How to teach a white woman racism: Gang rape, then wait 10 years

Getting Away with Rape | Brittany Smith, American Renaissance, April 1, 2022

In other words, not until she's no longer sexually attractive will she start thinking with her brain instead of her demon-loving ovaries.

The phrase "too stupid to live" comes to mind.

No wonder white men stopped marrying these suicidal, treacherous whores. Someone has to think of the children.

Fear not! It takes only 17 years to grow a new crop of fully-functional women. One need only abolish Communist gender laws suppressing the birth rate. (Societal collapse also accomplishes this.)

Now that so many Communist white women have been sterilized thanks to the clot shot, perhaps they can be sold to thirsty non-white nations to offset the cost of their infantile participation in politics. They wanted to live somewhere non-white; let them have it!

Americans proved their gullibility by taking the flu shot for years; therefore they deserve what they got in the clot shot: AIDS.

Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS): ‘We should anticipate seeing this immune erosion more widely’ | America's Frontline Doctors | Dec Tue, 2021

Mechanisms of COVID-19 Vaccine Injury | Spartacus, ICENI | May 18 2022

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