COVID19 is Defeated

How lethal is Covid-19 REALLY? Why massive fatality rates from Italy are MISLEADING
25 Mar, 2020

The numbers out of Italy are no reason for panic. Remember, Lombardy had tons of Chinese migrant workers, low social distance, a pro-pozz initial response, and an unprepared medical system. In other words, they did everything wrong, and are now being dramatic about it, as Italians do.

A chart of international per capita numbers make it obvious that profound "differences" in testing and counting render naive numerical comparison misleading:

COVID-19 Cases per Million Inhabitants: A Comparison
Martin Armstrong,
Mar 25, 2020

And by "differences", I mean China juking its stats like melamine in baby powder. But the fact that the CCP is more worried about the economy than COVID19 resurgence tells you that the virus is beat. Because you can always trust the CCP's self-preservation instinct.

The important point is that we have effective treatments now. So if you're young, fit, and treatments are available, you'll live.

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