Don't panic. Follow this advice. I bought a UV lamp as well. Summer will help with its higher UV rays.

Wear a mask in public. It doesn't have to be a great mask, but it may as well be a comfortable one. The mask is more to stop your cough spray than to protect you. The virus can spread as aerosol and linger in the air for a few hours. Avoid needless public outings, particularly indoors.

The virus kills the elderly with pre-existing conditions, those around 80. Other adults experience a bad flu, with possible permanent lung damage. Many experience difficulty breathing. Being asymptomatic is also quite common. Children aren't dying in significant numbers.

The goal isn't to avoid exposure to the virus, but to limit the extent of exposure. The non-elderly who die are doctors and nurses, because they get massive exposure to the virus. The smaller your exposure, and the healthier you are, the better your immune system's odds of conquering the virus. The same is true for the elderly, of course. You may have the virus and be asymptomatic, in which case your actions are primarily to reduce the amount you're sharing with others.

Everyone's seen by now the graphics about flattening the curve. This is the goal. The more time passes, the better humanity gets at fighting the virus. Delay to develop herd immunity and win. Reddit and Wikipedia are decent guides for further info.

How badly hit a country will be depends on transmission rate and genetic susceptibility. East Asian countries have higher genetic susceptibility. Transmission rate is influenced by government policy and cultural countermeasures. Iranians went full retard, licking public doors, and were hit very hard. Northern Italians had a large migrant worker Chinese population, a cultural practice of kissing greetings, and blew off COVID-19 as "just the flu" initially. As a result, they were hit very hard, with overflowing hospitals and forced triage. Russia closed the border immediately and are a standoffish people; they have done very well.

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, and doubtless many actual conspiracies. Here's what's really going on, and the implications thereof:

The virus is real. It's from similar viruses in bats AND pangolins. How is that possible? Because evolution is a web, not a tree. China's unsanitary conditions of inter-species jostling are ideal for the generation of new plagues. It's no coincidence that the COVID-19 outbreak centered on a wet market in winter in China's smoggy 9th most populous city.

The US and Chinese governments are lying to cover up their slow response to the advent of the virus. They are both pointing fingers at each other to shift the blame for their incompetence. The virus began earlier than the official date, and was in both countries. But it began in China.

The fact that the virus has been around for longer means it's not as aggressive as advertised. However it can still do a lot of damage if it builds up critical mass. Intensity of individual exposure is just as important as whether the number of severe cases outnumbers available hospital beds.

Both the US and Chinese governments are using COVID-19 to expand their powers and crack down on anti-government factions. In the USA, Trump is launching the Storm promised by Q, using emergency powers and national lockdown. Exaggerated and false memes abound about this, but also true ones.

The point of lockdowns is to prevent hospital capacity overflow. It is a sound measure to prevent the Italian and Chinese disasters. However, it wouldn't be necessary if the population were responsible enough to take basic precautions. The people are just as much at fault as the government, if not more so.

The USA is a decrepit miscegenated empire full of low-IQ diversity. These people will not take appropriate epidemiological precautions. Expect the USA to do worse than the Western European average.

Most of the people who die from the virus are the elderly. This is a net economic benefit. However, the global economy has crashed anyway. This is because it sits atop the massive fiat debt bubble of the USG's USD. Both are in terminal decline, and this shock is enough to pop the latter. As a result, all bets are off.

Companies are releasing all their negative news they've been hoarding at this time, since causation will be muddied by the general crash.

Crisis equals opportunity. Those who prepared already know what to do. For those who have not, it is already too late. Either way, accept reality as it is now and move forward in your best self interest.

Shed no tears for the Boomers now being reaped by globalism's scythe. Good riddance to history's worst generation. Traitors are often executed with their tongues cut out. Suffocating by plague is God's way of calling Boomers the rats they are.

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