Anonymous Conservative hit by Cabal/CIA harassment weapon: The Infrasonic Insomniator

Persecution and Paranoia

The State will always persecute the impertinent dissident who dares defy it.  Therefore the Cabal, which fancies itself the State in the USA, decided to punish unauthorized scientist and blogger Anonymous Conservative.

This harassment followed publication of AC's r/K theory book.  Presumably he began blogging vigorously about various leftist politicians, and someone took offense.  I wish he would check the date his surveillance harassment began, to determine whether any popular blog posts during the prior period could've caused such offense.

Unable to make him drink hemlock, since dead bodies create murder investigations, the Cabal instead settled for surveillance, doubtless under false pretenses.  If they can spy on President Trump, they can certainly spy on a suspiciously White and Nationalist threat such as AC.  His use of carnivorous metaphors suggests a violent personality!

Probably after realizing that AC is basically a Boy Scout and cleaner than a whistle, they switched to harassment and intimidation.  A logical escalation.  Weaker personalities will succumb to chronic stress and paranoia.  Hemingway, the supposed pinnacle of authorial masculinity, committed suicide over it.

Cowards back off at this point.  Others fear for their families.  A threatening caller who describes where one sleeps can be quite persuasive (and has been, or so I hear).

Unfortunately AC would rather die than yield to evil.  Lots of people are like this.  Not proportionally, but cumulatively.  States know how to handle them, too.

The mentally inflexible are often crazy and therefore easy to discredit.  A prophetic type will insist on saying whatever truth he witnesses regardless of public perception.  It's easy to make him sound crazy by staging something incredible for him to report.

You can see how wonderful it is to put one's political opponents under surveillance.  There are so many ways to render them harmless.  If one method fails, the next may succeed – the solution is always just more surveillance!  Hence the historical frequency of police states.  As followers of Qanon know, "It can't happen here," is both naive and false:  It already has.

Of course, perhaps AC is paranoid.  Scratch that, he is definitely paranoid.  I challenge anyone not to become paranoid after being placed under surveillance.  Human beings are not designed for that level of stress.  If you have never legitimately feared that strangers would attack you from behind, feel fortunate.

So how do we separate AC's paranoia from actual Cabal harassment?  By intelligence, of course!

The Infrasonic Insomniator

Intelligence involves reading and analyzing reports.  If the CIA can do it, so can we.

(Unless otherwise noted, quotes are from Anonymous Conservative's Qanon book and this blog posts's comments.)

Bedroom buzzing

I did have one really weird night where it was as if my entire bedroom was buzzing from all walls and the ceiling and floor. Imagine the way you’d hear a buzz if you had some car-motor running just outside your house, only a little more of a buzz than a rumble, louder than a car outside would be, and seemingly coming from every plane. I opened a sliding glass door and stuck my head outside, and it was total, eerie silence. Close the door, and the room is buzzing. I have no idea what that was.

This was an attempt to recreate the "haunting" of Vic Tandy, by broadcasting the resonant wavelength of AC's bedroom.


Note AC's diction:  "eerie".  They were checking his supernatural fortitude.  Since the trick wasn't repeated, we may assume he passed.  Ghostbuster material!

4 Hz hurts

Counting 4 Hz

When I fell asleep in front of the TV and it hit, I woke quickly without moving, looked at the TV, which had a clock from the surveillance, and I began counting vibrations over exactly one minute, with 1, 2, 3… ten, 1, 2, 3… twenty, 1, 2, 3… Thirty, and so on. I counted perfectly like my life depended on it, and in exactly one minute, I got exactly 240 pulses on the change of a second, so it was exactly 4 Hertz, on the dot. If my body were just spasming or something neurologically, I doubt the spasms would have produced a number perfectly divisible by an arbirary time measurement chosen by humans, like 60 seconds. Had I gotten 137, or 253, maybe it was me. But I think it being 240 exactly affects the probabilities.

We really must salute the scientist under siege, who came away from a cowardly attack with the enemy's trade secret!  This act of heroism produced the single strongest evidence that AC was not hallucinating.  4 Hz is much more than just a random round number.

The abdominal cavity resonates at 4-8 Hz

Does the human body have a resonant frequency? If so, how strong is it?
Asked 8 years ago

What a curious coincidence.  Almost as if…

4 Hz maximizes damage = smoking gun

Automotive Industry Institute

A change in the body position that results in a change in the body contact with the vibrating surface, such as the seat backrest, may also have an impact on the vibration effects [3]. The sitting man’s vulnerability to vibration with a frequency of 5 Hz is 10 times as high as that observed at 100 Hz [4]

Sounds like 4-5 Hz maximizes damage to the human body.

Table 1. Examples of natural frequencies of organs and parts of the adult human body, determined experimentally [9]

The table reveals that 4-5 Hz is the sweet spot to maximize discomfort to both head and torso!

Why 4 Hz rather than 5?  Well, AC is a big guy, I'm guessing, which calls for a lower frequency for a larger wavelength to resonate his body.

Here's a list of symptoms the table reports.  Remember that the context is industry, not weaponry, so lethal intensities aren't considered.

Pains, vertigo, disequilibrium, feeling of pressure in the larynx, nausea, forced rotational movements of the head, dysarthria, general state of psychophysical tiredness
Respiratory disorders, breathlessness, quickening of breath, feeling of anxiety, quickening of pulse, variations in blood pressure, quickened heart beating, speech disorders, general ill-being

Sounds very disturbing.

The first few days I looked at this story, I didn't find anything that suggested special significance for 4 Hz.  All the numbers I was seeing in popular literature (such as Wikipedia) were higher.  For example, Vic Tandy found 19 Hz causes fear and hallucinations.  4 Hz seemed too low, which made me doubt AC's story.

I did one last check, just to be sure, trying to determine the resonant frequency of body organs larger than an eyeball.  And bam, I find that 4 Hz is actually the most damaging possible frequency for a large reclining man!

That's a smoking gun.  It strongly suggests deliberate and expert malice.

Infrasound weapons

DoD infrasound pierces walls

Sonic weapon | Military Wiki | Fandom

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has demonstrated[citation needed] phased arrays of infrasonic emitters. The weapon usually consists of a device that generates sound at about 7 Hz. The output from the device is routed (by pipes) to an array of open emitters. At this frequency, armor and concrete walls and other common building materials allow sound waves to pass through, providing little defense.[10]

China has infrasound crowd control?

China Develops Portable Sonic Weapon for Crowd Control

The specific name of the research project was “portable low frequency high decibel focused acoustic device in crowd dispersion for police use.”

Of course, one cannot trust a Chinese press release.  However, the absence of a more credible story demonstrates that infrasound weapons are kept quiet (pun).

For spooks not soldiers

The existence of sonic weapons isn't controversial.  LRAD has been used recently against Antifa/BLM. Vibration Due to Low-Frequency Sound
Air pressure variations impinging on the human body produce some vibration, but due to the large impedance mismatch nearly all energy is reflected. At low frequencies where the body dimensions are smaller than the wavelength, e.g., above 2 m for frequencies below 170 Hz, the same momentary pressure applies everywhere, and the tissue behaves as a viscoelastic fluid with much lower compressibility than air. The exceptions are where enclosed air volumes render the body surface softer, as in the ear, where 90% of the impinging energy is absorbed, or at the lungs, where the chest wall or the abdomen can move more easily if external pressure/force is applied.
Because the external pressure simultaneously produces air flow through the trachea into and out of the lungs, the inner pressure counteracts the chest wall and abdomen movements. The system acts much more stiffly than with unidirectional vibratory excitation, and the resonance (with the highest velocities per sound pressure and thus highest tissue strains) is at 40 to 60 Hz instead of one tenth of that value.


This explains why the Infrasonic Insomniator works only on sleeping targets -- they need to be in contact with a solid surface, not air.  A standing target could only be targeted by something like the 19 Hz spooky eyeball resonance.  4 Hz would be ineffective.

Infrasonic weapons either do not exist, or are classified.  Now we know why:  Infrasonics make bad military weapons, and are good only for harassment and torture – in other words, classified spook work.

The US military openly uses loud rock music and sleep deprivation during "enhanced interrogations".  It would be unsurpising to find infrasound is a classified component of that process.  Infrasound is more sophisticated than hitting a suspect with a phone book, but basically the same thing.  It damages without leaving a mark for the media to call a war crime.

Insomniator False Flag Induction

On the vibrations, I did move sometimes, and it would abate as you moved, though you would have a sort of after-effect that would take minutes to abate. Part of the problem was they would wait until you were just about to hit that deep sleep, where you don’t want to get up, and even though it would wake you. That is why I think the other cases I cite who had it would find it so tiring. Do you get up and move, destroying your sleep entirely yourself, and then probably get hit again just as you are finally entering deep sleep, or do you just give up, take it and try to get some sleep, and endure the damage. You are getting screwed either way.
It also may make you angrier, maybe the same way traumatic brain injury makes people angrier, so you are not as clear headed.

I was always skeptical of the Cabal's ability to induce lone wolf attacks, but this tech fits.  It's blunt and unreliable, but improves the odds of a disturbed man snapping, particularly one on SSRIs.

Surveillance can determine the likely target of his ire, and even nudge him in a desired direction.  What does the FBI do, but set up patsies to commit crimes, and then bust them?  "Forgetting" that last step can be awfully convenient.

Aaron Alexis, a Navy veteran and military technology contractor who went on to do a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard claimed to have been woken up regularly by his “gangstalkers” with such an effect. Also, the killer of Deputy Natalie Corona left a suicide note saying he was killing a Police Officer because he believed it was the Police who had organized his gangstalking. He claimed they were following him around, and that he could no longer take the sonic vibrations waking him up every night. I can attest, they do pretty significantly degrade brain function and degrade sleep, whatever they do. They are strangely physically/mentally agitating, and after you are hit, sleep is nearly impossible for at least an hour or more. Ofttimes I would get up and put the time to use posting a surveillance-exposing, surveillance-detection blog post in retaliation.

Where did it come from?

The evolution of the infrasonic insomniator

Even in a very primitive form, ambient infrasonic spookiness is a useful tool for State intelligence.

Even naturally-occurring infrasound disturbs people.  Disturbing a certain target at a certain time has intelligence value.

All that remained was to refine the technology over time.  Now it can discredit dissidents, intimidate enemies, and trigger the unstable to run amok in a semi-predictable fashion.  An excellent investment!

James Tilly, first target?

The earliest case of which I am aware was the case of James Tilly Matthews (1710-1850). He was a peace activist during the French Revolution, who almost interceded successfully in heading off war between England and France through diligent third-party negotiation.37 Failing, he returned to England, making accusations of treason by its leaders, to the point the government simply declared him “not of sound mind,” and had him institutionalized.
While institutionalized, he was deemed of such sound mind that the institution paid him for architectural drawings he produced for a remodeling of the facility. The proprietor of a subsequent, “more genial” institution he was transferred to regarded him as entirely sane, and even employed him during his residence as a book keeper and gardener.
Once queried by doctors on his arrival at the institution, Matthews began to matter-of-factly relate that there were teams of spies and criminals all throughout England, embedded in the populace and posing as regular citizens. These teams were networked together, operating as a single unit, under a central leadership, and each was responsible for specific neighborhoods. Their purpose was a mix of surveillance of the populace, and harassment of some who involved themselves in politics, and he described them as having a high level of technological sophistication, especially for the times.
He reported that in some cases, including his, they were using a weapon he referred to as an “air-loom.” It was some sort of remote-energy-weapon used to physically torment those who attempted to involve themselves in politics. It generated energy which was beamed at the targets through the walls of their residences at night. The device was supposedly housed somehow adjacently to the target residence, and could be tuned to produce various effects on the target.
It is a curious anecdotal description of what people today refer to as directed energy weapons, which are reported as being used on targets of the modern surveillance machine, by some of the people who run into this machine today.
On the one hand, today's technology would not have been available to the people of the time. This would seem to speak to his account being the product of an overactive imagination. On the other hand, there have been cases where buildings have been described as having produced symptoms of physical illness and altered mental states in those who entered them. The sources of the illnesses were tracked back to some mechanical device which was unknowingly releasing infrasound waves as it operated, which had accidentally sickened the entire buildings. It is not impossible such reports might have generated interest from those in power at the time and been studied more intensely by the specialists they had access to.
Given Europe's intense interest in sound and musical instruments at the time, I could see such a technology developing, using some type of bellows-type forced air to produce such such infrasound waves. Moreover, specific frequencies of infrasound waves could be produced at the time by “weaving” various different frequencies of sound waves together constructively and destructively, to produce specific infra-sound-length wavelengths, making his use of the word “loom” quite curious. And as this article shows, his description of symptoms, even difficulty breathing, would be consistent with infrasound exposure.
So all of this would be something that could have been technologically feasible in such a musical culture, and although he seemingly had no reason to have any knowledge of any of this, he described it quite accurately.38
Also strange is he would describe these operations as being housed in adjacent residences. Most people would think an intelligence/surveillance operation acquiring a neighboring residence to base operations out of would be unusually difficult and unlikely. But we will show evidence later that such action is in fact standard operating procedure for surveillance/intelligence operations, and we will show where it has been described on such notable TV shows as 60 Minutes by such knowledgeable individuals as high ranking FBI counterintelligence/surveillance operatives.
It is strange Matthews would, as a layman, describe a potentially viable technology of the time which could produce physical symptoms such as he would describe – moreover, a technology which would seem quite impossible to laymen, and which he himself did not fully understand. It is also strange it should so closely parallel what numerous people describe today. And simultaneously, he described a seemingly impossible mission parameter of basing intelligence/surveillance operations out of a neighboring residence, and yet this is standard operating procedure for such operations, though it is not known to the general public.

Indeed, James Tilly Matthews account today is officially cited as the first documented case of paranoid schizophrenia with delusions of persecution, implying all such allegations today would immediately, de facto, be cases of diagnosable mental illness with delusions.


Below I've arranged AC's testimony about the behavior of a "resonant sphere" which the Infrasound Insomniator could generate in his body, given favorable conditions.

One can imagine the experience was extremely disturbing, even terrifying.  I hope to demystify its operation so that future targets don't have to fear an imminent stroke or supernatural visitation.

Sphere feasibility: sonic tractor beam

To create a sphere of sonic resonance at a distance seems an impossible feat.  But the harassers did require a day to target a new spot, so clearly it wasn't easy.  Perhaps they had geophones or bugs in AC's house, to provide feedback.

A sonic tractor beam  targets a tiny sphere.  The infrasonic insomniator merely uses a different scale and frequency.

Other comparable technologies include stereotactic surgery and the "sweet spot" audio engineers create at rock concerts.

I lack the expertise to evaluate feasibility further.

Pepsi barium swallow?

Just before I had gotten hit in the beginning, I had a case of Pepsi which tasted funny, lke there was vastly less sugar in it. I assumed stupidly it was piss poor quality control, and drank it for the caffiene but I have wondered if there was something they had gotten in that which diffused through my tissues and was what the tech vibrated.

Perhaps they have some kind of imaging that can detect when the resonance sphere is on target.  Thus it's easier to lock onto center mass first, rather than targeting the head first, which is smaller, and therefore gives less feedback about misalignment.

If the Pepsi was indeed spiked, then perhaps it was to provide imaging feedback to dial in the infrasound resonance properly, like a barium swallow.  That would explain why the Pepsi was less sweet – it was diluted.

Always stationary

I never had it while I was moving, so I think it needs the target stationary, probably because it is exploiting some sort of resonance effect. Most times it would happen just as you were in the twilight period, about to enter deeper sleep, though I have been woken from deeper sleep by it.

Nasal drip infrasound warmup

As you are laying there, one thing which seemed related, though I have no idea why, is I would get a sort of nasal drip, or sensation of having to clear my throat about sixty seconds before it would hit. It was related enough, I would feel a nasal drip and sudden need to clear my throat, and think, “here it comes.” It would begin like a vague vibration, usually in the abdomen, as if invisible fingers were to slip through the abdominal wall, grab just your viscera, and begin pushing and pulling it fast, about four times per second.

Sounds like an infrasound warmup, with the vibration promoting mucosal flow.  But the Db and resonance were not yet high enough to perceive consciously, beyond the mucosal effect.

Sphere could only manifest near the surveillance house

When I was in the house away from where the neighbor’s kid lived, it was a more diffuse, all over effect. When I was in the house near the neighbor whose kid talked about following me, it felt like a sphere that would vibrate, probably 8-10 inches in diamter, and it could move over the body. So it could begin in the abdomen, and move slowly up to the head.

Sphere effects

It would begin like a vague vibration, usually in the abdomen, as if invisible fingers were to slip through the abdominal wall, grab just your viscera, and begin pushing and pulling it fast, about four times per second.
When it hit the head, it would give that sensation in the sinuses you get the first time you get punched in the nose fighting. If you have trained, you will understand how that first puch is different from all the later ones. This would do that, but rather than a sudden strong sensation, it was like a blurred out slow application of the sensation. It would also leave you blurry mentally, for lack of a better explanation.
It hit my abdomen, moved up to my heart, and then hit my thyroid one night, and I think it mixed heart damage of some sort to trigger inflammation/irritation, with abdominal damage to trigger inflammation, and then hit the thyroid, which maybe set off a sort of inflammatory thyroid storm and my heartrate went through the roof, up to like 140 bpm. I have no idea if that is how they try to trigger heart attacks with it, or if they did that purposely, but it is definitely a dangerous technology.
It wasn’t painful in the stomach, but it felt like it could have been damaging something the way your hand might swell up after using an orbital sander, even though that isn’t painful per se. It literally felt like someone was shaking your insides, and you would feel physically amped after it, I assume because of some sort of nerve inflammation of irritation. The amped was an unhealthy-feeling amped, and it would make it difficult to fall back asleep, even if you were very tired. Hitting the head was unpleasant, I would liken it to 4 very small, almost imperceptible concussions per second, any one of which would be meaningless, but after a couple of minutes, you would be measurably dulled mentally, your eyes would ache a little, so it was doing something inside.
I would rate the whole thing as more irritation than pain, and maybe a bit of a time waster by making my sleep time less productive. I took it as a fuck you, though I am not certain what the long term effects of it will be.

Sphere movement

They target your body’s center mass, lock that in, then walk it up to the head?
That was how it began, but as time went on, it could come in from the legs, or start in the head, and it would often walk around, in an intelligent way in which you could almost see the operator guiding it around.

Sounds like an ultrasound tech imaging one's organs.  Probably the intent was simply to frighten.

Dodging the sphere

I found at first it seemed moving around could buy me a night of peace, like it took them a night of scanning or something to figure out how to get it focused to a specific spot, and then the next night I would get it. I also found that obstructions could impede it, but it seemed they could over time work around it. A faraday cage was of no use in stopping it. What did seem to obstruct it was dense stone, like a fireplace, but I got the impression they would redeploy it from another house if I used that spot too long.
One night it felt like it was coming from an unusual direction, I went outside, and heard a helicopter hoving in that direction, though I have no idea if they were deploying it from the air.

Good penetration fits infrasound.  It takes time for audio engineers to adjust a sweet spot.

An LRAD has impressive range.  I don't know whether the infrasound equivalent could work from a helicopter.

Tapered off

Finally, they seemed to keep doing it, but it lost its efficacy as time went on. Just before I had gotten hit in the beginning, I had a case of Pepsi which tasted funny, lke there was vastly less sugar in it. I assumed stupidly it was piss poor quality control, and drank it for the caffiene but I have wondered if there was something they had gotten in that which diffused through my tissues and was what the tech vibrated. As time went on, maybe my system washed it out, and the vibrations got weaker and weaker, until they more or less stopped. It has been a while now without them, and I am much more prone to just throw out anything which tastes even just a little off, and I tried to tighten up my grip on my food security. It is a pain in the ass, becasue it adds still more cost to having live with this bullshit.
Then again, I instituted a policy where vibrations would produce surveillance detection pieces, and I could clearly have done a lot of surveillance detection pieces, and was willing to take any level of damage they could provide to continue resisting. So it is also possible they toned them down gradually to try and find a level of vibration where they could do damage and degrade me, but not be noticable enough to trigger a surveillace detection piece, and eventually they gave up as the whole thing seemed counter-productive to their operational objectives.

Why a sweet spot?

One of the problems with infrasound is protecting the operator from its harmful effects. After all, infrasound goes through walls... in all directions.

The higher the frequency, the more directional the source.


Presumably that's why the LRAD doesn't use infrasound.

This rejected patent suggests the Chinese have found a way to make infrasound directional, and it may well have been stolen from the USA.  (Its translation is barely legible.)


An infrasound weapon operator who was standing upright behind the emitter would take less damage thanks to leg damping, but he'd also be closer to the source.

This may explain why the infrasonic insomniator relies on generating a sweet spot. Two or more tight-beam emitters that converge at the target would pose much less risk to operators than one giant emitter that blasts everything around it.

There is already lots of pre-existing technology for creating a stereophonic sweet spot, so perhaps the infrasonic insomniator uses only two emitters to take advantage of it:

A Real-time Audio System for Adjusting the Sweet Spot to the Listener's Position | Request PDF

The insomniator needs to achieve constructive interference at the sweet spot, but the two beams may travel through different thicknesses of different materials, affecting the speed of sound, and which may put the two beams out of phase when they cross.

A barium swallow would permit easy through-wall realtime imaging of soft tissue vibration, allowing the operator to tune the waves into phase.

Or maybe no imaging is necessary, and the effective range for the sphere is short enough that the waves don't get very out of phase.


Much remains speculative about the nature of this classified infrasound psychological weapon.  However, the selection of 4 Hz, a frequency designed to inflict maximum damage to a reclining human, demonstrates that the Infrasonic Insomniator is real and has been deployed against innocent American patriots by evil men -- most likely the same rogue CIA that gave us MKUlTRA.

If you find yourself the victim of a similar attack, the best way to protect your sleep would be to buy a digital vibration meter, log the results, and post them online.

One would have to be a very stubborn "coincidence theorist" to believe not only that AC hallucinated a vibration of exactly 4 Hz, but also that he selected the maximally-damaging frequency at random, and described it in a manner consistent with known sonic technology.

The Cabal was blindsided by the Internet in the 2016 election, and Qanon has been methodically destroying their power since.  As a popular conservative blogger who doubtless strongly influences the permanent browsing patterns of readers who encounter him, Anonymous Conservative is a priority target for intimidation.  I have heard that Google maintains a target list of such sites, for suppression on its search engine results.  I have also heard that Cabal intelligence agents target that same list for suppression in the real world.  Considering that Q tells us Google and Facebook began from and still are intelligence operations, it would be incompetent of our enemies to do otherwise.

However, it was desperate and foolish of them to use an observable biological attack on a tough-minded scientist.

The lesson is simple:  Don't shoot a combat biologist with your spooky scare-gun, because he will scientific method your state secrets all over the Internet.

And then you might just end up kicking your loafers and shitting your pants at the end of the noose of the second American Revolution.

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