Giuliani outs himself as Q to drop Hunter Biden laptops, as Aeoli foolishly denies Q


Aeoli has despaired of most and decided it's on him to fix things. Fortunately, both assessments are wrong. The common denominator is that his assessor is broken.

I've been lazy about meting out beatings to Q-deniers, but now it's so easy I'll spare an essay. Q-deniers, of course, are even lazier.

Why haven't I bothered? Well, who cares if Q-deniers want to destroy their credibility? If Q-Giuliani feels insufficiently believed, he'll just drop more proofs until he's happy with his current fame. If an apologist does a great job of proving Q's veracity, then Q will post correspondingly fewer proofs. Therefore, it's more important that I work on Cyborganize.

That said, it's time to put an end to Aeoli's many anti-Q rants.

Aeoli wrote

Aeoli wrote:

If I actually were a melonhead and not just LARPing as one, I’d start a brick-and-mortar Q-anon church and collect tithes. These people don’t even believe in cause and effect, so you can claim credit for literally anything. “Oh yeah, those Hunter Biden leaks? That was us. That was YOUR MONEY at work. Pass the basket and fight the good fight!” My dad is going to be on the hook for bets to six different people if Hillary isn’t arrested in the next four days. You could scale that up easy by whipping people into a group frenzy then telling them to put their money where their mouth is.

Summary Rebuttal

Firstly, Qanons are inoculated against PAYtriots. Others have already tried. Secondly, those who contribute financially to the Qanon movement are automatically wiser than Aeoli, so the only person his contempt reflects upon is himself.

Thirdly, the effect of publication of Hunter Biden laptop compromat was literally caused by Q-Giuliani. The Deep State's Resistance to Trump was so bad that Giuliani basically had to blow his cover by releasing Hunter's laptop personally. He actually has Q cite Giuliani on it!

(Q has only mentioned Giuliani's name 5 times, and it's always as part of a link. Curious for someone otherwise so enthusiastic about commenting on the key investigators.)

I can just see Giuliani throwing up his hands and saying, "If you want a job done right, do it yourself."

Q predicted the Hunter Biden drops

Q's prediction of the Hunter Biden drop was blatant.

Apparently, Q has long known that junkie bagman Hunter Biden was a huge vulnerability for the Biden campaign. (Either that or "Hunter becomes the hunted" was just a fortuitously-repurposed refrain.)

When Biden became the Democratic Presidential nominee, it was logical to use Hunter compromat for the Red October scandal salvo before the November 3rd election.

In Nov 2017, Q wrote, "My signatures all reference upcoming events about to drop if this hasn't been caught on."

On Nov 20, 2017 Q signed, "The hunter becomes the hunted."

Q repeated the signature often, sometimes with minor variations.

On Nov 24 2019, Q signed, "[HUNTER]s become the hunted." Q uses brackets to indicate the enclosed is a target. The brackets clearly indicate Hunter Biden for the first time. This is well before Biden became the Democratic nominee. However, the link directly mentions Hunter working for Burisma. So regardless of whether the signature previously referred to Hunter Biden, it does here.

On Sept 30 2020, Q posted a large red movie poster reading "Hunters become the Hunted", and promised a "Red October".

On Oct 14 2020, as the Hunter Biden Laptop story broke, Q posted the same movie poster, saying, "After today, make more sense? Buckle up." He then mentioned Hunter many times over the rest of October.

Conclusion: Giuliani is Q, knew about Hunter Biden for years, and released the laptop as part of Red October when the FBI sat on it. The shocking and salacious compromat guaranteed Trump's reelection.

Why Hillary isn't arrested

Q didn't say Hillary would be arrested by Trump's reelection. He said rather the opposite – her strings are cut and she's fighting for her life. Q clearly said the arrests will ONLY happen after securing the Supreme Court, FBI etc. These historic trials must retain nonpartisan optics, or risk destroying the Union.

https://qanon.pub/?q=supreme court#2462

How can arrests occur prior to safely securing a majority in the SUPREME COURT [CONSTITUTION - RULE OF LAW]

Q discusses weariness with lack of arrests repeatedly. Search for keyword "arrests" to read it. It was difficult enough to appoint Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barret without a bunch of top-level Democrats trying to appeal their way to the Supreme Court to avoid treason convictions. Not to mention the Swamp, still undrained. Wray is a known sleeper who was once trusted, and Trump has promised lots of firings after the election.

Bad actor(s) had to be removed.
Good actor(s) had to be installed.
Sleeper(s) had to be uncovered.
We are ready [think Barr public].

Why after the election? Because then it won't be Trump tilting the scales of justice to win the election. It will be Trump delivering justice on behalf of the wrathful American people, and restoring law and order.

Remember, the Democrats were openly threatening a coup if Trump fired Mueller. Q is holding back lots of info because it would destroy the USA if released. Even if you wouldn't mind seeing the USA disappear, realize these Boomers are very concerned to preserve it.

That said, it's certain that Q intended to have more done, sooner. As Giuliani said recently on TV, the Swamp is worse than both he and Trump thought. They're both Boomers, so of course they underestimated the extent to which the America of their youth is gone.

Q-deniers Harmful

Obviously, Aeoli isn't smart enough to comment on world affairs unaugmented.

Opposing Q is one of the most actively harmful things a right-winger can do on the Internet. It's just Giuliani trying to ease Boomers into the reality of 3rd-world America.

Ultimately the harm was limited, because it only forced Giuliani to blow his cover. But consider how many servants of Satan were PAID to discredit Q. And the right-wing Q-deniers, those not shilling, took their side VOLUNTARILY. "Lack of discernment" is putting it gently.

Q is a great means of showing his many deniers that their worldview-scale rationality is irretrievably broken.

It's ridiculous how elites from Edenism/Altrugenics have denounced Q for actually dismantling corrupt snake-melonhead power. Look at the socket depth and huge cranium on Giuliani. He's proof that the MT is the snake-MM's natural enemy.

Clearly my assessment that unaugmented Thals are unfit to counter toxic postmodernity was correct. Building on sand is for fools, and I'm glad I quit trying.

Textmind cure

Augmentation isn't an instant fix. Even with Textmind, it takes years to undo that worldview error accretion, and past middle age it probably just isn't possible. It's a painful and disillusioning process, with no guarantees that much will remain after all the faulty reasoning is cleared away.

Fortunately, one can always shut up.

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