On COVID19's "natural" origins

Remember when the conspiracy theorists were all saying COVID19 can't have a natural origin, and I called BS? Apparently USG agrees that the virus was natural in origin.

"Natural" is a gradient, really. You can grind up a sick animal, feed it to another animal, and move the virus between species. That's not genetic engineering, but it's not entirely natural, either. There's not much difference between that and viral transmission between species due to crowded unsanitary agricultural-industrial practices. Lab coats vs rubber boots.

I just didn't believe the "experts" claiming that COVID19's genome "had to be" genetically engineered, due to lack of complete genome matches in nature. Nature can get freaky with creative genetic hijinks all by herself. Unless the expert can identify traces of a specific known genetic engineering method, then his claim depends on him having exhaustive knowledge of all natural evolutionary genetic shuffling mechanisms, which isn't credible.

What I wrote on March 19:

"The virus is real. It's from similar viruses in bats AND pangolins. How is that possible? Because evolution is a web, not a tree. China's unsanitary conditions of inter-species jostling are ideal for the generation of new plagues. It's no coincidence that the COVID-19 outbreak centered on a wet market in winter in China's smoggy 9th most populous city."


Whether COVID19 was completely natural in origin, or naturally born in a Wuhan lab dedicated to studying the threat of virii naturally arising in China's petri dish by simulating those conditions, is moot.

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