Genetic interest, honesty, Western Civilization, Christianity and IQ

The first duty of the European is the defense of Europe from African, Arab and Slavic hordes.

Americans who feel otherwise should move to South America.  That they don't exposes their obvious hypocrisy.



High Aryas is the goose that laid the golden egg, and those who hate her are literally enemies of humanity.  That goes double for traitors to the blood.

Evolution improves the human race when everyone serves his genetic interest, and the best man wins.  To the victor go the women, which is why the Y chromosome is more evolved, and why it's Biblical to punish and reward by patrilineage.


"Helping" inferior races is like lending to bad businesses in the name of equality.  It is a unilateral sentiment by altruistic Aryans which is neither reciprocated nor appreciated.  Its result is the reduction of altruism and honesty in the gene pool, which is a Satanic objective.

The Bible's Westphalian peace of nations requires provocation for invasion, and respects territorial rights by length of tenure and right of conquest.  Therefore unlimited race war without provocation is punished.

There are no race traitors in the Bible, but the appropriate punishment would be that suffered by Jabesh Gilead and Achan son of Carmi: absolute extinction.

IQ is 70%+ heritable and determines national per capita GDP in capitalist economies:

Nutrition affects IQ; education does not.  Childhood IQ is meaningless.

IQ is heavily determined by race, and reversion to the mean occurs to the children of individuals with IQs above the racial average.

IQ is biological, stable, and the most useful construct in psychology.  It is taboo due to Progressivism's equalitarian tenet and envy.


The main purpose of human evolution is to maintain and improve IQ, but modern prosperity has caused the Aryan racial IQ to begin falling as the unfit out-reproduce the fit.  This has been disguised by a countervailing trend: better nutrition has improved the IQ of the lower classes.

The dogma that humans are one species is politically correct fiction. The largest genetic divide is between sub-Saharans and the rest of the world.

Parents love their children because it is in their genetic interest to do so. It is better for the genetic interest of an English father to drown his 5 children than to prevent the immigration of one sub-Saharan to England. [from a genetics paper, will add citation to later draft].

A small admixture of sub-Saharan into an Aryan population lowers IQ and altruism, permanently removing that country from the West in terms of future civilizational achievement. See Portugal. And before that, Sicily, Greece, Egypt… See March of the Titans.

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