Epstein is alive, as Lin Wood claims and Q tacitly implies

AC implies that Epstein was assassinated by Cabal, when discussing this story:


However, Lin Wood said Epstein is still alive, and his credibility is good. AC's isn't, being distorted by TIPS-Stasi paranoia.

Wood doesn't understand Q, and therefore he didn't see Biden's fake inauguration coming. Neither did anyone else. But when Wood speaks from apparent insider info, he tends to be quite reliable, and he is doing so here. See JohnHereToHelp.

Wood is wrong when his moderately-insider info is trumped by Q's deep insider info. That's why he and Byrne and Powell were wrong about the election. But in this case, Epstein's abduction would've been by Q. That is the only reason Q would keep it quiet. So Q tacitly agrees with Wood.

So we can say Lin Wood is reliable except when Q is fooling him. And in this case, Q is fooling the mainstream consensus, while Lin Wood reveals a secret that Q has kept.

In July 2019, Q#3429 & 3491-2 & 3496 hinted that the in-jail attempt on Epstein's life was Cabal. In August 10 2019, Epstein "died".

However, Q never once complained about this apparently-successful Cabal assassination, which is wildly out of character or him. He is combative when directly resisted, and has acknowledged failed operations.

After Epstein "died", Q showed no reaction. Instead he continued discussing accumulated Epstein evidence, without implying or denying that Epstein remains available as a federal witness.

Q never even indirectly acknowledged Epstein's supposed death. Q#4797 merely implies it is no coincidence that Comey's daughter reviewed Epstein's failed "suicide-attempt" footage. This regards the Cabal coverup of the failed assassination attempt labeled a "suicide attempt" by the MSM. The article quoted was written before Epstein's "death". Thus it cannot be an acknowledgment of Epstein's death.

One explanation is that the Cabal succeeded on the second try, after Q was alerted to their intent. And Q just accepted the loss of a star witness without ever reassuring patriots about this demoralizing blow. The other explanation is that Q faked Epstein's death to get him into protective custody, and said nothing to preserve operational secrecy. Given Wood's claim, the latter explanation fits best.

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