Cuckservative fools are responsible for the suffering of MK-Ultra sex slaves at the hands of their disgusting leaders

The penalty for a cuckservative society that bans slavery and polygamy and thinks itself holier than God is to be ruled by demons, like the defenseless atomized sheep they are.

Trump, Reagan and JFK were populist Cabal outsiders whose rise was facilitated by the abundance of potential blackmail material emanating from their aggressive alpha-male sexual appetites, making them appear attractively controllable to factions behind the throne.  Of course, correlation and causation are conflated here, since only an alpha male can be an independent populist candidate for president, and alpha males are sexually voracious.  In the age of TV and women's suffrage, varied sexual conquest is necessary training to develop shallow broad charisma.  A king must be the font of all honors and the dream of all maidens.  Feminists started having sex dreams about Trump shortly after his inauguration.

That describes the outsiders.  What are the insiders like?  They're monsters.

A special relationship exists between the highest and the lowest on the social hierarchy: a brutal honesty.  The aristocracy may speak freely before their whores and the slaves, as if the latter were furniture.  Listen to MK Ultra sex-slave Cathy O'Brien to hear the truths your rulers speak when they think you're not listening.  Her trauma-induced photographic memory, a defense-mechanism to navigate her hellish environment of childhood abuse, is their downfall.

Her testimony is filled with marks of authenticity, from the sophisticated Neuro-Linguistic Programming to the bipartisan debauchery, and the psychological effects of extreme trauma.  Humans are suggestible, and they become extremely suggestible via trance, religion, ritual, family, sex and authority.

Some free excerpts from Cathy's book:



MK Ultra maintained tight control over its slaves, and murdered them whenever their programming began to fail.  The ban on marijuana use suggests that it has a relaxing, healing effect that weakens the trauma-based programming so carefully instilled.

Pedophiles are notorious for their recidivism and for forming multi-generational mafias of abusers and victims.  This cohesion explains why they exert such outsize influence on the atomized American herds.

If the USA were organized by clan and county instead of citizen and state, then neighbors would observe and punish intrafamilial pedophilia.  The Old Testament doesn't even mention such abominations, because they never happened.  Such men would be executed by their male relatives and the relatives of the victims.

Deny the rich and powerful legal means of obtaining hot young wives and female slaves, and they will obtain them by illegal means instead.

Cuckservatives thought themselves holier than God.  Instead they built Babylon and polluted the whole world.  That is why God is replacing them with immigrants and removing the USA's superpower status.  It is JUSTICE!

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