Is the Silver Lining to US Dollar Collapse the Golden Don's Pearly Smirk?

Table of Contents

  1. Reverse Robin Hood
  2. Epic QE
  3. Drug and Debt Addiction
  4. Bane's Silver Squeeze?
  5. Layman's reminder
  6. Silver shortage begins
  7. Are we dead yet?
  8. "E Pluribus Unum" ~ "One ring to rule them all"
  9. Trump's brinkmanship?

Reverse Robin Hood

Robinhood halted GameStop trading because evil (((banksters))) didn't want Redditors earning tendies, amirite?

It's a good story. But the truth may be more technical than the superficial narrative of oppressive elites. Let's review:

Epic QE

COVID19 precipitated massive QE atop already-massive QE.

Eventually, attempts to issue more debt fail due to "pushing on a string": Nobody will buy more debt. Deflationary debt deleveraging collapse follows.

Drug and Debt Addiction

On 4chan, US Senate Anon claimed USG's finances are critical and dependent on CIA drug money for liquidity. Trump sought to grow the US economy with American-school nationalism to eliminate this dependency so he could eliminate his enemies at the CIA.

The GME freeze and clawback was actually precipitated by a liquidity crisis at Robinhood that threatened the larger system.

Bane's Silver Squeeze?

#GME has now transitioned to #SilverSqueeze. It's rumored that a short squeeze on silver would break the banks and collapse the USD. Silver has been cornered before.

4Chan@Anonymous 01/31/21(Sun)10:18:23 No.542488072 Archived▶>>542488272

I work for a bank whose name I won't disclose. You fools. You have no idea what you're doing. No idea how serious this is. This isn't a simple get rich quick scheme. If there's a short squeeze on silver, all the banks will fail. Every single one. Eight of them are short silver and they would have to pay trillions to cover shorts if silver got to triple digits. The entire financial system will be destroyed if you do this. Silver is to the banks what GME is to Melvin Capital. Is this what you want to happen when we're in the middle of a pandemic? If the banks fall apart you will wipe out every single person who is holding dollars. What the hell is wrong with you. America will be destroyed. If you do this, don't think that we won't take away your silver just as we disabled your manipulated short squeeze stocks you unAmerican traitors. You've been warned.

The Reddit Retards have answered: "Crashing this plane… with no survivors!"

Layman's reminder

You may recall the Lehman Brother's collapse, which inadvertently brought everything else down with it, requiring massive bailouts.

The common theme here is QE pushed to the absolute limit, minimal liquidity left, and extreme fragility to modest shocks.

That explains the tone-deaf draconian responses to populist nihilist disruption of the stock market.

Silver shortage begins

Reddit-raiders spark nationwide physical silver shortage.

Watch Silver zoom on this chart.

Remember, the banksters suppress silver's price to keep their fake fiat money system viable, because hard money would collapse their scam.

Are we dead yet?

"In the long run we are all dead," John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), the great British economist, wrote in 1923 on the debate in Great Britain on restoring the pre-First World War fixed exchange rate system known as the gold standard.

Keynes' long run is about to arrive, and a lot of people may wind up prematurely dead. Now that's the kind of self-fulfilling prophecy I can appreciate!

It's like telling your patients to take two rounds of .45 ACP to the temple and call in the morning if they don't feel better. You can definitely sleep in.

"E Pluribus Unum" ~ "One ring to rule them all"

Do you know the meaning of "E Pluribus Unum" on the Federal Reserve Note?

"Out of many banks, one
Under Roth
Enforced by war
With accountability to none."

The logical outcome of bank unification is currency unification, followed shortly by government unification: Babel, reborn.

Now do you see why the Ashkenazim are Satan's chosen people?

Now, what happens when there's a run on the one, true bank?

Would its promises become worthless? Would bullion remonetize? Would crypto monetize for the first time?

Let's find out.

Trump's brinkmanship?

Q has promised to awaken America by bringing her to the PRECIPICE of destruction.

The Republican Party just went there when Trump contemplated forming the Patriot Party.

Now it's the banksters' turn.

Coincidence? Those are piling up in the brief window of Biden's "reign".

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