In which I am warned to remain silent about Primeverdants, and refuse

Table of Contents

  1. Primeverdants vaguely warn me to remain silent
  2. I continue spreading the good news

Primeverdants vaguely warn me to remain silent

[message redacted]

The meaning is apparent. Primeverdants took action to silence Throawaylien. Googling for
verdant alien
returns nothing on the front page other than the conveniently-deceased and discredited Philip H. Krapf. This is a warning not to talk about the Verdants.

Primeverdants don't mind Earthling casualties, even ones inflicted by their own hands. The soul is immortal, after all. Some of their abductee tests were fatal.

I continue spreading the good news

Well, murdering me would be cheating. I detected the Verdants fair and square, thanks to this:


The Primeverdants can certainly silence me, and then they can answer to Jesus Christ for it.

Until then, I will continue to spread the good news of prophet Chris Jenkins and a universe hungry for the Gospel. Doing so requires identifying the Primeverdants, who are the source of Throawaylien's explanation for alien interest in Earth religions.

If the Primeverdants must squash me to prevent that message from spreading, then Humanity's freewill has been infringed, giving Heaven greater latitude to act. Pawns do not retreat.

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