Is InfoGalactic's decay into obsolescence an existential threat caused by Vox's strategic blunder?

Vox's InfoGalactic is already decaying into disutility.  IIRC the data was forked in 2017.  I doubt that's repeatable.  Maybe that was a strategic error that will kill the project, and VD should've built up his workforce elsewhere first.  For example, on Gab, which he was also wrong about.  The Parler disaster happened partly because VD et al stopped endorsing Gab, which is at least secure.  Without that split in the movement, Gab's performance and growth would've been better, doubtless.  Meanwhile VD's Alt-Lite allies such as Cernovich and Milo have faded into anti-Trump irrelevance, suggesting the unprofitability of the compromises he made for their alliance.

I don't know how bad this problem is for InfoGalactic.  I only know that I need to check Wikipedia after IG, to ensure I haven't missed something added in the last 4 years.  Which discourages me from using IG unless I know the truth is twisted on Wikipedia.

Not that I'm against eventually contributing to IG, once I start writing T1 content worthy of it.  But I'd have to wonder whether I was wasting my time, and that can kill a project.  I'm zealous enough to do it anyway, but zealots are rare.

Still, since VD has consistently predicted Gab's failure due to strategic error, it is fair to ask:  What is IG's solution to this apparent existential threat?

In case it isn't obvious, I know almost nothing about the project, so that's a genuine question.

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