Hajnal Aryan pathological altruism comes from egalitarian Neanderthals, not Catholic cousin marriage ban. It's our font of selfless genius.

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Heartist's OP

King Of All Nads

@JimHalsey I don't know if tribe size is the crucial factor determining clannishness. The Han Chinese are more clannish than Whites, and that Oriental tribe is close to a billion strong.

The research I've zeroed in on to explain White pathological outgroup loyalty is Medieval European selection pressures, particularly within the Hajnal Line boundary. It seems to be that almost all human tribes start off clannish, and either stay that way or become universalist. Medieval Whites underwent a cultural bottleneck of sorts when the Church and the system of manorialism selected against clannish Whites by placing social costs on cousin marriage.

In time, this bred out the low empathy clannish personality profile from Whites and replaced it with an indiscriminately high empathy universalism personality. It was evolutionarily successful as long as it operated within a White ecology; once hyper-clannish nonWhites entered White homelands, that universalist personality became a Darwinian albatross.

My rebuttal

The hypothesis that the Catholic Church's prohibition against cousin marriage caused Aryan Hajnal line pathological altruism is untenable.

It mirrors the viable hypothesis that Ashkenazi parasitism, including perhaps an elevated verbal IQ, evolved due to selective pressure from Church bans on Yids practicing occupations other than usury.

The difference between the two hypotheses is that the Ashkenazim were a small contained breeding population, whereas Hajnal Aryans were not. The former can be transformed easily by selective pressure in an (evolutionarily) short time; the latter cannot. (Changing the ratio of genes in a population is not evolution, but merely selection.)

The same altruism that we see in the pale-colored Hajnal Aryans is also visible in Barbary macacques, which shared a similar range on the anthropological timescale. Thus there is clearly some common ancestor which was an altruistic ape-man. We know that the Hajnal Neanderthal was a substantial vector for this altruism's entry into the Homo sapiens sapiens population.

Therefore the Catholic Church didn't cause Hajnal outbred altruism by banning cousin marriage. Rather, the Hajnal Aryan Catholic Church banned cousin marriage because they were already outbred altruists.

The Bible is far from anti-cousin marriage; it merely bans 1st cousin marriage IIRC. Otherwise it is obviously written by clannish Middle Easterners who married their cousins extensively if not exclusively.

Similarly, the Hajnal Aryan Catholic Church instituted monogamy and even priestly celibacy because they were already substantially gender egalitarian.

Beware correlation vs causation.

The conclusion is that short-term natural selection cannot not save Hajnal Aryans from pathological altruism. Either we will adapt our societies to patch this vulnerability, or we will get admixed with inferior races that do not share it.

Eliminating the genetic basis for pathological altruism would also eliminate the Hajnal Aryan penchant for selfless autistic genius that literally built Western Civilization.

In a real sense, the soul of humanity is at stake here.

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