ET Armageddon lineup and the masters of this universe: Primeverdants

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  1. ET enemy list and Armageddon lineup
  2. Primeverdants summary

ET enemy list and Armageddon lineup

The revised hostile species list:

Renamed to Phiran. Fire Ants. Planet Phi of star Ran. Won cold war.

Renamed to Ottograys. Planet Otto. Graykin Mantises and Reptilians. Cloned by Serpograys.

Renamed to Serpograys. Graykinized themselves, poorly. Warlike, passive aggressive, low affect. Low numbers due to WMD radiation damage. Some are Watchers for Illojim. Those are good.

Serpograys and Ottograys fought cold war for Earth cuz bad evolution, need Earth for repair. Phirans ultimately benefited.

So Phirans lead the coalition backing China, with Serpograys on the ground cuz the other two aren't adapted ?yet. Reptilians hanging back cuz cowed by Aldebarans, but will make the Antichrist play before the end.

Reptilians probably want a huge Armageddon and thus will try to ensure that humanity self-destructs by maintaining parity between the Great Powers. I doubt the Phiran coalition will object. Backing China's early rise (rather than Russia's return to stable strength) is the maximally destabilizing play, signaling their malice.

Now we know why the battlefield doesn't simply melt down – ETs will probably forbid or restrict nukes, due to environmental and dimensional impacts.

Primeverdants summary

The universe's strongest race, I call Primeverdants, a portmanteau of primeval and homeworld Verdant. Earth is keenly observed at the beginning of the Mayan fifth age by many alien species because it is one of a handful of primitive religious planets who are candidates to answer the "Why" of GOD ALMIGHTY's Creation. I'm confident Jesus Christ will answer that question.

Anyway, 9/11 was an inside job, and convinced the Primeverdants that the masses had failed to overthrow the evil oligarchy despite ET warnings. So the Primeverdants canceled open contact plans and denied Earth admission to the space federation.

A Primeverdant multi-kilometer ship is what's on the dark side of the Moon. Rather more impressive than Moon Nazis, but less stylish.

Clandestine collaboration between Primeverdants and humanity continues. I suspect they back the Prometheans in the West, and Putin in the East. What role they'll play in the events of Revelations, I cannot tell.

Primeverdants are basically space Chinese. I say this because they have slanted eyes, enormous population, and high mutual incomprehensibility with humanity.

They abducted throawaylien and Philip Krapf.

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