How I cut my smoking from a pack a day to a pack a month

Apparently I've stopped smoking without really trying.

A while back, I was smoking a pack a day to cope with a severe chronic health issue. Fixing the underlying problem removed the dependency. I just noticed that I'm now smoking under one pack per month.

Recommended steps to quit smoking cigarettes:

  1. Switch to lighter filtered natural tobacco.
  2. Stop inhaling into lungs. Smoke it like a cigar.
  3. Improve emotional and physical health to reduce chemical dependence.
  4. Create habits to replace the smoking ritual.
  5. Gradually taper off unconsciously.

Many smokers treat smoking as a medication, and it can be quite helpful. Many medicines are harmful but useful to counter worse problems. I've always been high willpower, and never smoked until I grew chronically ill, as a method of maintaining productivity. That was its appeal to me. Otherwise the time expenditure wasn't worthwhile.

I still will have a smoke if I need to clear my sinuses or just feel like it. Bad health or stress or high emotions or boredom outdoors can trigger smoking. However, the point is, it's no longer a problem.

I think I'll have a smoke to celebrate. [does so]. Yeah, I'm going long enough between them now that they're beginning to feel foul, even without inhaling. Sinuses are better, though.

This post is heretical because current Western dogma is that smoking is always doubleplus ungood, and one should always quit as one's first health priority. I'd prioritize quitting the Standard American Diet over quitting smoking, since the latter may be protecting against the former!

Tobacco is also a target of the gynocracy because it has positive masculine socialization properties comparable to alcohol, but without the immediate impairment. The approved intoxicants are weed and alcohol, which both feminize.

That said, I don't recommend lung-inhaling tobacco smoke or chewing tobacco.

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