From shitposting to pacifism? A frog's journey.

1 Jesus speaks

From Jesus: Is violence ever justified in self defence? | channeled by KS in 2000:

You might work toward adopting the idea that it would be better to “go to your reward” and live a peaceful and harmonious life as a spirit than to quarrel and defend and worry about how to survive in an unpeaceful place. But to become more effective in bringing about a more lasting change in the world, you can set high goals for yourselves and maintain your dedication to demonstrating peace, love and harmony in spite of the wickedness of your fellow human beings.

I would go so far as to say that the penalty for taking up arms in self-defense demands less of a penalty than what the aggressor will be required to pay, but there will be a penalty, nonetheless, for warfare of any kind.

The choice is yours to make, and if you are willing to pay the penalty, then you can choose to take the action. But, if you wish to develop the highest potential of your soul, and you wish to do it sooner than later, then you should choose death over killing another.

You can tell when the Master speaks, because it hurts.

2 Peaceful leanings

Some may doubt the sincerity of my recent conversion in principle to pacifism. However, I have been weighing this ever since I read Padgettite Jesus' statements on war. It is not easy to accept, in these lunatic End Times.

My departure from past rhetoric, though radical, is less of a shift than it appears. I have always been a Christian, and we are historically loath to massacre — atheist lies to the contrary notwithstanding. While the wrath behind my rhetoric was always sincere, Christianity also emphasizes the importance of being merciful in victory.

3 Shitposting logic

But how to achieve victory? If cuckservative moralizing worked, the Boomers would've already saved us.

The clown-world status quo's offer is, "Let's immivade the West until women elect enough sodomites to launch nuclear Armageddon." By experience, I've found a Gab shitposter's counteroffer needs to be equally extreme — yet also fun and educational, since it lacks amplification by the state church.

There's a chance such shitposting may stumble upon a viable solution, or at least keep morale alive. Cuckservatism can do neither.

The moment such shitposting becomes taken seriously, it ceases to be necessary. Communists genocide; ethnats deport. (These two ideologies are not mutually exclusive…)

4 Wages of war

Pacifism sounds good in theory, but what about patriotism?

First, I am not preaching pacifism. I am saying it is a stage of spiritual development to which I tentatively aspire. I do not recommend trying it before one is ready. As always, begin with yourself: Try taking violence without retaliation.

Jesus preaches pacifism. I am not qualified.

With that said:

Did David's victories benefit Israel? No, she split after Solomon's luxury.

Did the North's victory over the South bring peace? No, it caused the USA to back the USSR in WW2, immivade itself, and now unilaterally threaten nuclear Armageddon.

5 January 6th

If there was a chance to stop the incipient nuclear holocaust, it was lost on Jan 6 2021, when the Democrat false flag Capitol Hill riot succeeded in stealing the election for Biden.

Shouldn't patriots have shown up with guns to "guard" Congress and force an honest vote?

Well, that's an appealing picture, so let's make it more ambiguous. Would extrajudicially executing Congress for treason be immoral, if it averted a nuclear war with Russo-China?

Many chapters of history contain similar events, often as a prelude to greater chaos.

Slaughtering a treasonous Congress intent on unilaterally provoking nuclear war is hardly an atrocity. However, there are other ways of dealing with capital offenses.

The noble Ummo would lock them up and use them for (reasonably humane) human experimentation, after displaying them nude.

(The Ummo are near-human aliens who first landed in Europe and write primarily in non-English languages, preparing humanity for Open First Contact. The P'nti are their Western hemisphere counterparts writing in English.)

The Ummo also use capital criminals for dangerous work such as mining etc. We could do the same. The death penalty is barbaric. Incarnation is precious.

6 Combat is bestial

So I can either do a McVeigh and damn myself, or a Charles Hall and punch with Heaven's weight.

Not a difficult choice, if one can manage the meditation. Skills improve with time. I'm now ready to try it.

(Charles Hall is a Vietnam vet whose patient, courageous and extremely-dangerous interaction with some very-panicky tall white near-human aliens allowed them to overcome their terror of humans and blend into our society with makeup. Scores of servicemen had been terrified, injured or killed in interactions with them before he made peace. He should've died when they shot him in the throat, but saved himself by compressing the wound into dirt.)

I like McVeigh, but I'm starting to doubt his sacrifice improved this timeline.

Look at what Uriah did to David's kingdom. The man was avenged far more than he probably would've wished. Martyrs are nukes.

The nonexistent "elegance" of this glorified blowtorch is a metaphor for the fact that physical combat is bestial. Not that there's anything wrong with that… if you're into fur.

Beasts kill each other and suffer no karma, because they have only an animal soul, not individual immortality. Ever think of yourself as immortal? You are.

7 Cold-blooded pragmatism

Acknowledging a moral principle is one thing. Integrating it is quite another. There may be other factors helping my decision along. Time to disclose my conflicts of interest!

With health, the mind turns to wealth, which is incompatible with lunatic ravings. Even my most based business partners require some assurance that I won't go shoot up a synagogue because Hitler appeared to me in a dream. (This has not happened.)

With the prospect of a draft looming, it is a fine time to find religion.

Let's say, hypothetically, that I still wished certain parties harm. And that they were greatly outnumbered by, and deeply unpopular with, the general population of high IQ, high testosterone men.

There are loopholes in any law, even karma. Not my fault if someone happens to use Textmind to settle a score.

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