Gen McInerney's Telegram is fake but real

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I initially dissed "Gen McInerney's" Telegram because of unanimous reports that it was fake. AC ignored these reports, and I found the info sourced interesting enough to read the Telegram account for myself.

I don't believe the account is actually Gen McInerney's, because McInerney denied it. So I'll refer to the account author as pseudo-Gen-McInerney, PGM for short.

At first glance, PGM appears to be an insider making some accurate predictions. Like Lin Wood, he panicked and demanded action around Biden's inauguration. So PGM was not privy to Q's deeper plan at that time. Since then PGM has caught on to Q and seems relaxed and confident. Like another 4chan leaker, he believes the military is in control, but that there is division in the ranks. This is plausible.

McInerney Denial

Although the original source podcast is now difficult to find due to censorship and obscurity, conspiracy communities unanimously agree that McInerney denied ownership of the Telegram account:


General McInerney is not on Telegram
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He does not have a Telegram account.
John B. Wells interviewed General McInerney on last night’s Caravan to Midnight and specifically asked if that is his Telegram account. The General said “no”.
(YouTube: “Battle of Domination - John B Wells Live” at 2:19:03)



PGM appears to be significantly younger than McInerney. I suspect he's an active military insider.

PGM never actually claims to be McInerney in his posts or his profile.

Why did PGM pick McInerney as his name? Perhaps he is a protege and source of McInerney's inside info. He seems to have the same alignment as McInerney.

Perhaps there is no connection, and he simply wanted to draw attention to McInerney's message, or to deflect attention from his true identity. Or perhaps he is a liar seeking to steal another's credibility for his own, for some nefarious purpose. That last is the least likely interpretation, given his exhibited patriotic loyalty.

I recommend reading PGM with caution, for his valuable insider perspective. If he is active duty, then I suspect his leaks are illegal. He was moved to act by panic over Biden's ascension.

General McInerney's Telegram

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