the Bible, which in postmodernity can be achieved only via ABCS - audio Bible chapter shuffle.

So, tongues streams to the Bible. This somehow shapes my thoughts to a Biblical approach to the problems of the day.

This meditation is deceptively simple. It has to be simple to keep cognitive overhead low enough to permit performance.

  1. The count calms and clears, promoting presence in the now, yet offers tenacity against resistance.
  2. Tongues fills the non-linguistic mind with the fullness of one's dynamic concerns, both practical and spiritual
  3. Bible provides a stable strong intuition which receives and answers all that tongues expresses

As I struggle to find a way to express the relationship between 2 and 3, I'm reminded of the everyday reality of marriage. The woman's dynamic emotions beat against the man, who stands firm with steady purpose. This is as it should be. If the Church is the Bride of Christ, is it strange to find the soul is the bride of the Bible?

I wonder. If Jesus corresponds most directly to man's body, and Jehovah to man's spirit, then perhaps the Holy Spirit corresponds to the soul. It does seem to relate to the non-linguistic realm.

The question must be asked, if these koans are so great, why aren't they in the Bible?

  1. The Bible occurred long before post-modernity crippled men's souls so badly that they required prosthetics. Early church didn't need this.
  2. No zero back then
  3. No audio Bible chapter shuffle back then
  4. Progress is possible and our purpose, since God gave Adam the Garden
  5. The Bible wasn't written and assembled then either
  6. This facilitates writing the Bible on one's heart, like the printing press
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