How North America should be reorganized by ethnicity

High Aryans belong in the middle, as Germany is the center of Europe.

North America should resemble Eurasia's genetic gradients, but in a mirror: The Irish on the northeast coast, the Inuits and hybrid Slavs and East Asians on the west coast. Pure Slavs and East Asians, unadmixed by Aryan American blood, should return to their homelands, of course. There is no global human interest in giving more lebensraum to the races not responsible for Western Civilization.

To the far north go the Scandinavians and Inuits, to the east and west respectively.

To the south, towards Central America, go the Southern Europeans and Mediterraneans who have enough High Aryan blood to belong in North America.

Sub-Saharan hybrids should return to Africa to colonize that continent with Aryan genes, to its betterment.

Indio hybrids should move to South America, joining La Raza.

At a local level, strive to maximize the genetic relatedness of neighbors, to restore both community and the cellular nature of human tribal/village evolution destroyed by modern atomization.

Where it is impossible to geographically categorize a hybrid, err towards pushing the mixed southward. Since such hopeless hybrids cannot be native to any community, let them instead improve the average high Aryan content of the blood of a community in which they dwell as high-caste outsiders.

This is far better than permitting them to undermine the cohesion of homogeneous High Aryan communities, in which they act as a low-trust subversive minority.

The Old Testament binds the patrilineages to the land. In this way, the heavily-evolved Y-chromosome is held accountable for its actions over generations. It is capitalism for genes, whereas now we have genetic Communism.

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