How to driveby-arson medium-security buildings

I was researching for a Punisher graphic novel knockoff, and brainstormed some amusing vigilante techniques.

Hypothetically speaking, here is how to arson most buildings used by an evil child-sacrificing cult:

Learn computer opsec before starting. Linux. Leave no record or trace, digital or otherwise. (If you don't know how, why are you reading this?)

A thermite charge to the roof should melt through and cause a serious fire, depending on how well-armored the roof is. Target sites are often hardened. Research and test!

  1. Construct small thermite grenades. Add a suitable delayed or remote fuse.
  2. Test them to ensure reliability. Fire hurty.
  3. Choose a launcher: leg slingshot (risky), hammer throw, cesta, etc.
  4. Target selection. Beware of proximity to primary residence.
  5. Target recon. Note cameras. Plan and practice escape route and clothes change. Bicycles are quiet and fast.
  6. Drill onsite execution. Simulate fear and high adrenaline. Suggestion: Manual dexterity practice with horror movies and energy drinks. Practice physically confronting fear. Suggestion: boar hunting.
  7. Execute the operation. A calm evening outing. Bring a hat, neck gaiter, glasses, gloves.
  8. Do NOT revisit the scene or Google the results. Destroy all evidence.

Treat it as a long-term hobby, like bird watching.

Women make the best snipers, because they have nothing macho to prove. Embrace passive aggression. There is no honor in this war.

I dunno, maybe my comic book will suck. Perhaps prolific hitmen are a more realistic model of vigilantism. However, I suspect the closure rate on arson is lower than murder. One is a stepping stone to the other. The key difference is that the date of a fire is impossible to conceal!

What do you think? I was planning on my heroine being Michelle Obama, taking to the streets to fight institutionalized cis het white racism. She has the upper body strength to really lob some aluminum. Have you seen those lats?

You probably shouldn't tell me what you think.

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