Demon-spotting, and the Farsight Institute introduced

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  1. Current events | JDonald> | crypto | COVID19 | Ukraine | religion
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Current events | JDonald> | crypto | COVID19 | Ukraine | religion


my answer

JDonald talks of demons as metaphorical beings, so I pointed out a literal demon spotted in a Farsight video:

Scientifically-controlled remote viewing reveals many things, such as that JFK and 9/11 were inside jobs by roughly the same oligarchy. Remote viewing without scientific controls is unreliable due to subjective influences.

Demon is an imprecise term like angel, but one category of demon would be a multidimensional entity predating upon negative emotional energy. One that looked like Darth Maul was spotted in the Farsight Institute's psychological survey of Hitler. It was able to look back, which humans cannot do.


The efficient method to skim their content:

  • Must watch videos. No text version.
  • Skip to the conclusion segment and 2x speed.
  • Use the YouTube transcript to navigate from there.

The video format is annoying but ultimately justified by the nature of the technique, which must strictly avoid interpretation by the remote viewers.

They have found a method to predict good crypto investments, and post their results. Crypto has generally gone up shrugs. Remote viewing the future requires a weird Schroedinger's cat methodology that they explain. It's quite limited, for obvious reasons.

his reply

[*commie propaganda thinly disguised as reactionary propaganda deleted*]

We have heard it all before far too many times from people who were not pretending to be right wing.


Well, there you have it. I'm officially a centrist.

Closemindedness regarding the Unseen World is a position of the elderly right that will age poorly. At least he's not too chicken to write about current events anymore.

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