Exodus Chpt 32 - America the damned

Jehovah intended to wipe out the Israelites for turning to idolatry. Now he is wiping out Americans for the same. And there is no Moses to intercede.

If there were, at best we could hope for the opportunity to fight a civil war in which we slay our apostate kin. Can you imagine American Christians doing that? Of course not; they are lukewarm. Therefore Jehovah spews them out of his mouth.

Instead of freeing them from slavery, Jehovah has placed them into the same bondage with which he threatened Israel - children and foreigners rule over them, and the whoredom of their haughty wives and daughters goes unrebuked.

Would that we were given the opportunity to slaughter the apostates, that we might earn a blessing by their blood!

And even that blood was not enough; Jehovah followed it up with a plague. This is the Consuming Flame which idiot churchians (sissies and sisters alike) erroneously believe to be their all-absolving spirit-boyfriend. Yea, and domestic violence follows, on the scale of Shiloh.

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