Ephebophilia isn't pedophilia, contra VP@SacrificialLamb

SacrificialLamb accuses Bezzle of distinguishing ephebophilia from pedophilia.

The furious conflation of the two is not only un-Biblical, it is a Prohibition attitude which, like the Prohibition of alcohol, gives the Satanic Cabal an illegal but ineradicable power-base.

Ephebophilia is one way to escape the depressing degeneracy of the postmodern Weimerican woman, and as such is an extremely valuable commodity, even more so than peak female beauty usually is. Marriage is best begun as a wife's first partner, which requires starting early nowadays.

A succinct refutation of SL's emoting, in graphic form: Minimum Legal Age of Consent - Female

Biblical Law leaves age-of-consent questions to be settled by clans of heavily-armed slave-holding polygamous patriarchal vigilantes, as is right and proper. This system is likely to result in slave girls breeding sooner than princesses. However, if Isaac's caravan arrives a year early for Rebecca, nobody will quibble beyond perhaps asking the lasses' opinion. The modern notion of pedophilia simply didn't exist. The closest one gets is the ban on sodomite prostitutes, "the hire of a dog", which presumably included Canaanite catamites. Executing all sodomites really cuts down on pedophilia.

More importantly, this system ensures that each woman has one owner at a time and bears multiple children of known paternity. The Bible abhors denying a woman children to comfort her old age, which is the end result of feminism.

A strong father may sequester his daughter until she fully ripens, to maximize her reproductive potential and minimize pregnancy risks. A good daughter may even cooperate. However, basic sociobiology shows this strategy is not optimal for all debutantes in all circumstances. Attempting to legislate it anyway is like mandating that all children attend college: a disastrous guarantee of eventual Communism.

The Lolita Question is not a shill message. In fact, NRx blogger Jim AKA James A. Donald uses ability to blaspheme Mommunism by acknowledging taboo female behaviors such as lolita sexual-aggression as a shibboleth: Shill crimestop cannot acknowledge the thought. Persecuted forums such as r/trp hoard this secret knowledge about female nature. Blue-pill cuckservative dads get blindsided by their "innocent" daughters' early sexual experimentation.

Anyone who has read Ruth understands that the girls get a vote. Song of Solomon 8:9 teaches how to handle an overeager lolita: If she is a door, enclose her with boards of cedar. Literally, board her up.

The most likely reason Bezzle is anomalously civnat is that he is a US citizen without pure heritage American blood. Commenters such as SacrificialLamb cry "shill" far too eagerly, without ever producing examples of proven shills exhibiting similar behavior.

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