In a startling reversal, Anglin begins to Trust the Plan, and Q.


I think Anglin is correct that now is a good time to stand up and be counted at PRO TRUMP rallies, especially ones officially connected with Trump.  

Trump appears serenely confident as he advances towards destruction of the Democrat Party.  However, a rally like an election is a show of force, a proxy for civil war.

It is a bad idea to attend an Alt-Right rally, because Trump's Fedgov will persecute us, never mind the Democrats.  Given that we are a hated minority, it's probably best for the Alt-Right to stay home, period.  If any of us are caught in some leftist violence, we'll be attacked by both sides in the aftermath.

But the Alt-Lite should go to the rallies.  Those guys need to learn the hard way:  via an Antifa bullet to the head.

So I reckon I'm disagreeing with Anglin.  Because I've trusted the plan all along, I'm not as worried as he is.  Stay home, Alt-Right.

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