Interviewing AC about his new Qanon book

This is a reply to AC's comment here.  My reply is overlong and I fear Wordpress would lose my link formatting, so I made it a blog post instead.

Part 1

Very interesting, thanks for the detailed reply!  When I write the review I'll send you the link, I'd appreciate the plug.  I do have big things planned, and I'll be demoing my new intelligence software using Qanon as subject matter, thanks to your book.

First, let me strongly suggest that you are overapplying the surveillance paranoia as a lifetime explanation for social phenomena.  I also read James Lafond, a writer of comparable graphomania to your own.  I suspect you are similar in your conservative masculinity, martial confidence, and intellectual bent.  He gets a LOT of weird social reactions, many of them hostile, simply because he is a masculine man and carries himself as such.  The USA is degenerate, declining, undergoing a Progressive Left singularity, and testosterone is falling off a cliff.  Masculine white men are demonized as the ultimate evil.  The media-brainwashed will therefore see you as the devil incarnate.

Lafond has also been targeted a tiny amount by unknown surveillance, likely related to Aryan nationalism.  But the vast majority of harassment has come from random civilians, cops, criminals and gangs.

Re EO Wilson, maybe he's just a leftist who got turned off by you exceeding his threshold of right-wing acceptability.  Your right-wingness is quite aggressive and I can easily see it blowing out a wimpy geek scientist who gets along with that crowd.  Autoconspiracy is generally all that's needed to keep scientists in line.  Let's see… His Wikipedia doesn't even have a controversy section, yet he's the father of sociobiology.  He's a secular humanist.  He's a Prog.  It's unsurprising he ghosted you.

On the targeting I am 98% sure my mom was a target when she was a little kid, based on stories she told of people talking loudly around her on public transportation about things personal to her.

Alternative explanation:  Personal matters are common tropes, and paranoia is heritable.

Part of my antisocialty came from my history in school, where a lot of the kids around me growing up were weird. I am quite certain there were more kids than normal who were them in my school, based on a whole range of strange scenarios that kept happening. Whether that was because I was a target, or whether that school was some sort of Cabal-school the Secret Society sent their kids to, if whether it is like that in most suburban schools, I do not know. I ended up just thinking I was weird and was one of those people who prefered animals to people, but now I look back and realize what I was keying into that was off, was the vibe they have when they are observing you, and setting up scenarios, and probing for info, and trying to seem like they aren’t interested. I later would see some of them as an adult, in places I went, and think it had to be coincidence, but now I realize it was not.

You are a globally unique individual, or else there would be others like you online, and you would find each other.  Of course you were alienated as a kid.  All outlier Thals are.  If you'd grown up in an ethnostate, there would've been higher tolerance for psychodiversity.  But you grew up in the lowest-common-denominator US melting pot.

Thanks for clarifying re the neighbors.  Sounds like you were targeted.  The use of "them" was an unclear pronoun antecedent.  It sounded like your old neighbors moved back in.

Like Q said, this thing is bigger than anyone would believe.

Q himself is paranoid, which is his job as spymaster.  For example, COVID19 was accidentally released, then opportunistically exploited.  Not deliberately released, as Q believes.

I'm not convinced that Q agrees with your thesis of massive ground surveillance.  I don't see why it would be necessary, given pervasive digital surveillance.  Nor would it be feasible to keep such a thing secret.  The USA's ability to punish leakers is weak compared to serious countries such as China, which kill the families of traitors, as is Biblical.  The things Q has already revealed are bigger than anyone would believe.  I won't add your ground game thesis to them unless Q confirms.  You can always ask him on 8chan or wherever he is now.

I found his use of a phrase not many would know, but which I was quite familiar with interesting.

You mean idee fixe?  It really fits your MO, which is brilliant marketing.  Usually intellectuals can't popularize themselves.  In that you're gifted.  I most recently heard the phrase in Alizee's best song.  (Sadly, she doesn't like them.)

The sonic dementor

You never moved around while the beam was hitting you?  Why not?  Would it just shut off if you moved?  It would be good evidence if you found the beam attenuated based on position, during active movement.

Wikipedia> the resonant frequency of the eye given as 18 Hz by NASA.

I guess 4Hz could resonate with bigger body organs.  It's an interesting choice of frequency, because it corresponds with the high end of delta sleep.  Perhaps the goal was to disturb during sleep.

What was the rating on the pain/discomfort scale, with some reference points?

Maybe one of the harasser's goals was psychological research.  That would fit with the MK Ultra MO.  Perhaps there's a crew that makes an art of scrambling target brains.  It wouldn't be easy to project the infrasound from one house to another, but with nearby sensors for feedback, I suppose it's technically possible.

Even in a very primitive form, this technology has value to the state, because even naturally-occurring infrasound disturbs people, and disturbing a certain target at a certain time has intelligence value.  Gradually the technology evolved.  Now it can discredit dissidents, intimidate enemies, and trigger the unstable to run amok.

To compress the infrasound into a sphere that travels the body seems an impossible feat.  But the harassers did require a day to target a new spot, so clearly it wasn't easy.  Onsite sensors would provide targeting feedback.

Ok, I found the technology.  Here's a sonic tractor beam which proves the concept of targeting a tiny sphere with resonance.  Instead of ultrasound, the harassers used infrasound, and they did it on a house scale instead of a flashlight scale.  Like a small rock concert.

(Of course, this proof is merely suggestive, but since I'm not an audio engineer, suggestive is where I should stop.)

It needs a name; I propose "the sonic dementor."

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