JohnHereToHelp reveals Cabal's pedo-blackmail adoption method and Supreme Court Scalia murder

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  1. Sensational crimes or insane fiction?
  2. Whistleblower ID confirmed: JHTH
  3. JHTH previously revealed Adam Schiff Standard Hotel murder
  4. Disabled by torture
  5. Shocking claims
    1. Assassinating the Supreme Court
    2. Pedophile blackmail rings

Sensational crimes or insane fiction?

Lin Wood interviewed an anonymous whistleblower. VD describes the shocking claims.

VD doesn't know what to make of it. His policy is to avoid watching videos. Most of the VP comments were dismissive or uncertain.

I watched the videos, and I believe all of it. It fits with my analysis of the Cabal as requiring blackmail-rings for cohesion.

Whistleblower ID confirmed: JHTH

The whistleblower is Twitter@JohnHereToHelp, an account with 97k followers. He admits that he did the interview.

JHTH previously revealed Adam Schiff Standard Hotel murder

JohnHereToHelp previously broke the Adam Schiff Standard Hotel murder story, in which Schiff wore drag and raped an OD'd underage boy who died.


Disabled by torture

Dread Ilk Nate dismissed the whistleblower due to his mumbling voice. It's from torture:

JohnHereToHelp described how he and his wife were mercilessly tortured. JohnHereToHelp was tortured so bad (i.e., they water boarded him with liquid detergent) his respiratory and digestive systems are permanently injured. That’s why it’s hard for him to breathe and talk.

The dirty tricks squad meant to quietly murder JHTH, but bungled it. He blew their cover. So they tried to intimidate him into silence with torture. It didn't work.

Shocked? Don't be. The Cabal are powerful, murderous, Satanic sodomites.

Shocking claims

I'm unaware of a transcript for the video. It's easy enough to understand if one turns up the volume. A few of my notes after listening:

Assassinating the Supreme Court

JHTH got his information from working on the dirty tricks squad, which liked to gossip, apparently.

This squad assassinated Scalia. They used a custom drug that facilitates skin absorption of tailored toxins to simulate whatever medically-plausible cause of death is preferred.

Sound implausible?

For many years, certain super solvents such as dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) have been recognized as exceedingly skin-permeable substances and have been shown to greatly elevate the permeability of skin to many compounds to which intact human skin is normally an effective barrier. – source

Hillary and Obama initially planned on killing more supreme court justices. They'd use a sovereign-citizen white-nationalist false flag, then confiscate American guns and pack the courts. This plan fell through when JHTH blew the whistle.

Pedophile blackmail rings

Other gossip JHTH learned:

MKULTRA beta conditioned sex abuse victims are used as currency for entry into elite blackmail rings. One isn't trusted until one molests children on camera.

This is credible, because pedophile mafias are incredibly cohesive. They have nowhere else to turn.

Epstein procured two unrelated foster children from Wales for Roberts. Brother and sister, genetically unrelated. This offering brought him into the inner circle.

Mike Pence sexually abused Chief Justice Roberts' adopted children with his lovers.

There's more, but that gives you an idea.

What is truth?

You may not believe me. I understand. But there's one fact I've held back until the end.

It's a small, boring fact... about Lin Wood's job. He's a celebrity defamation lawyer.

Ask yourself this question: Why haven't any of these tremendously-powerful people he's accusing of the most lurid crimes ever sued Lin Wood for defamation?

Because truth is a perfect defense.

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