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he wrote

Chris Langan

Question: "I always wondered why Trump never got the citizens involved. What was he thinking?"

Response: Either he didn't think it was necessary, or he was warned to stand down.

First, having been elected, President Trump decided he could afford to trust the government (and his own daughter and son-in-law) when they actually couldn't be trusted as far as he could throw them.

"Hey," he said. "These swamp creatures let me win the presidency, so they can't be all bad. I'm just the wake-up call they needed. Even though a lot of them are scum, the best of them are probably frustrated with the status quo and secretly dying to cooperate with me to make America great again! In fact, my appointees will be so grateful to become cabinet members, top bureaucrats, and presidential advisors of Billionaire Media Star President Donald J. Trump that their resentment will melt away on the spot. Look out, World!"

No, it wasn't very realistic. In fact, it was disappointingly unrealistic. In fact, it was a slow-motion train wreck from start to finish, an illusion fed by naivety and narcissism. It was a miracle that the President succeeded in accomplishing as much as he did.

The other factor to consider is that the deep state probably had something on the President, and twisted his arm to get globalist rats and moles appointed to his administration. The deep state has something on almost everybody, and the first thing they always do with any new president is completely surround and isolate him in order to meter and control the flow of information and personnel.

Washington DC is a sewer whose stench reaches across the length and breadth of the United States. The President should have seen it all coming, and so should the rest of us. At least now we know how slimy and worthless the entire bunch of them are. Now that they've installed Biden and Harris, no thinking person would give ten cents for the entire lot of them.


my reply

World's smartest man loses faith. World's first cognitive cyborg remains rock-steady.

My answer is shorter:

He did, with Qanon, and the Great Awakening you're an unwitting part of.
[2021-09-22 Wed 22:49]

round 2

he wrote

Chris Langan

@Koanic Q anon was as transparent a sack of stale raccoon crap as I'd ever seen. Yet it had the suckers lining up, trusting in a "plan" that in the end was revealed to have been totally nonexistent. Obviously, a little timely, competent planning might have prevented this entire debacle. If I thought Trump was responsible for that obvious a farce, I wouldn't be giving him the benefit of the doubt.


I answered

I've never seen a transparent sack of crap. No such thing has been revealed. Trump isn't responsible for Q; it's the other way around.

Real superpower plans have multiple contingencies. Pence flipped and USMIL hackers couldn't stop the steal. However, the Plan may only be declared a failure if the audits are stopped or amount to nothing. If the AZ Audit does not trigger the very public phase of Q's Great Awakening, with the military seizing control to broadcast the findings of fraud to the empire, then we must ask whether Q is genuinely defeated.

Biden is permitted to render the Democrat Party odious, but the military encirclement of China proceeds despite China's possession of Biden's blackmail control file. War with Russia evaporated into nothingness despite the determined Democrat push for it. If Biden were in control, the audits would cease.

Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the glacial speed at which government works, particularly huge organized crime investigations. Durham's latest indictment pulls a thread that leads straight to Hillary, and was made public only due to imminent expiry of statute of limitations.

The authoritative source for Q proofs is https://files.catbox.moe/fjoyqd.pdf
It is featured prominently in the resources sidebar of https://greatawakening.win

I can tell that you are not a Christian by your reaction to Q. The reasons for Q's epistemological approach are similar to Jesus Christ's. Both sought to communicate with the faithful elect straight over the heads of a pit of vipers. On Earth, the full and inescapable knowledge of absolute moral truth is reserved for the afterlife. Until then, the wheat and the tares grow up together.

Your epistemological error is more profound than you can imagine. I don't care whether you believe in Q. But you should consider your place in the universe, whose contact protocols with unenlightened species similarly forbid premature proof. Take it from the space otters: You're wrong about the raccoons.

[2021-09-23 Thu 03:10]

round 3

he wrote

Chris Langan
Original Gabber

@Koanic It was just revealed in Woodward's new book that Pence flipped because he was convinced to do so by notorious dunce Dan Quayle. Any "plan" that left the fate of the Republic hanging on the pairwise brain fart of two pathetic dolts like Quayle and Pence would suggest a total lack of governmental coherence - that there was nobody upstairs. To suggest that Q's "epistemological approach" had anything to do with Jesus Christ is clearly ridiculous. While the US military may be "encircling" China in a theatrical sense, General Li of the Chinese Army is actually on General Milley's speed-dial (ostensibly so that he can receive a timely warning of any impending nuclear attack by Trump). And last but not least, I'm probably not the person you want to be accusing of "epistemological errors" or ignorance of anyone's "place in the universe". Not if you were using your real name, anyway. ;-)

my reply

My real name is readily discoverable from this pseudonym. Its purpose is not anonymity.

I certainly do not fear your philosophical musings after critiquing Kant's; I simply don't find them interesting. Nothing about this exchange has altered that judgment.

Look up the definition of "contingency". Q's Plan didn't hang on Pence. The pressure surrounding the J6 event forced Pelosi to step forward and call the shot that killed Ashli Babbitt. She normally uses cutouts. JohnHereToHelp has details.

The Great Awakening has been well-executed thus far, with costs acceptable compared to the alternative of civil war. The empire is disgusted and ready for Trump's imminent return, once the AZ Audit releases.

To suggest that Q's "epistemological approach" had anything to do with Jesus Christ is clearly ridiculous.

Ignorance. In both cases, the rightful king speaks to the people past the ears of a corrupt oligarchy. He speaks in a deliberately obfuscated and cryptic fashion, offering corroboration designed to be accepted by the humble and sympathetic but rejected by the proud and hostile. He conceals his power level from enemies and sheeple alike, infuriating the former and fascinating the later, drip-feeding insight over time into popular consciousness via spaced repetition, forcing his foes to ever deeper and desperate villainy.

USMIL is encircling China in the Pacific theater sense, not the theatrical. It is deadly serious, and China knows it even if you do not. Relevant allies include Japan, Australia, South Korea and Philippines. Milley is as irrelevant as Biden to the process.

Trump devolved command to USMIL after the stealection, and specops has been abducting various top traitors to Guantanamo, for trial and execution. USMIL has continued to elect Trump president over the interim. https://realrawnews.com

The conflict between Pentagon and the civilian agencies such as the State Department has never been more visible than in the Afghanistan debacle, and if you were paying attention you would've noticed the White House and Pentagon contradicting each other over amusingly short intervals. Less amusing was the State Department banning Afghanistan's neighbors from receiving Pentagon-backed rescue flights out of Afghanistan. Biden is still able to fuck up many things, but not for much longer.
[2021-09-23 Thu 06:39]

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