How not to be an illiterate sheeple

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If you wish to discuss graduate topics, such as national politics, then you should have a graduate level of reading comprehension and reasoning. If you don't, then you should outsource your opinions on such advanced topics by careful observation of commentator character. Because obviously your own mental faculties are inadequate to the task.

It is essential that you have an accurate self-evaluation of your practical reading comprehension and reasoning (RC&R). Otherwise you will develop a delusional worldview based on undetected errors and overconfident opinions, as almost everyone does.

An IQ test is a relevant and stable life predictor that should inform your decisionmaking. Ensure basic familiarity with the format by taking a similar practice test beforehand. IQ isn't trainable, but RC&R can and should be trained. In addition to taking an IQ test, you should train your RC&R up to your natural limit.

Western education standards have declined, but standardized tests maintain a higher standard. The older tests are more g-loaded, because they haven't been diluted to accommodate diversity. Start with the junior-level tests such as the PSAT and work your way up to stay challenged. Finish at the GMAT, which is g-loaded, for a final evaluation of your RC&R.

This isn't a complete education, of course. But it is good training in recognizing and anticipating one's own errors. One cannot engage with these standardized tests without receiving irrefutable evidence of one's fallibility, and that is the goal. Now you will have the experience necessary to be confident in identifying errors in others' reasoning, and to know when it's safe to insist upon your own conclusions.

Without this exercise, you will inevitably make many unrecognized reading errors, and when others point them out, you won't even recognize the category of the error. You will be a fool and an unknowing illiterate. Even if you try to delegate advanced thought, you will pick gurus whose errors you can't detect and who confirm your biases - typically those 1 SD higher IQ than yourself and sociobiologically similar but sociosexually higher ranking. This is as predictable as the behavior of sheep. Only learning to distinguish truth from error will make you sociopolitically unpredictable.

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