Humanity's darkest hour begins

From what I've assembled, three hostile alien species have agreed among themselves to divide the Earth and now wage war against the human population to secure resources for themselves.  They are limited by universal contact protocols and acting through governmental intermediaries.  Two alien human species are also involved.  The Ur-Nazis back the human elite Prometheans and intend to depopulate the leftists in the Western hemisphere via the clot shot.  The Illojim, humanity's Creators, stand overwatch, maintain safe zones on native reservations, and await the conclusion of the events in prophesied in Revelations, when they will resume control of the planet.  The Reptilians, dispossessed descendants of dinosaurs, are already here and will likely execute the Antichrist play.  Of the aforementioned, the power ranking goes:

2-3 hostile Graykin species, BetelGrays probably strongest

Strength of the Ur-Nazis is somewhere between Illojim and Reptilians.  They have a rivalry with the Illojim, it seems.

The situation is dire and the events of Revelations are imminent, as three vastly superior hostile alien civilizations attack Earth, albeit with severe legal and logistical handicaps.  The hostile species are likely at the slow-interstellar spaceflight tech level, or else Earth's resources wouldn't be appealing.  The Reptilians are not even interstellar, but shouldn't be underestimated, due to their vastly superior understanding of human nature, and longstanding grudge.

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