COVID19 not from USA; No WWIII Plz

Unz continues to argue the conspiratarded COVID19 USA causation theory. This particular conspiratardery is not just inept but dangerous. It aids the CCP's attempts to deflect blame and feeds the Trump administration's paranoia, revealed through the embattled Qanon.

Qanon already thinks COVID19 was a Cabal plot with Chinese cooperation. Chinese citizens already believe that the USA deliberately infected China with COVID19 via US soldiers, not anticipating it would spread into a pandemic.

This is not a joke. This is not a drill.

Consider the consequences. If the wrong nuclear power is credibly blamed for maliciously releasing a pandemic, then the conflict can escalate without limit, because the "guilty" party won't back down in the face of accusations and retaliation. With China and Russia joining hands against US "full-spectrum dominance," this risks WWIII.

So let's debunk the COVID19 USA origin theory. First, Unz takes Italy and Iran's severity as indicators of Cabal malice. He misses the natural causes for both:

Iran was hit hard because it is a kissing culture religiously against social distancing with a major trade cooperation program with China, which is almost the same set of reasons that made northern Italy a canary in the coal mine. Iran's government didn't receive the usual insulation because it's a theocracy.

It's not a coincidence, it's a correlation. Islam is anti-scientific and anti-Western for related reasons, thus had stronger China ties to reduce Western dependence, and resisted COVID19 poorly.

The genetic and social factors that make Italians low social distance also make Italians resistant to EU propaganda and more inclined to rebel against the Great Replacement, yet still within the core EU, thus a good target for apparent punishment by the pro-immivasion Cabal. The Italian obsession with fashion (and resulting light industrial cooperation with China) is also a southern European trait.

The CCP is very bad at hiding its sociopathic hypocrisy during a coverup because post-Mao Chinese are guiltless, but its members are not stupid. They are in fact much more intelligent than Western leadership. If the CCP had wanted to introduce COVID19 to crash the global economy, they would not have originated it next to their country's only BSL-4 lab, much less bungled the early response, risking regime change and global antipathy.

Unz> Then on Jan. 23rd and after only 17 deaths

If you believe that, I have some real estate in a ghost city to sell you. The SCMP reported the earliest COVID19 case was on Nov 17, which deflates this ridiculous narrative about a US AI early-warning contagion alert proving US complicity. Google does the same thing all the time just by noticing local spikes in queries about symptoms.

By any reasonable measure, the response to this global health crisis by China and most East Asian countries has been absolutely exemplary

Most East Asian countries, yes. China, absolutely not. You are a China idealist, and as an expat who's lived here for years, I can assure you it's absurd. Just because the Western cathedral lies about the CCP doesn't make the CCP honest. And I say that as someone who supports the CCP, which has the Mandate of Heaven.

China is a post-Communist country, and Mao's legacy is one of total destruction of societal ethics. That's what you're missing. It's a modernizing country, a future superpower, but also a recovering country.

What needs to happen is to avoid WWIII and let the CCP off easy so that it doesn't have to be too hardline against foreign powers to maintain its legitimacy. The screwup happened, it's not going to happen again, and destabilizing China won't help anyone. Let the CCP save face while Trump drives a hard bargain under the table. God knows China's been gouging everybody since this started.

So for three years in a row, China had been severely impacted by strange new viral diseases, though only the most recent had been deadly to humans. This evidence was merely circumstantial, but the pattern seemed highly suspicious.

It's not. China is a giant plague factory. Hence why they were taking crazy risks in their labs.

So a massive and deadly new viral epidemic had broken out in China and almost simultaneously, a top American scholar with close Chinese ties and expertise in viruses was suddenly arrested by the federal government

Explicable by what's already known. It's just China stealing more US IP, and the USG finally noticing. Heads must roll for COVID19, and he's a related guilty head. Plus they need to check him for anything more sinister.

One intriguing aspect of the situation was that almost from the first moment that reports of the strange new epidemic in China reached the international media, a large and orchestrated campaign had been launched on numerous websites and Social Media platforms to identify the cause as a Chinese bioweapon carelessly released in its own country. Meanwhile, the far more plausible hypothesis that China was the victim rather than the perpetrator had received virtually no organized support anywhere, and only began to take shape as I gradually located and republished relevant material, usually drawn from very obscure quarters and often anonymously authored.

This is disrespectful to the major effort, much of it anonymous and heroic in the face of severe persecution, that has gone into establishing the links between the Wuhan labs and COVID19. Your theory is much more tenuous, which is why it receives far less support. Chinese doctors literally disappear for talking about this. Meanwhile large portions of the Western MSM have opposed this message, including Reddit and Twitter censorship, due to the influence of the China-Democratic axis.

Only now that the USG has credibly broached the topic after much delay is the MSM forced to treat it seriously. "Natural cause" was the official WHO and MSM line and, it's difficult to understand how you could've missed that. Obviously everyone who thinks independently was going to be suspicious about the highly improbable location of China's only BSL-4 lab adjacent to the outbreak, so there is nothing strange about people immediately rejecting the official story.

We already have the smoking gun in a hand known prone to inadvertent trigger pulls. Maybe some Cabal figure wrapped his hand around that hand and helped pull the trigger, but that shouldn't be speculated about irresponsibly, because it has the potential to incite WWIII. Very likely no such extra hand exists, or China would've already found it. Do not doubt the efficacy of CCP interrogators. And if the CCP found it, they would instantly blame the USA with great fanfare to alleviate internal discontent and leverage huge concessions.

all these American media sources agree that Chinese officials first became aware of the serious viral outbreak in Wuhan in early to mid-January, with the first known death occurring on Jan. 11th, and finally implemented major new public health measures later that same month. No one has apparently disputed these basic facts.

Yeah, the MSM isn't calling out China about its obvious and heinous delays. Because China is an ally of the Democrats, via direct purchase and treasonous cooperation.

The timing of an accidental laboratory release would obviously be entirely random. Yet the outbreak seems to have begun during the precise period of time most likely to damage China, the worst possible ten-day or perhaps thirty-day window.

The timing was not random. Coronavirus has best odds of escaping in deep winter when everyone's snotty and sunlight is minimized.

Nor did it begin at the worst time for China. Chinese New Year started Feb 5 2019, and COVID19 was reportedly detected Nov 17.

None of the US origin theories make sense. It obviously wasn't Trump. He wouldn't risk execution for something so unnecessary for reelection. This rules out a patriotic motivation to help the USA compete with China by hurting the Chinese economy, because patriots are pro-Trump, not treasonous war criminals.

Therefore it must've been a Cabal plot to steal the election, as Qanon believes. And it must've occurred without knowing mainland Chinese involvement, or the CCP would've already extracted the truth with heated pliers. So the theory is that the Cabal got the bioweapon from the USA, infected US soldiers, and sent them to the Wuhan lab. Which is what the CCP says. Which is belied by the CCP's efforts to cover up the genetics of the virus.

But regardless, the Cabal must've believed that the virus would reach the USA, and justify an economic shutdown, along with closed borders. Now why would the Left want that? Rising anti-foreign sentiment, nativism, increased disease and mortality salience, these are right-wing triggers. Emergency powers in the hands of the executive, that doesn't sound healthy for the Cabal, does it? Advocating open borders in the name of anti-racism, only to get BTFO'd by pandemic, sounds like bad PR to me. Killing your own Boomer candidates and elites with COVID19, how does that help?

Plus, if it were a virus the Chinese didn't recognize, then they'd have every incentive to publicize the genome and get it independently confirmed, to encourage a whistleblower to come forward from US virologists and confirm the US source. It's not the kind of secret that the USA can keep. You need concentration camps full of the families of dissidents to keep stuff like that quiet. And guess who has that? The (very guilty) CCP.

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